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  1. Very nice results. I can relate...I had the same number of grafts ( 3900) transplanted before 13 months. I'm sure this patient is quite pleased.
  2. Usually, I do not post reviews on anything, but I thought it is really important to give back to the community of hairtransplantnetwork.com which helped me immensely in finalising my decision when I was looking for a hair transplant surgeon. Thus, I would like to share with you guys about my experience of hair transplant surgery with Dr. Suneet Soni at Medispa Hair transplant Centre at Jaipur. I underwent hair transplant surgery with Dr. Soni about 12 months ago. I am a 36 year old male working at Ministry of Finance in UAE for 5 years. I had been suffering from genetic hair loss from over a decade. In my profession, the physical appearance of a person plays a pivotal role. I could not completely shave my hairs because this was not suitable for my look as it made me seem older. I started keeping a beard to compensate for my baldness, even though my beard had some white hairs in it, but I had no other option. Below I am posting pictures of myself before the procedure. I had consulted a doctor for my hair loss issue in the past who had prescribed me Minoxidil solution to apply on the scalp. The progression of my hair loss was significantly reduced with it but my baldness had already advanced to Norwood’s grade IV-V. The doctor had informed me that to restore my hairline I would have to go for a hair transplant surgery but I was not sure about that at that time. I knew nothing about hair transplant until recently when I met my colleague who had extensive baldness in the past. He had undergone hair transplant surgery from Dr. Suneet Soni of Medispa Hair Transplant Centre, Jaipur and had great results. His hairline was really appealing and looked quite natural. I was quite impressed from his result and decided that I should get a hair transplant as well. My colleague greatly encouraged me and told me that this is a simple procedure with high success rate and very low risk of complications. After researching extensively on hair transplant and reading various reviews from past patients, I was motivated to have this procedure. The most important thing for me was hairline as I could not risk having an unnatural looking hair transplant. Money was not a major concern for me, so I consulted few hair transplant surgeons in UK and UAE as well but I was not sure about hairline design from them. So, I decided to undergo the procedure from Dr. Suneet Soni because he is a specialist in hairline designing and his previous patients had very good results. To consult with Dr. Suneet Soni, I had two options, either to visit at the Medispa Centre in Delhi and Jaipur, or by online consultation. I decided to have an online consultation with Medispa where I had to send my scalp pictures. After I sent them my pictures and completed the questionnaire, I received a reply within few hours. They informed me that my hair loss pattern is because of Androgenetic alopecia and I have grade IV-V baldness. They recommended me hair transplantation with approx. 4,000 hair grafts using FUT and FUE combination technique along with a PRP session. In addition, benefits of employing combination technique for better utilisation of donor area were also given. I also had a phone consultation with Dr. Suneet at my request in which he explained me in detail about the procedure and told me that my complete procedure will be painless. I was very impressed with Dr. Soni and finalised the date of surgery. He informed me to reach the centre one day before the surgery for blood work, ECG and other formalities, and told me that I can book my return ticket on the next day from the day of surgery. I visited Jaipur one day before the surgery and underwent blood tests and ECG. Also, I had a face to face consultation with Dr. Suneet Soni where he explained me the complete procedure and informed that he will be transplanting about 4,200 hair grafts in the front and middle portion of my head to restore my hairline and add density to the centre portion of scalp using FUT and FUE method. The procedure was done on the next day and told me to reach the centre at 7 a.m. in the morning. I reached the centre at 6.45 a.m. in the morning after having a light breakfast. The staff at the centre is very polite and professional and they took very good care of me. Moreover, they were very strict in maintaining cleanliness and sterilisation at the centre which was quite appreciable. My complete procedure was painless as local anaesthesia was injected by the staff in the morning before starting the procedure. After the anaesthesia, I was prepared to be taken to operation theatre for excision of strip for FUT procedure. After completion of strip excision, harvesting of hair grafts using FUE method was done. Dr. Suneet showed me visual aided microscopes which were being used to cut hair grafts from the skin from donor area to minimise the damage to hair follicles. After completion of cutting of hair grafts, Dr. Suneet implanted the hair grafts according to my hairline design. After the completion of implantation of hair grafts, I was sent for PRP session in which platelet rich plasma from my own blood sample was injected in my scalp. The complete procedure of hair transplant including FUT and FUE combination hair transplant and PRP lasted for about 8-9 hours with a break for lunch in between. Throughout the procedure, Dr. Soni was assisted by a team of skilled technicians and nurses. My whole experience with Dr. Soni and Medispa Hair Transplant Centre was amazing. After the procedure was completed, I was given a head band and a cap to wear for few days after the procedure. On the next day, I was instructed on the directions to follow for post-surgery care. I am posting few pictures of me which were clicked before the procedure, during the procedure and just after the procedure. You guys can look at my bald areas and how the procedure was done. I returned back to UAE by flight on next day of my surgery. I resumed my usual routine from the very next day. Very less care was needed after the surgery. I took care of the donor area and recipient areas for just 8-10 days. I had to wear headband and head cap for few days after the surgery. Had mild discomfort because of minor swelling but did not feel the need of taking pain relief medication, even though Dr. Suneet had prescribed me painkillers. About 15 days later, the transplanted hairs started falling which was normal as informed by Dr. Suneet before the procedure. I started lower body exercises after 20 days of the surgery and whole body exercises after 45 days. No complications were experienced by me after procedure. Results Below, I am going to post few of my pictures so that you guys can take a look at my results. After 3.5 months After 6 months After 7 months I kept my beard until 6 months after the surgery because I still had some visible baldness, but after 6 months, I completely shaved my beard and moustache because I looked younger with clean shave. After 10 months After 11 months As you guys can see, I have had massive transformation with hair transplant. I look quite young and my hairline looks totally natural. I am very happy and satisfied with my results. My life has changed tremendously after this; I have been getting a lot of compliments from fellow colleagues which have boosted my self-confidence. I also started working out and looking after my health to improve my looks and I feel very happy about it. So, what do you guys think about my results? I would love to read your views on my hair transplant results.