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  1. I would question the ethics of Vera Clinic... because a few months ago, either the clinic itself or somebody tasked with promoting the clinic had posted a series of what everybody called out as fake reviews on this forum. It was a series of new members joining, and on their first day posting pretty much the same kind of "testimonial" about how great and professional clinic was and how delighted they are with their results... yet not a single photo or pre-op, post-op, or end result photos. The "member" would not then reply to any questions or requests for photos or proof of HT. After 3 or 4 posts, a new "member" then posted the usual testimonial, but then alleged that he chose Vera Clinic after another HTN recommended doctor had given him a "bad reply". Again, this claim was completely unsubstantiated and requests for evidence were ignored. Based on such unethical marketing practices, I'd steer very well clear of Vera Clinic.
  2. Paddy, I'm delighted to your thread. You're the one guy that has been more active on pretty much all other Eugenix threads than myself... and so I took it for granted that once you got your HT done, your thread would become stuff of legend. And you've definitely delivered on that expectation buddy! Thank you so much for the incredible hair-splitting (no pun intended) detail that you've described, with regard to not only the HT process, but also pretty much every notable detail about every single day that you spent in India, and the Eugenix team's involvement from the moment you arrived to the day you left India. You've pretty much given us (patients who will be having their HT at Eugenix) a manual on what to expect. I already had maximum confidence in Eugenix, and your comments have strengthened that confidence even further. The hairline design, as is always the case with Eugenix, is excellent. The immediate post op photos show that your hairline is super-densely packed with grafts and given the ultra-high survival rate due to Eugenix's DHT method, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that it's going to be a killer hairline. I'll be paying my deposit to Eugenix sometime in January (I was initially looking to pay the deposit in April or May, but I've had unexpected success at work!). I just need to get hold of Nelson again, because he seems to have changed his number. Anyway, I'm genuinely looking forward to seeing your progress. Thank you once again Paddy, for this thread, as well as all of your contributions to this forum
  3. I'm sorry to hear, read, and see what has happened buddy. I've never heard of this doctor, in my 7 or 8 months on this forum. With doctors who are relatively unknown (in the sense that there isn't an extensive catalogue of results, and satisfied patients), then there is always a much higher risk of unsatisfactory results. Sometimes even with the best doctors (including recommended doctors, right here at the HRN), every single patient won't get the near-perfect results that they dreamed of due to how the patient's scalp responds to the HT procedure. Hence why it's best to go with clinics that either carry out various tests before the procedure, or to go to a dermatologist or doctor who can advise about your suitability for a procedure. This clinic you mentioned appear to be a "hair mill" where technicians carry out almost the entire procedure, whilst the doctor just supervises part of the procedure. The technicians are often not even medically trained, and are hired by doctors purely because their labour is cheap. Due diligence (regarding the style of the doctor, procedure, the doctor and technician participation in the process, the tools and equipment that are used, the clinic itself, the results of patients with similar hairloss to your own, etc) is probably the most important thing. A lot of clinics in Turkey do rake in patients due to the cost being much lower... but the quality may not be anywhere near as good, and sometimes, the patient ends up with results worse than before the HT. My advice would be to try and get a refund, because even if that clinic offers to give you a free repair procedure at their own expense, if once again poorly trained technicians carry out the majority of the HT, then there is nothing to guarantee that the results will not be similar. Worse still, you'll lose irreplaceable grafts, which in turn would limit your future options even further. If you can afford it, opt for a repair HT with a better reputed clinic with a strong track record of success for patients with similar hairloss to yourself.
  4. Wow! That is massive coverage, @Abhinay Singh! It definitely helps that you appear to have a very large supply of healthy donor hair. You must have been an ideal patient for Eugenix. By the way, you did a masterful job of disguising the bald spot prior to the HT -- I'd never have guessed that there was baldness. Really looking forward to seeing your progress in upcoming months. All the best!
  5. That complicates the situation even further... budget and time constraints. If you are determined to go through with a hair transplant within those constraints, then although I'm not qualified to advise what you should do, I can only tell you what I would do for myself if I was limited to those constraints: Rather than going for an unknown doctor/surgeon at an unknown clinic (the risk of a botched job is high), I would choose the cheaper options available at the well reputed clinics -- at least there is the assurance of a particular quality standard, and those doctors, whilst not senior at the clinic, will have been supervised and trained by the clinic founders and the technicians will also be very experienced. As already mentioned by other members, Eugenix has lower priced options, and Dr Bhatti also has a lower priced option at his clinic (I read somewhere that his daughter performs the HT). Botched work would not only make the appearance potentially worse than at present, but also, would deplete whatever remaining donor supply you have (which in turn would make a second, corrective HT even more difficult, and potentially, more expensive). Once again, I wish you all the very best.
  6. Hello @Alphabeta. Although everybody ideally wants to get their HT done with the very best doctor at a low budget price, unfortunately in practice that just isn't possible. Eugenix appears to be the number choice in New Delhi, as both of the clinic's founding doctors are recommended by this network. There are a few other recommended doctors in India also, such as Dr Bhatti who you have already mentioned and Dr Sumeet Soni (who also does FUT). However, it's highly likely that due to their experience in the field and quality of service, a HT with them will be outside of your budget. The budget issue will lead to a further problem that you've already alluded to -- that those doctors within your budget will likely be ones with much less experience, and possibly doctors who are unheard of. If you're going to limit yourself to that budget and at the same time only want an HT with a renowned surgeon with both experience and a verifiable track record of success, then it'll be extremely tough to find such a surgeon. I'll be getting my HT done with Eugenix next year. As I have been short on money this year, I'm budgeting heavily and am securing a date in 11 months by which time I will have the money. An HT is something that nobody wants botched, and quality definitely is essential. My personal belief is that whilst I cannot afford an HT right now, I also cannot afford the risk of a botched job. The final choice is yours, but my advice is to consider saving money for a year or two in order to give yourself better HT options. Wishing you all the very best!
  7. Hey @ASeda! First of all, thanks for sharing your progress with us all. It was very brave of you to choose a clinic and surgeon that there is very little information about. I've only saw/heard about Longevita from the aggressive marketting they do (sponsored ads on social media). As I was trying to choose a doctor/clinic for my own HT next year, I clicked on the Longevita website to find out more about their doctors and I saw Yasemin Tugurt's name... but it worried me that they never referred to her as doctor Yasemin Tugurt, and that on her profile they had her education/qualification only as some sort of diploma. And so I understood that to mean that although she was medically trained, she is not a doctor. Hence why I moved on. HT's can be a hit and miss thing -- sometimes they turn out unexpectedly great, and sometimes they just give average yields. Truthfully, it's tough to tell whether density is going to hit the desire appearance until around month 10 or so. Therefore, try to take solace in the fact that you obviously do have a better head of hair so early in the journey than you did prior to the HT. In that respect, you can probably say that there is success already. As the member before me has stated, it is a very large area that you have had to get coverage for and so please keep realistic expectations with regard to scalp visibility. However, assuming that the grafts that were implanted do survive and grow well, then you will hopefully be in an advantageous position such that the use of hair fibers will give a very good end appearance. I'm thinking positively for you and I wish you the very best of luck for the ongoing journey
  8. First of all, thank you so much @eyesonyouuuu for a most excellent write up of your experience. It is very comprehensive indeed. I'm having my HT at Eugenix next year, and your posts have given me a great understanding of what I can expect. I'm very happy to know that the HT required a lot less grafts than the initial estimates. From 2500 down to 800 is remarkable, and it shows me that the doctors' ethics are right as they've not taken more grafts than needed. The complimentary 200 beard grafts is a very pleasant surprise also. Hopefully the beard grafts will yield very positive results and thereby give you further options in the future, just in case you need them. I really hope your results become another example of Eugenix success. Your pre-HT crown hairloss looked somewhat similar to mine, although my bald spot was a lot bigger (I'll require 2500 grafts). And so although I do usually tend to be interested in the results on the crown for most Eugenix patients, I'm equally intruiged in the work done behind your hairline and mid scalp region, because it's looks like very interesting repair work, and that too without having to use thousands of grafts. I think it'll be great! Please continue to keep us updated. We'll be rooting for your success!
  9. Excellent result, Nelson! I doubt that anybody that sees you for the first time would ever be able to guess that you had ever suffered from hairloss in the past. Very impressive indeed 👏 👏
  10. Hey @ag120! The hairline restoration looks pretty cool, in my opinion. Given that Eugenix' DHT technique tends to give a high graft survival rate, I'm thinking positively for you that your results will be just fine even though you're not taking finasteride. I do see that Mathur has doubts as to whether or not you've received the full 3k grafts, but like CosmoKramer, to me it looks you have no reason to worry -- it's quite a large region that you've got coverage for, and the grafts look very densely packed. I look forward to seeing the rest of your regrowth journey 👍
  11. Awesome thread, @Filipino35Fue! 👏 👏 👏 The detail that you've put into the regular updates is excellent, and very much appreciated. Every HT is a relatively long journey, and it's really cool that you've gone the extra mile to share the journey with us... so THANK YOU!! I concurr with the rest of the family here, that the work looks really impressive, and now that the scabs are gone and there is no blood and gore, the scalp now looks like a work of art. Looking forward to your results in the upcoming months!
  12. Thank you for this excellent thread, @Annijoy31 👍 👍 The new hairline looks brilliantly done. It really suits you, and I can already imagine this being a knockout result. I'm happy for you already. The short hair and new hairline in the post-op photos reminds me of cricketer Shikhar Dhawan. Haha!