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  1. Hey man thanks. The stage you are at now is when I looked the worst in the entire process. Once I hit 3 months I noticed I was starting to look abit better my native hair shock loss started growing back and I noticed little red spots and hairs starting to form on the recipient area. The change is very gradual so dont worry if it feels like nothings happening. When you look back at your photos from 3-4 you realise its certainly kicking in. My clinic told me after month 4 is when it really accelerates.
  2. Hi guys so today is my 4 month mark of my fue op in Budapest. I'm fairly satisfied with the progress so far. It's funny the progression is so gradual you dont even notice it. I was actually feeling a little dis hearted a couple of days ago even though friends and family have been commenting on how its growing. I still didnt think it was progressing that much I then looked back at my photos pre op and from the 3 month mark. At that moment I realised yes my situation certainly has changed for the better over the last 4 weeks. I have also noticed my mid scalp that was thinning and on it's way out has really thickened up in response to the finasteride and minoxidil treatment that I have been using daily. I attached comparison pre and post up photos taken from the same position and light just to highlight how effective it's been for me. I cant condone or advise anyone to use finasteride I'm not a medical professional. I'm just sharing my experience of the decision I made to take it and the effect its had on me. I haven't had any negative side effects that's not to say that's the case for everyone. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
  3. I started to use it on my native hair again after about 5 weeks. Then on the transplanted area 8 weeks I just give it plenty of time to avoid irritating the area.
  4. Thanks for the support Melvin its appreciated.
  5. Now on the third month mark from last week i have started to see some hairs emerging.
  6. Hi guys just a 10 week update nothing really new other than the redness has died down and its shed a little more. The little hairs that have grown was my native hair before the transplant. Still continuing with the finasteride and minoxidil. Looking forward to entering into the growing stage.
  7. Wow that is a fantastic result you are new man at week 40 by like 10 years younger!!
  8. As to how many doctors they have that I'm not sure I estimate around 6 I got to choose from. The price was £3000 for 6000 hairs and they give me slightly more than that free of charge which was really good of them this also includes accommodation transfers and lunch. I couldn't speak anymore highly of their service. Before I travelled to Budapest I met one of their doctors for a consultation in the uk. They came across as very honest and professional and their reviews on trust pilot were very positive so I felt confident to put my faith in them. Everything went smooth in Budapest and it felt like I was in really good hands the dr preformed the whole procedure over 2 days around 5 hours surgery each day. Now just preying my scalp responds 🙏
  9. Thanks very much john that is a great transformation you look like a new man!!
  10. Hey thanks for your comment my clinic emailed me back yesterday and said the same thing. 👍
  11. Hey man thanks for your comment I emailed my clinic just waiting on them to get back to me. Yeah there doesn't seem to be any source of medical information I can find to suggest that its negative. Just that I came across a guy on YouTube who's failed completely and it didnt shed clean and looked stubly like mine at this stage. It would be pretty disappointing to not achieve a result that gives a decent illusion of a thick hair line in most situations. It's hard not to sweat it giving the cost and effort of the procedure.
  12. Hi guys this is just slightly over the 2 month mark very happy with how my donor area is looking its healed very well. I am a little concerned about the recipient area. As you can see i still have alot of little stubble hairs remaining after the shedding phase that haven't grown. I have noticed that alot of the guys that have went on to get good results have all had a good clean shed. On the flip side those that haven't have kind of looked like mine at this stage. I'm probably just clutching at straws but I emailed my clinic today about my concerns. Finasteride im still taking 1 mg a day this is around 9 weeks of talking the full dose 1mg dose. Prior to taking the full dose I gradually increased the dose to 1 mg a day over the course of 4 weeks instructed to do so by a doctor and so far so good with the sides. Long may it continue it's a big part of the war.