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  1. 1 year anniversary photos. I hope my posts help some of you on the journey. When I started there was no detailed posts from anyone really on this clinic which can be a real worry for some. It was for me. I had very little if no hair at the front part of my head. Now I feel like ive gone back 20 years and my hair is back. Just little things like moving my hair away from my forehead with my hand, forgot what that felt like. In many ways I wish I had had the operation years ago, then again some say wait until it’s all gone then do it which is what I did, but that took a long time and during I had to constantly live with a feeling of embarrassment. My advise is if you want a transplant, get on with it. The operation isn’t that bad, the recovery is worse, but it’s worth it at the end. My kids are no longer drawing their dad with a funny hair style, and I feel more confident going out and I think I look more handsome for my wife. I’m a new man. As I said these posts are for you, hope it helps. Good luck.
  2. Here are some pictures from the last two months, I need to take a new image. I must say after 12 months I feel like I saw a real change in the hair. I’m happy with my results. I had nothing, and now I can feel the wind blowing in my hair, lol. I would have had my second operation by now if not for covid, and I would considered going back to the same place or paying more and going to one of the top two in Turkey.
  3. Next time I go I’m going to get the Needle-Free Anaesthesia With Jet Injector
  4. I was super worried/anxious, omg. first of all the only thing that hurt was the injection to numb the area. The rest is completely painless. So don’t worry about the actual extraction of hair. Please check out my posts detailing my experience in turkey. All the best
  5. I think you needed maybe 3500 grafts. Maybe go for another one. I just posted my 7 month update if you want to have a look.
  6. Transfers to the clinic you have to sort out yourself, it’s not much, and about a 15 min drive, best of luck
  7. Great results. Looks so thick in the front. Congratulations!!👍🏻
  8. My hair was just like yours, have a look at my posts and pictures. I have to go back for my second opp for the crown area
  9. Hi, the angles the hair is implanted looks good. I had a horrible time with the itching. Taking a shower always helped me for some relief. It lasted me about 3 months and then suddenly just stopped one day. your head is dry and that’s makes it more itchy. The clinic may have given you a dandruff shampoo, try that, I also used hair oil and still do when the scalp gets dry. I think once I got rid of the dry scalp I felt better. Good luck
  10. 4 month update pictures. I’ve seen more growth recently, just wondering at this stage if it will fill the head so the scalp cant be seen in the future
  11. 4th month. I’ve started to see more growth, all itching and numbness gone. Going to start letting it grow. It looks better in the shade, like the picture below. In the light the hairs are still thin.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. Pictures below taken 2.5 months. The itchiness is about 70% better, still some nights when I feel like scratching it. Waiting for hair to grow takes longer than watching paint dry ! lol i can see tiny very thin hair growing, which I hope will get thicker in the future. At this stage it feels like a long wait and lots of hope that the next few months will show thicker hair. Just hanging in there. My sides of the hair are still much thicker than the top, so I feel conscious that the top looks thin. Donor area looking okay. Any thoughts guys?
  13. I have had fue and fut, I would never do fut again, the scar is horrible don’t do it
  14. It’s been a month now. Donor area looks okay, it’s been a bit itchy, didn’t really think about how long the recovery period is, hopefully it will be worth it in the end. It’s a constant itch, a hair wash helps to relieve it for a while. Also feel some tingling sensation in the donor area. Apparently the itchiness and tingling feelings are good signs that it is healing and new nerves are growing. On top shedding started and I can see new hairs growing.
  15. My donor area after a month is red and itchy, is this normal ? A few spots feel a bit raw.
  16. Just wondering if putting oil on donor area to help healing and redness will work? Thinking of coconut oil . My hair Transplant was 6 weeks ago. Not sure if it is a good idea or not. Any views?
  17. After a shower I noticed white bits. Worries that it may be the grafts. After a bit of research I believe these are just the scabs.
  18. Picture of the donor area. I had a strip hair Transplant 15 years ago, the line is visible for that. i had the operation on Monday and left on Tuesday.