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  1. I have had fue and fut, I would never do fut again, the scar is horrible don’t do it
  2. It’s been a month now. Donor area looks okay, it’s been a bit itchy, didn’t really think about how long the recovery period is, hopefully it will be worth it in the end. It’s a constant itch, a hair wash helps to relieve it for a while. Also feel some tingling sensation in the donor area. Apparently the itchiness and tingling feelings are good signs that it is healing and new nerves are growing. On top shedding started and I can see new hairs growing.
  3. My donor area after a month is red and itchy, is this normal ? A few spots feel a bit raw.
  4. Just wondering if putting oil on donor area to help healing and redness will work? Thinking of coconut oil . My hair Transplant was 6 weeks ago. Not sure if it is a good idea or not. Any views?
  5. Day 11. After washing away most of the scabs
  6. After a shower I noticed white bits. Worries that it may be the grafts. After a bit of research I believe these are just the scabs.
  7. Picture of the donor area. I had a strip hair Transplant 15 years ago, the line is visible for that. i had the operation on Monday and left on Tuesday.
  8. So far it’s been good, pick up from airport was on time, nice car, hotel is fine. The area of the hotel is busy, lots of shops and restaurants, felt very safe. Staff were friendly and helpful at the clinic. The injection for the local anaesthetic hurt. Rest of the operation was pain free. Had PRP too, for £250. The technicians took the graphs out, and Yasmine did the cuts for the graphs, which I was told was the most important thing. Then the techs inserted the graphs. The interpreter was with me and really put me at easy. Big thank you to her. She explained that the team had worked together for a long time and were experienced. And now we wait for the results. I’ll try to do monthly pictures. Anyone have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
  9. Trouble is I searched the entire web for negative reviews and yours was the only one I could find. It did give me concern, but without any pictures I wasn’t sure if it was real or not, I thought it could be posts for a competitor. And out of all the operations they do, if it were that bad I would expect more than one bad review. That’s one of the reasons I’m documenting my procedure in full, so that once and for all there is something out there for people to see. Hope this helps people in the future. No turning back now.
  10. The last few days I’ve been really nervous, now on my way
  11. She said that this doctor was the doctor with the most experience at their clinic. https://www.longevitahairtransplant.com/en/hair-transplant-doctors/ https://www.longevitahairtransplant.com/en/hair-transplant-turkey-reviews/ Anyway, packing my bags now getting ready for the trip. More pictures to come next week.