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  1. Yes. They said I need to wait and should not worry. I have not seen a donor zone like mine from the other patients posted on here which is why I feel alarmed, then I read online that shock loss is very rare (in donor especially) and seeing some of the extraction patterns at the bottom of the donor zone; side by side. Those areas are very bald looking now. But hopefully I just have some bad shock loss. maybe I should try Minox there actually.
  2. Yep I would have expected more care taken by the supporting doctor. Rushed it and jsut gotta hope my scalp isn’t destroyed permanently now. If I was to do extractions today for the first time in my life, even I would know not to do that.
  3. I’m not too sure about that. I just assumed that overharvesting would never be an issue I would encounter at this clinic, it’s why I chose to go there. It never crossed my mind. If the donor looks better in a few months I will have nothing but good things to say about my experience there. But I just don’t know; have many doubts.
  4. It’s been 11 weeks since my HT, so approx 2 and a half months. Below are photos of my scary looking donor area taken today. The clinic was Eugenix in Delhi. Extractions were not done by Dr Sethi or Dr Bansal, but by a supporting doctor. I was told before surgery some beard follicles would be taken but the supporting doctor must have decided not to do that mid surgery, so all grafts taken from my scalp. Dr sethi did the hairline and temples and that I’m happy with, but how can I be pleased with my overall results when my donor looks like this? I’m 26 and this was supposed boost my self image, not make it worse Everytime I look at the photos of the extraction patterns taken on the day of surgery my anxiety goes through the roof. I don’t know what to do. How long can I wait and pretend everything will get better? I’m not convinced at all at this point What should I do guys
  5. Truth is I see that too, I agree. Just gotta hope in a few months it’s not a big deal. Re. The acne - this is already clearing up. I think it’s just a little bit of acne triggered from the surgery and I aggravated it more by touching. .
  6. Update of my donor area below. I did shave my head a few days ago again. My HT was 7 weeks and 3 days ago I will stay patient and still hope this is temporary in the donor zone, but I am losing a bit of hope
  7. Thanks everybody for taking the time to reply. I feel reassured. I will post an update in a couple of months.
  8. Hey botH, thanks for the replies The donor was fully shaven again and pics were retaken after, I just uploaded both. 0.95mm and 1mm punches used. Pics attached of donor befor
  9. Hi all i had a HT just over a month ago from a clinic officially recommended by this website. I had approx 3900 grafts over the space of two days. Their results looks consistently good on this forum. At this point I will not be posting the clinic name, this is my choice, as they’ve been very good to me and I want to give it time to know for sure if this has been botched I will maybe post a genuine review some months down the line Let me start by saying the hairline is looking great; I’m in the ugly duckling phase but, hey, that is normal and I’m not concerned. My donor zone; however; is causing me immense stress. Yes, of course I am in contact with the clinic, but it gets to a point that I have decided I need unbiased opinions and support. I have been reluctant to post here until now. Please do your best to be honest but not make me feel more anxious or worse than I already am. Would appreciate it. Attached are pics of the extraction zones day of and day after surgery. Then I have attached pics of what looks like an overharvested OR shock loss donor zone taken recently and within the last couple of weeks. Any opinions would be welcome. Thank you to any brothers in this community who take the time to reply. Hey all
  10. Hi all, I'm planning to get a hair transplant, I am diffusely thinning and have been advised for some beard hairs to be transplanted to my scalp (additional to FUE from back of scalp). My scalp hair is brown, my beard has 50% brown and 50% ginger/red hairs. My beard hair is also very rough, coarse and actually feels quite 'sharp' when shaved. My scalp hair is very soft. What will realistically happen if I move this course and wiry ginger hair to my scalp which has soft, brown hair? I wonder if this would be a big mistake. If anyone has any experience with beard hair to scalp FUE, please share this with me. Thanks,