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  1. Picture been taken yesterday and only today I had a massive shed (been going around the town with my hat and been taking it off quite few times. When I came home a noticed a lot of hairs missing! :D). Let's see on week 4 how I will look!
  2. Week 3 Post OP Shedding phase! Ouch! I was going around quite happy as the redness went away dramatically, so people (mainly shorter than me) wouldn't even understand that I had something done! It was so nice to have defined hairline (that might sound funny, but I don't remember how does it feel to have an actual hairline!), but now for couple of days already I enter a shedding phase! Whenever I brush my hand through my recipient area I can see 3-5 hairs on it. Whenever I wash my hair I can see 5632656735462734523786543teryfgdsh vmf hairs going down the drain. I am shedding hair at this very moment! Heartbreaking! Some people are even joking around "that's it man, you had your week of happiness" 😄 (that was my friend, we always making fun of each other, so I really don't care about such comments!). Anyways, I was well prepared for that, but i had this little tiny hope that I will be that "anomaly" who doesn't shed! Reality kicked in - I am not special! As I mentioned before redness is disappearing... As fast as I'm shedding (It's my new joke for today haha!). Mid-scalp & crown is filling up and at this point looks so much better. At this point I just want to buzz my hair on the sides and back and it will look good, but I will leave my donor for another few weeks before I will touch it with clippers. BTW donor is healing well (except very end of sides, you still can clearly see red dots in there..). Perhaps because density is not perfect in there? P.S. I had few scars on the back of my head since forever, so it's not related to surgery!
  3. I'm actually on MSM and my hair is growing quite fast already. Thanks for your input!
  4. Thanks Thomas! I'm extremely thrilled with how it looks so far... Shedding phase... Unfortunately yes! Today is 22 day post transplant and I started to shed 2-3 days ago. I will post an update soon with some pictures 🙂
  5. That's why I'm concerned about dermmatch! But I think it would look much better with buzzed hair... Yep, email sent to Dr. Ferreira! Does it actually work with hair fibres to attach to short hair and be relatively invisible?
  6. I still can't believe of your transformation just from meds...! Btw my left side of mid scalp/crown is weaker as well and looks similar to yours. When I was brushing my hair it was looking exactly the same you have on January picture. I was hoping like 3 months ago it will improve (been on fin for 6 months), but now it's difficult to say as I just had my HT, hence why hair was shaved! 😄 p.s. Still amazing coverage and thickness! Extremely jealous!
  7. How long did you use Minoxidil and how did it impact your hair loss after stopping it? I was on minoxidil for almost 12 months and just before my surgery stopped and don't feel like coming back to it.
  8. Hello guys, As some of you already saw my thread, I underwent a Hair Transplant in the end of January. At this moment I'm on exactly 21 days post op. I was wondering when one can start using concealers after HT? I've got a pack of Dermmatch in the bathroom and he is constantly looking at me! 😄
  9. Hey man, I wish I could have your hair, so I wouldn't bother thinking about it! Hahaha 😄 But on another note, don't go for a surgery without meds! Stay at least 6 months to see how well you can tolerate it. If no sides and you see some regrowth then you will have better chances of good long-term result! I almost done this mistake and went for surgery before propecia, but luckily I changed my mind and stay over 6 months on Finasteride. Recovered A LOT of hairs on vertex, donor got stronger and prevented shock loss! Don't rush to get cut!
  10. Hey man, The work looks great! I've been considering Dr. Demirsoy as well. One of very few that do good work for very reasonable price... Wow, that's a huge difference in week 2 and 3! F*ck, I'm right now on week 3 and and I see shedding as well! Been enjoying my hair so far, but every time i brush with my hand through recipient area I see 3-4 hairs! It's truly heart braking! haha 😄 Good luck man!
  11. The whole reason why i started dermarolling with minoxidil is because I refused to use Finasteride. I was doing microneedling + dermarolling for 7 months if I recall correctly until I finally decided to get on Finasteride. As far as I know Minoxidil's effectiveness will decrease after ~2 years of use and since I had to quit Minoxidil before my surgery anyways, I decided to quit for good. Hopefully it will not have dramatic effect on my hairloss! I know it might sound counter productive, but I really weighted all pro's & con's, checked the actual result from minox+dermarolling vs finasteride and decided it's not worth keeping it up with little and decreasing effectiveness.
  12. I don't want to rush as donor has finite supply and my AGA is quite aggressive. At the moment I want to see how it will look when all grow out. I will give it a year and will assess the situation. Hopefully Finasteride will improve situation in the crown and mid-scalp. So far in 6 months it did quite a lot which I'm extremely happy.
  13. I think Dr. Bruno is not fully informed on microneedling. I think it's a good think too, but on another hand we dont know what it does for a scalp long term, so it's a fair comment. Dr. Ferreira advised to stop Minoxidil 2 days before surgery, but I did 10 days before. I also stopped any caffeinated drinks 4 days before and alcohol 7 days before. He also advised stop microneedling in beginning of January, so my last session was 31st of December. Scalp massages - stopped around 2-3 years ago
  14. @Duchaine Microneedling is not harmful for hairs, but it can possibly be harmful for scalp. Again, it's just Dr. Bruno thoughts, nothing confirmed... My scalp was very elastic as I have done a lot of vigorous massages in the past, so maybe that's why. @LonelyGraft It's https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN0LD9DyQeGRci8j5M_qzog I just got started obviously, but still in process of editing more and more videos (and getting less and less shy on the camera!) 😄
  15. Hey man, Thank you as always for your support! Time flies by like crazy, you are right! I'm still waiting for this moment "OMG what have I done!" that normally people are getting days/hours before procedure... 😄 Still nothing here haha... After some conversations over email and live with Dr. Bruno, I understood that he is not a big fan of Microneedling, or shall I say he doesn't believe much in this. During first day of surgery I had tremendous amount of popping and afterwards I asked Dr. Bruno how does he think what's the problem, why is that happened? He was leaning the conversation towards microneedling. He was asking how big needle I've been using, how often etc. He didn't said for sure it happened because of that, but he said that might be one of the POSSIBLE reasons why (increased fibrotic tissue due to needling the scalp etc.). More on popping you can see in my recent video on youtube where I'm going more in depth about this day + overall thoughts about Dr. Ferreira.
  16. How you doing guys? Hope you are well, because I am! Today is day 14 post hair transplant. All scabs are gone and it looks freaking amazing! I guess that's the time when we can see "best case scenario" end result with short hair. Look how well it frames my face! I'm extremely excited for the next 12 months hoping that everything will grow as it is right now... Native hair starts to grow in in the mid scalp/crown. P.s. I forgot to take my cap while being kn the sun... For how long would you say you can safely be under the sun? 5 minutes? Currently I'm worried of such dramatic difference In hair colour! I didn't realise my hair in the back is so dark.. What's your experience with this, will it get lighter, or the way it looks now it's pretty much end result in terms of colour? Thanks gents!
  17. For those of you who wants to learn more about my journey in video format you can watch me on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1ViY7SwjjQ Some people been asking me to make some videos fro m OR and whatnot, so here you go! P.S. I spend quite few days editing this video, put my personality in it, so please, grab a drink or snack and enjoy!
  18. Nice one! I'm sure you will enjoy your time in there like I did! I had full head of scabs up to day 9 and then I started scrubbing harder and longer. In 15 minutes almost 50% was gone. Next morning I did the same and got rid of 95% of scabs. Technically it depends from you how long you will let them stay there, but as a general rule of thumb, 10-14 days and they are gone! Today was my day 12 and I went back to work. Not everyone understood that I had something done, just buzzed my head :D I'm preparing a youtube video for that as it was a funny experiance!
  19. Day 10 Feeling great! After came back home I completely recovered and by day 7 been feeling like a million bucks! Few things to note though. Since day 6-8 I started feeling some pain in my donor after rubbing/touching it. Even if I just rest my head on the leather sofa it starts to feel sensitive. Dr. Bruno said donor is healing well and pain is possibly coming from nerves. They are not happy for some reason. I've been instructed to massage area behind my ears few times a day and take ibuprofen every 12h if pain persists. So far, seems like massage is helping. Anyways the pain is not unbearable, so I don't take any painkillers. Until day 9 I still had quite a lot of scabs, so today I scrubbed my recipient area much longer and slightly harder and quite a lot of scabs fell out! I had quite a lot of multiple grafts (especially 3s and 4s), so if you zoom in, you can see them on the picture. Looks amazing to me! P.S. Vertex looks much worse than it actually is. Picture doesn't really reflect finer hair correctly. For some reason in few places on my scalp (donor and vertex) hair looks like didn't grow at all! It's so much shorter than any other surrounding hairs. Weird! 😁
  20. Yes, I've got their special shampoo & aloe vera gel. In the very back of my scalp scabs were absent since day 1. I speculate is due to sleeping with travel pillow and constantly rubbing this area. Perhaps I can be more aggressive with washing donor?