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  1. Thanks for your answer LaserCap - I will ask the Doctor. I was just trying to see if fellow patients had any positive experiences re getting a PRP before and/or afterwards as well as at the same time as the HT.
  2. As @wheredidmyfolliclesgo said, "You only have two posts and both are advertising that clinic. If you want to advertise, you need to register as a commercial account".
  3. Thanks for your quick answer! I know two people that have used that clinic and are very happy with the results; and that's given me done reassurance. They offer traditional FUE and also DHI so I picked DHI because of the perceived benefits. In terms of the PRP, the clinic will be doing it on the day of the procedure. However, I was wondering if it is advised to get additional PRP sessions before / after. The clinic said it wasn't necessary but I thought I'd ask in this forum I'd anyone find it helpful :)
  4. Hi guys, I have finally decided to have a HT. I will be getting a DHI done. I have chosen the clinic Cosmeticium in Istanbul. I will need around 2,000 grafts. 1) Have you heard anything or do you have any feedback regarding Cosmeticium? I've spoken to some local guys that have used them and are very pleased, but any more input is welcome. 2) They will do a PRP on the day of the procedure. Do you recommend doing a PRP before and/or after? Thanks!