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  1. Ummm I'm on spiro and estradiol valerate injection. That seems to keep any MPB at bay. I'm not on anything else.
  2. I am a transgender woman and have wanted a feminine hairline since my early 20s. I recently had a hair transplant at The Gabel Center in Tigard Oregon. This was my second transplant to fix the one I had in Miami Florida (For professional reasons I will not disclose the name of the surgeon who ruined my first hair transplant.) In Miami I was left with one side completely unfinished and told by the planter who was working on my grafts that the density wasn't acceptable and that I should complain to her boss to try to get a reduced cost for another surgery. Those are the words you never want to hear on a supposedly "life changing" operation. Oh, also they left a huge scar on the back of my head due to not using proper suturing techniques. The place in Miami ended up offering me a "free" second surgery but with such a mortifying experience I decided to look for other options. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Steven Gabel and was impressed right away. At the consult he went over everything about hair design and personal goals. Dr. Gabel has an amazing aura of positivity, experience, precision, and caring. I chose him to do my procedure and have absolutely no regrets. Not only did he design a wonderful hairline but the flow and each individual hair has a purposeful positioning and placement. The aftercare has been really wonderful as well. Dr. Gabel had me come into the office the day after, eighth day, and twelfth day. These appointments included inspection and cleaning of the grafts and donor area. The first two weeks after surgery is a stressful recovery time and it was really helpful to have a professional keep close eye on how everything was healing. The staff is really amazing as well. They are very caring and have wonderful synergy with each other. I highly recommend The Gabel Center to anyone who wants to proceed with hair restoration. I certainly wouldn't want to go anywhere else.