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  1. thanks man! What actually happens to the transplanted hairs from month 6 onwards? Because from what I can see, all the hairs have sprouted out the follicles on the hairline 😂 I just don't get what further changes I can expect? Do the hairs change in some way? Or are there still some follicles that are dormant?
  2. It’s for sure improved the shock loss a few months ago was scary but I got through the worst of it luckily. if SMP can restore a natural look to the back then I’ll be v happy
  3. Looks good from the sides actually, I’m happy with that. the back though is more my concern. Personally think it looks better shaved than a bit longer though. Maybe SMP will really help disguise the ‘halo’ as someone mentioned it.
  4. I just can’t bear the thought of never having the back of my head back to normal. I never want to have a haircut longer than a fade, 1/2 buzz cut on back and sides, this is the hair style I love and suits me and is why I got FUE over FUT. Even with my hair longer it looks sparse but I will never have a haircut like this anyway.
  5. Hey @911fan! I am that patient! Thanks for bringing this up. If I'm honest, at the 6 months mark, the donor zone is still not looking ideal, which I cannot deny. With regards to my experience with the clinic post-op, I have been in touch regularly with Dr Sethi himself, who I also saw in person a few months ago in London too. He has known from the start my concerns and we are in discussions about what to do next, for now I will be sending regular updates of photos on WhatsApp to monitor progress over the next 1/2 months. We will then decide on next steps, which will likely involve me going back to the clinic in Delhi, which I am happy to do. I can't be sure of what will happen next because we still want to give it 2 more months but all I can say is that this clinic cares about me and my results very much. For this reason, I am sure that Eugenix will do whatever they can to make me and all patients happy with their results. It's just a. shame that the extractions made in the surgery have resulted in this situation for me, but I don't believe this is common at all. For anyone who is interested, I chose the second package 'comprehensive', with Dr Sethi who did the hairline + temples design (this part I am very pleased with).
  6. Thanks all for the replies. I do expect the donor to look different to before the HT, as of course thousands of grafts have been taken and moved to the top of my head. So perhaps I am expecting too much and too soon, it definitely is improving month on month; I clearly did have some shock loss before that’s is getting better now. i would be happy for my donor to get to that point where it’s not so obvious I had a hair transplant of course I accept my donor will be less hairy than before i am going to share some photos of my hairline before and after surgery, because this new hairline has given me a lot of confidence, despite my concerns about the donor, my new hairline has changed my life to be honest Overall I’m very pleased with the hairline and temples work, which looks natural and has changed my face j think, I want to emphasise the positives and not just my anxieties about the donor, i am speaking with the clinic and Dr Sethi regularly. I am going to stay patient, we may decide to do something to help fill in the donor Before surgery: Today, 5.5 months after
  7. Hi @Tentpole91 Photos taken today, the surgery was completed 5.5 months ago. Yesterday, I quickly shaved the back and sides of my head at home, nut not the top, as I prefer this cut my whole life. It's not a professional cut. Well.. things are not looking the way I want from the donor zone at this point..
  8. Yes. They said I need to wait and should not worry. I have not seen a donor zone like mine from the other patients posted on here which is why I feel alarmed, then I read online that shock loss is very rare (in donor especially) and seeing some of the extraction patterns at the bottom of the donor zone; side by side. Those areas are very bald looking now. But hopefully I just have some bad shock loss. maybe I should try Minox there actually.
  9. Yep I would have expected more care taken by the supporting doctor. Rushed it and jsut gotta hope my scalp isn’t destroyed permanently now. If I was to do extractions today for the first time in my life, even I would know not to do that.
  10. I’m not too sure about that. I just assumed that overharvesting would never be an issue I would encounter at this clinic, it’s why I chose to go there. It never crossed my mind. If the donor looks better in a few months I will have nothing but good things to say about my experience there. But I just don’t know; have many doubts.