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  1. Yes, they are husband & wife. But, I have come to know that both of them are not any longer involved in a single procedure. It's either of them.
  2. I have read quite a few reviews about Eugenix on this platform and most them are about procedures done by Dr. Pradeep Sethi. People say that Dr. Arika Bansal is equally good. Is it really the case and it's just about technique they use or Dr. Pradeep is actually having an edge? P.S.- This is only because I don't see much reviews about Dr. Bansal. Any experiences or opinions about this please.
  3. Do forceps really affect the quality of grafts while implanting? Is it the case throughout? Should this be a criteria while selecting a doctor? This topic came to my mind after reading Dr. Erdogan's this post I will be glad if I could get clarity on this part as I am in the final stage of my decision making for HT.
  4. But, as far as I have read, Dr Pradeep and Dr. Arika don't do extractions?
  5. Is it true that Dr. Bhatti does the whole extraction himself or are there some junior doctors or technicians involved? @Shera could you clear this doubt?
  6. Is 6 months of duration for Finastride is fine enough?
  7. Hello people, Anyone here who has experienced side effects of Finastride/Finax? Is it safe to go with this medicine or not? I have read that it gives good results but what about the negatives?
  8. Thanks for your responses guys. Eugenix seems expensive that Dr. Bhatti. Not sure if it's worth.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the reply. But, the point is, it's very difficult to decide between the two. Although, that thread is tilted towards Eugenix, I am looking for more balanced views to understand which one is better among the 'bests'.
  10. Which one is better at the present time- Dr. Tejinder Bhatti of Darling Buds or Dr. Pradeep Sethi/Dr. Arika Bansal of Eugenix? Please share your experiences and feedbacks.