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  1. I literally just wrote my review of Dr Yaman this weekend! I actually had 4050 first time, and after a year I wanted to lower my hairline ever so slightly and thicken up the front. So I waited until the results of my second op with yaman. I can tell you that his clinic probably the best in my view, loads of people also made out to me that I got ripped off but but I'm so chuffed with my results . everything you said in your review was pretty much bang on. Wait for your full 12 months and I'm sure you'll be well happy.
  2. I found my donor area is looking fairy presentable after 5300 grafts, and other patients who went there had excellent donor areas after their ops.
  3. I agree with you. Personally, from my experience with Resul Yaman I am so happy with the job I've had and the quality of the work done. If money is not an issue , I would go and see his clinic.
  4. One thing I thought I might add is that the photos of me in the yellow shirt are the results after the first procedure of 4000, the other two photos of me are of my hairline and donor area after the second 1300 grafts
  5. Yes I see that's reassuring, your the same Norwood as myself. What is holding you back from getting it done?
  6. Thanks mate I feel like im born again lol. I think it must be due to two reasons: first, they don't want to scare you off with price. Second, they don't have the experience or skill of the doctors in Turkey. What Norwood level are you? 4500 is a good number of grafts if you need some coverage all over.