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  1. I'm a DermMatch fan too, although I don't use it every day. A shortcut I've used before, is to just rub the disc on my dry hair/scalp, then comb it through. I'm not sure if it's waterproof when applied that way (I haven't tested it by going swimming or getting caught in the rain), but it's worked well for me. Even applied that way, it seems to stay in my hair better than hair fibers.
  2. I've been on Finasteride since 1999, I was 22 at the time. My crown was starting to thin a little bit, and the hairline was starting to slide back. It was a long time ago and I didn't document my journey very well, but I recall that it essentially stopped my hair loss in its tracks and I was able to grow back a little, primarily in the crown. It didn't completely restore what I had lost though. Since then, I really haven't noticed my hair loss advance much past that stage at all, and I'd say I'm probably classified as a Norwood II with some slight/moderate crown thinning. Oh, and no side effects whatsoever the entire time I've taken Finasteride.
  3. Hairline has pretty much stayed put, a little higher than I’d like but still generally solid with slight “divots” at the corners. I have enough hair left to hide those divots pretty well. Seems like I’ve seen a bit more scalp on the crown lately, but I still have enough hair there to do concealers (Dermmatch mostly, if I decide to use it that day). I’ve tried Nizoral a time or 2 before, but my hair is naturally wavy/dry anyway, so that really dried it out.
  4. It's possible that this could be the beginning stages of MPB. I echo what Melvin said though, there are medical non-surgical treatments available to you. I've been on Finasteride for over 20 years, since I was in my early 20's, and have had no side effects...and fortunately, I've been able to keep most of what I had at that time (slight crown thinning and temple recession had started, but Finasteride has kept it from progressing since then). Something to look into.
  5. Oh, forgot to mention in case it helps, I've used Minoxidil only sporadically over the years. Sometimes I'll get on a kick where I'll use it religiously for a few months, then see that it just isn't doing much, then fall off the wagon. Long-term, I just don't think it does much to help, but that's just me. And I haven't really used any other treatments to speak of. All that to say, I attribute my keeping my hair intact long-term to Finasteride, and nothing else.
  6. Old topic I know, but I've had good luck using Dermmatch in my thinning crown area. I actually rub the disc directly on the crown area and brush through it gently, and it seems to work great for me (lean over the sink if you try using it this way, as the dry powder can go everywhere just like it does for fibers). This method might not work for everyone, but fortunately I have enough hair left in the crown to pull it off.
  7. Somewhere between a II and III. Using Finasteride, and catching my hair loss young, has definitely been a game changer for me.
  8. I started on Finasteride in 1999, at the age of 22 (no side effects to this day, BTW). I was thinning some in the crown area and the hairline was sliding back a bit. It's definitely helped me keep what I've got, though I do think in the last few years both the crown and hairline have lost a *slight* bit of ground. And yes, I'm positive that I would have been at least a Norwood V (or worse) by now without it, as both my dad and older brother (and other relatives on both sides of my family) are firmly in Norwood VI-VII territory.
  9. Indeed. If I hadn't started Propecia when I did, I'm sure I'd have been a high Norwood years ago. As it is, my thin area is still just that, a small area, and can be masked easily with concealer.
  10. First noticed it when I was 17, in the 11th grade (3rd year of high school). A girl in one of my classes, and not a particularly attractive girl at that, told me that I had a bald spot on top of my head. I had (and still have) fairly thick, wavy/curly hair otherwise, but sure enough, I went home and held a hand-held mirror up to the wall mirror in my bathroom so that I could see the crown, and there it was. A semi-circular strip of scalp, taking on that classic horseshoe shape, around the back edge of the crown. That was over 25 years ago. I started on Propecia 3 years later, right after it became readily available in the US as a hair loss treatment. It’s been able to stem the tide of further loss for the most part, and no side effects, so I’m fortunate in that regard. But that thin spot is still there on top, and it’s vexed me all these years. Tried Minox off and on over the years, it sometimes helps a little, but the effects eventually fade. Not sure if I should try PRP, or if maybe I’m too far down the road for that and just go for HT (realizing that the crown is a “black hole” of grafts).
  11. Looks good, thanks for posting. I've considered PRP treatment in the past, but wasn't sure if the results would be worth the cost. As they say though, "not all PRP is created equal"...just like with hair transplantation, PRP results largely depend on the skill of the doctor.
  12. Any update? I'm kinda curious to see how things go with this one (pattern of hair loss is pretty similar to mine)...
  13. Yeah, I hear. I'm conscious enough of my appearance (wouldn't be on the board otherwise), and I'm 43, married and settled down and all that. I'm damn glad that I don't have to navigate today's dating scene.
  14. Interesting. One millennial stereotype I hear a lot is that they're strapped for cash, thanks to student loan burdens, skyrocketing rents, etc. And now, I see that they're spending more on wants like hair transplants (yes, a HT is largely a want, not a need). Seems paradoxical to me.
  15. I've been considering that, again based on your experience, may just have to give it a try in the crown and up front.
  16. Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm 42, and started thinning in the crown in my late teens. Started on Finasteride 20+ years ago, and it's done a good job of guarding against much further loss (no side effects, BTW). I've tried Minox a couple times over the years, but never would stick with it long enough to give it much of a chance. Lately, I've been thinking about a HT procedure to thicken up the crown area and maybe address my *slightly* receded hairline; even consulted with a couple surgeons near me, one of whom is recommended on this forum. However, seeing this thread early this year inspired me to really give Minox one more good try before going through with a procedure. I started on it 2x daily back in early February, in addition to the Finasteride (and also added Hair Restoration Labs shampoo and conditioner daily), and I have to say that I'm happy with the result so far. Unfortunately no pics to share (I really am that self-conscious about it), but I'm honestly pleased enough with my progress that I don't think a HT in the crown would give me much better of a result. In fact, with the risk of shock loss, at this point with the progress I've made, it might do more harm than good...and crown work is notoriously difficult anyway to achieve 100% density for most people. I may possibly get some work done on the hairline one day, but it's holding up well for now. All that to say, thank you Shifty for giving me inspiration. I saved thousands of dollars, and avoided surgery and permanent scarring (I was advised that FUT would be best for my case). THANK YOU!!!!!!