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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience @charles0232 Even though both my parents Indian, as a guy that's lived his entire life in the UK, even I was skeptical and cautious when it came to considering getting an HT in India. Therefore the concerns you mentioned are ones that I can totally relate to. In the end though, I'll be taking the plunge just as you did. It's great to hear that you HT went smoothly, and to state the obvious, your results are quite phenomenal even well before the 12-18 month point. The new hairline is superb, and it really suits you. Just as I told you in person, you look like a new person in comparison to your before photos. (Yep, I was the soon-to-be patient with the balding crown that you and your wonderful family met when Dr Pradeep came downstairs to the 3rd floor lobby to see you guys!) I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress in 4-5 months from now. Congrats on your results thus far, and also, congrats in advance for what's sure to be an excellent end result!
  2. The punch sizes usually vary between 0.8 and 1.0, and as far as I'm aware, most doctors use the same sized punch. Extraction tools are different, is there purpose isn't to just punch a hole, but rather, to score and extract folicles. I'm guessing that most (probably close to all) doctors use the smallest hole punch sizes possible, and have developed expertise using tools of a particular type. Therefore asking them to switch from what they've proven themselves to be successful with, could deliver unpredictable results. That being said, if a doctor tells you (and proves it via documented results) that they can produce excellent results with tools of different sizes, and therefore gives you an option, then of course, go for it.
  3. Thanks for posting this latest update. Indeed, everything appears to be going exactly as per the typical HT timescale. Now that the most unpleasant phase is pretty much drawing to its close, the good times begin! Eugenix results are always exciting, and so I can only imagine how excellent your results will be in the upcoming months. I looked back over this thread, and in particular, the close ups that you included immediate post-op photos. The new hairline is definitely a work of genius. I really like the way that there are 2 or 3 isolated single that hairs have been placed a millimetre or so in front of the hairline, just as is often the case with hairlines prior to hairloss. They've taken ultra-natural appearance extremely seriously, and that is a wonderful thing. By the way, I met Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal when they came over to Manchester, last month. When I mentioned this forum, and also that my native tongue is Gujarati, Dr Pradeep did mention you! My only question is regarding medication. I've read that you didn't take any medication before the HT. Post op, have you been taking finasteride, minoxidil, or anything else?
  4. Although I'm not clued up at all about clinics in Turkey, two of the clinics you've mentioned, I have heard of due to their adverts on social media. Longevita, as far as I'm aware, do not have any renown doctors at their clinic. The company is registered in the UK, and it seems like all of their marketing operations are carried out in the UK. I recall their prices being ultra low, and so I'd guess that it's technician heavy. It might therefore be a hit-and-miss thing when it comes to results. I saw some of Dr Esin Egilmez's youtube videos, but I haven't really seen much in terms of patients coming forward and submitting photos/videos of their results. It would be great if her patients had presence here.
  5. Thanks a lot Abhinay, for the speedy response, and also for the additional information that you've provided regarding Mr A H's procedure. Congratulations to Mr AH himself, and also everybody at the Eugenix team for such a success.
  6. I've actually made this same request before also (I.e. which doctor performed the HT), and like yourself, I received no reply either. I figured that there was no harm in asking a second time. Ultimately, the more info Eugenix reps can provide regarding such HTs, the more confidence potential future patients will have in reaching out to Eugenix.
  7. Very good result indeed. To cover a relatively large section of the front region and temples with just 3205 grafts, and achieve that sort of density is quite incredible, in my opinion. Abhinay, seeing as Eugenix has two of its doctors recommended by the Hair Restoration Network, I would suggest always mentioning exactly which Eugenix doctor worked on each patient whose results are being presented on this channel.
  8. I've been on fin (1mg daily) and minoxidil foam (applied twice daily) for a month now. No side effects whatsoever, in my case. If I was to draw an anecdotal conclusion from my experience thus far, I'd say it's all down to mindset. I was always convinced from day one itself that I wasn't going to suffer any side effects from this. The only change, is hardly a side effect: just the initial phase of shedding that is associated with both fin and minoxidil.
  9. Thank you, @budhair for sharing your experience and photos for this latest HT. Your crown looks almost identical to mine, and I too will be having my crown worked on by Eugenix next year, and so I'll definitely be following this thread and thinking positively with you every step of the way. I hear that crowns are the toughest area to achieve appearance of decent density, however, just 6 months in and the top of your crown (as in the part closest to your hairline) is already starting to take shape and look filled up. As we're still far away from the 10-12 month mark, I personally think that this much progress so far is excellent. Really encouraging result thus far. I can only imagine how great things will be in 4 months time. Keep the mindset strong and positive, and look forward to some brilliant results!
  10. Just wanted to say thank you to sharing your experience regarding both the HT and the drugs, and also the photos. Straight away, I have to say that the new hairline looks like a work of art. You definitely have to be pleased with that! As we like to say over here, happy growing!
  11. Congratulations to Mr Khanche, for what is clearly an excellent result in just 8 months. @Abhinay Singh would you be able to confirm which doctor at Eugenix performed Mr Khanche's hair transplant? Was it Dr Pradeep or Dr Arika?
  12. I'm sorry to hear that you're not pleased with the results so far... and that's totally understandable. It's definitely frustrating, but like some of the guys here have said, please stay optimistic and give it the full 12 months before concluding that the procedure has failed to give worthwhile results. As I'm sure you must have read on other threads, some "late growers" sometimes take 18 months to start seeing results. Bottom line, don't give up so soon bro. Wishing you all the very best.
  13. Definitely comes across as fake. Lack of photos, and the fact that three other threads (two of which are duplicates of this one!) for the same clinic have popped up in short time, with pretty much the same formula, all seems like a rather desparate attempt by somebody to promote that said clinic.
  14. So far it looks like the doctor has done a great job. Hope the crown work also shows good results, and that you get nice density pretty soon. Stay positive, and best of luck buddy
  15. Melvin is correct, as far as I'm aware. Both doctors are equally well reputed and highly skilled in their work, and both use the same HT technique where grafts are extracted and implanted without minimal delay in order to ensure graft survival. Regarding the lower availability of reviews for Dr Bansal, it may just be the case that Dr Sethi has simply had patients who are more vocal and keen to write about their hair restoration journeys and leave reviews... after all, not every single patient is willing to either share photos or write about the experience, even if the results turned out great.