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  1. Wow!! This has to be the single most impressive HT results I have ever seen -- at 5 or 6 months you already had results that I thought would be impossible even after 12 to 18 months!! The transplanted hair to the temple area is nothing short of a work of art. All in all, it looks like you've somehow turned back time. Your result is what probably every single person ever dreaming of an HT would wish for. Congrats Ashish bhai, on being the recipient of an incredibly successful HT. Mindblowing!! Although I'm obviously not a medical expert, I'm guessing that the almost impossibly thick density in the recipient area is possibly (in part, at least) down to high graft survival rate due to Eugenix's DHT technique, along with the expertise of the Eugenix doctors and trained technicians. Of course, no matter how skilled a clinic's team is, a lot will also be down to what the individual patient is blessed with, and in your case you are blessed with excellent donor hair, for such results like that to be possible. Nonetheless, the having a world class team performing the surgery does give the best chances of success, and so it appears you made a great choice going to Eugenix. I look forward to seeing the continuation of your already successful journey to a full head of hair!!
  2. First of all Kraistoff, thank you for sharing your journey till now with us. I'll be having another HT next summer. I had one when I was 28, and so a second round was inevitable but I was too naive to think of that at the time. Your posts reminded me of the fact that the most gruelling part of the journey is the waiting period, and not the op itself. The initial high, when you see all the implanted hairs in within the first 3 weeks, then the dreaded shedding phase (which at the time you believe is the toughest point of the journey), and then the actual toughest part where you're waiting around 12-18 months to get the expected results. The lesson I learned was that not everybody's hair grows and matures at the same time, and so constantly comparing my 8 or 9 month results to others didn't have any positive effect on my confidence. I was a slow grower also, and mine took around 14 months to look normal. The desire for dramatic improvement in density is totally understandable, given the money and the mental battle that one has to gear up for every time a photo is taken under harsh lighting conditions. Just give it time man, and trust in your body to do its thing. It may take 14 to 18 months, just as mine did, so just hang in there and don't let negative thoughts ground themselves into your psyche. You definitely still have more time bro. Hang in there!
  3. @Looking for HT Really cool to hear that you've chosen Eugenix in New Delhi. Like yourself, even I've considered the European options, and whilst Turkey was a write off, the other European clinics have higher fees, and although that isn't the be all and end all, it seems that the patient experience and satisfaction with Eugenix tends to be notably greater. Whereever I look I only tend to find positive things written about Dr Bhansal and Dr Sethi, as well as their clinic and team. Even I'm 90% certain that I'll be having my HT with them next summer, for pretty much the same reasons as you (and some other forum members) have expressed. My situation might be similar to yours in one respect that I have a thinning area (hairline), but it is not a complete write off yet in terms of baldness. So I might end up receiving the same advice as you, albeit for my hairline, that I shouldn't bother getting that worked on for another half decade or so. My crown will be what needs work. I'm interested to know, in due course, whether you'll go with their pricing option 1 or 2.
  4. @Lennney Although it is early days, I'm going to put my neck on the line and congratulate you in advance, because the new hair really does look like it's coming to life... and heck, there's still more months to go! From the initial photos, I'll admit that even I wondered whether enough grafts had been used or not... but clearly, Dr Bhatti knows his stuff, and your faith in him was justified. The positive outlook must surely have helped. It's looking great, and I look forward to seeing the future progress updates bro.
  5. @Der3k7 I definitely know where you're coming from brother. In fact, I think I can identify with your experience to some extent. I'm 35 now, but I had my first (and only, thus far) HT at age 28. I noticed my hair was on its way out around age 24, and then at 27 I was simply unwilling to go through any part of my youth as a guy who was balding, or thinning... and so I took the plunge. Now I look back, and its kind of a double edged sword, because although I have maintained my hairline, my crown is a completely different story. Do I regret getting an HT in my 20s? Nope, because as I said earlier, it stopped me from going bald at a time I when I felt young (and as shallow as it may sound to some, dense hair is something I associated with youth). However, I also accept (as many of the other guys here have said) that hairloss continued in non-recipient areas. Now as unflattering bald as my crown looks, I actually feel my best bet is to wait until Summer next year before I get my second HT, so that the remaining crown hair can fall out, if indeed that's what it intends to do. As donor grafts are not unlimited, this time I feel that going 12 months looking less-than-great is a small price to pay, in order to be in a position whereby optimum work can be done in one go. (And believe me, even though 80% of my friends who are one or two years younger than me have Hulk Hogan's hairline, I still hate the idea of having a bald spot!) So I definitely hear you, and I won't even suggest that you're obsessive or anything like that (I genuinely don't think it's abnormal to want to be and do the best that you possibly can for yourself, asap). I just hope that you factor in seriously that when you hit my age, there is a chance that like me, you'll feel that you need more work. To finish up, for what it's worth dude, I think your hair is a lot better than you're probably giving it credit for. And of course, the best is still likely to be seen in the next 6 to 8 months or so. You might (and I hope this is the case) end up being pleasantly surprised!
  6. This is my first post on this excellent forum, and I'm thankful to everybody for sharing both their knowledge, experiences, and insights. Of course, thank you @ahmedabad_guy for the photos you've shared. Although it's obviously early days, the post op photos (especially the 15 day ones) look excellent. I'm hopeful that once that dreaded shedding phase is done with, and when the newly implanted hairs return, by the 12-18 month mark, your results will be amazing! Your hair situation is similar to mine in many ways, because even I'm a 35 year old UK based Indian. The difference is that I've already had one HT done when I was 28, and although I've retained my hairline, my crown has recently become notably barren. So it is time for me to consider getting a second HT sometime around mid 2020 (I'd rather the rest of my crown emptied out, rather than getting it worked on now, only for me to see further native hair go). As of now, I'm seriously considering Eugenix. I was previously looking at Hair Palace (in Hungary), but the idea of going with Eugenix has grown (no pun intended) on me a lot, and your initial post covered a lot of those reasons. In my flick through some of these forum threads/topics, I think I saw some comment that suggested that Eugenix's patented DHT method is not as unique as suggested, and that it is simply the use of a particular tool that allows the procedure to be given a name other than just normal FUE... but to be honest, that's not something I consider to be an issue at all, because at the end of the day, it's the precision and professionalism of the surgeons and technicians, and the results of the HT that count. Eugenix, as far as I can tell, definitely do have a well reputed team who deliver impressive results. I will reach out to them towards the end of this year, and I too hope to become on of Eugenix's success stories. I also look forward to seeing your progress brother. For what it's worth, my gut feeling is that yours will turn out really impressive!