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  1. So far the results look remarkable, for this early in the journey. The new hairline is really taking shape 👍 The combination of their innovative methods and techniques, choice of surgical tools, artistry, and all round expertise seems to working wonders pretty much every single time for Eugenix patients. I'm delighted for you @ahmedabad_guy. After seeing you're progress I'm now genuinely looking forward to getting my HT done in Gurgaon next year!
  2. Quite an amazing journey that you've had thus far, @logansays -- from virtually no hair outside of the donor area prior to the 1st HT, to now being well on route to an entire head of hair. Quite phenomenal. Even I'll be having a crown restoration done with Eugenix next year, and your post op photos have continued to add to my confidence on them. Like Lenny, even I think crowns are the toughest to restore, but every crown restoration job I've seen so far from Eugenix has been excellent. I'm thinking positively that your HT will be yet another success. I definitely will keep a lookout for this thread. Happy growing!
  3. Hi @Drhairloss First of all, I'm sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. Regardless of our different choices of doctors, at the end of the day, all of us are in the same boat (I.e. hairloss sufferers who are taking the plunge to get a HT, in order to improve our image and future), and so it's always saddening to see any HT patient that didn't have anything other than a smooth, pleasant, and positive experience. Whilst I have seen threads by patients of various doctors and clinics who aren't 100% satisfied with the end result of the HT (after 12 months), it's definitely rare to see immediate post-op reviews in which patients are not pleased with the professionalism of the doctor, team of techs, or bring the ethics of the clinic into question; As one of the mods (Melvin, I think) has already mentioned via a separate thread, there are fake members who have very little purpose here other than to slate competing clinics or doctors/clinics who they hold a grudge against. I'm certainly in no position to even suggest that anything you've stated is untrue (and nor can I, for that matter, rule out any possibilities of genuine misunderstandings or lapses in communication at any point), and if you can establish (to the forum mods, at least) that you did have a HT with Dr Bhatti, then of course, you ought to be heard. Similarly, even Dr Bhatti and his team ought to be able to present their side of the story. In the few instances I've seen whereby a HTN recommended doctor's/clinic's professionalism and/or ethics have been brought into question, the patient has sent to evidence of their communications and agreements to one of the mods, who then got in contact with the doctor/clinic, in order to establish what genuinely did or didn't go wrong, and if applicable, bring about a new agreement to put right any wrongs. Hopefully one of the mods can see if the same can be done in your case.
  4. Hi Ralph. Nothing quite matches up to pre-op and immediate post-op photos when it comes to gaining appreciation for a doctor or clinic's work. In the absence of pre-op and immediate post-op photos, these are the common questions that most tend to ask about HT procedures: - What was your baldness/thinning pattern prior to the procedure? - Do you have details of the number of grafts that were harvested and transplanted? - Was it hairline reconstruction, crown restoration, etc? - Was the procedure FUT, FUT, or DHI? ,
  5. That looks normal to me brother. I understand your initial concern... but keep in mind that as you have medium length hair, as opposed to the more common length of 1 to 2 inches, the weight of the hair makes them kind of lie flatter and out to the sides, where as if you had shorter hair they would be somewhat more upright, and the swirl would be a lot less exposed. But honestly, in my opinion you still have a very healthy crown. If you do have family history of male pattern balding, and you do start to notice thinning, then of course, seek advice and do research into medication such as finasteride which will blow down (and in some cases, even recover) any hairloss.
  6. @HLPToronto Great words. I rate you very highly for that, brother. At the end of the day, whichever surgeon or clinic any HT patient chooses, they're still in pretty much the same boat as all other HT patients on this forum, in that we're all trying to improve our appearance, and we all require a bit of luck (because even with the best doctors, sometimes individual scalps just don't take well to HTs). Therefore it only makes sense for all of us to treat one another with respect, admiration, and best wishing for having taken the plunge which so many don't have the guts or motivation to do. This community, at its best, is like a massive extended family. It's great to see your contributions to the forum, and I certainly look forward to following suit and giving back to the community once my HT is done Dr Bhatti's celebrity clients in India (especially the Punjabi movie and music industry) are very impressive -- these celebrities have the money to get their HTs done anywhere on the planet, and with any doctor they want, yet they choose Darling Buds/Five Rivers... and that itself is a testament to the trust and respect that Dr Bhatti commands. Furthermore, I've only seen positive words for the likes of Shera for his assistance to patients throughout their journey. Hence why I am always on the lookout to see new threads from his patients. I have to say though, when I saw your one month photo I was taken aback a little with the extent of what looked like shock loss to native hairs... but after scrolling down and seeing the 3 month photos, the smile came back even quicker than it had left. It just shows what's possible when a master of the art has done their work well, and when the patient has followed instructions to the letter and maintained a positive and powerful mindset. When it gets to the 12-18 month mark, and the hairs mature and the density builds up, I think your results could be one of those that others consider to be miraculous. It's going to be awesome! As Melvin likes to day... Happy growing!
  7. Very exciting to see promising results at such an early stage. Really good hairline design, and although there aren't any immediately post-op photos, from the results thus far, I think we can take it for granted that Dr Bloxham did a very neat job. You definitely chose an excellent doctor for your HT 🙌
  8. @HLPToronto Hey man, first of all congratulations on what already looks to be a very successful hair transplant. All of the photos you've posted show excellent progress. Looks very promising indeed. Although I'll be having my HT with Eugenix next year, I'm still an admirer of Dr Bhatti, and as strange as this sounds, I'm also a fan of his patients -- you guys all have a healthy and positive outlook, which is something that I think is somewhat underrated factor when it comes to good results. I look forward to following the rest of your journey to regrowth. Also, I've seen a few comments here regarding DHI and DHT. At first even I presumed that they were the same thing... but upon looking into it further, Eugenix's DHT technique probably sits somewhere in between FUE and DHI. I think all of Dr Bhatti's points regarding DHI are valid. DHI does not involve making slits in the recipient area prior to grafts being implanted -- folicles are extracted, placed into an implanter pen, and then kind of punched into the recipient area with the implanter pen. And so as well as the procedure being quicker, DHI probably does have the advantage of causing less overall trauma to the scalp. But as Dr Bhatti has correctly pointed out, that process is extremely taxing on the doctor and requires an insane amount of skill... because with every graft, the doctor has to get implanting angles and spacing correct pretty much on the go, graft by graft, and that too whilst the patient doesn't always have their head in the easiest position to work on. Eugenix's DHT procedure requires slits to be made to the recipient area by the doctor first. Then with the slits already done, grafts are implanted within minutes of extraction. The "simultaneous" aspect in DHT is extraction and implanting (as opposed to extraction, making slits, and implanting). Therefore, the point regarding the essential dedicated time for making slits being eliminated, getting angles for slits correct, patient head position being awkward, etc, doesn't really apply to DHT. That's kind of why I personally think of the DHT procedure as being more of a modification of FUE rather than a modification of DHI. Anyway man, back to your HT... I'm thinking positive for you, and I'm excited in advance for you. I think your 12 month results are going to be awesome!
  9. Along with Mr M H's family and yourselves, you can add me to the list of stunned individuals. Those results are what most people dream of achieving in 12 months, let alone 4 months. Seems almost like some form of magic. In fact, if you showed me the before and after photos on different threads, I wouldn't even realise that they were the same person. My question is the same as Kevin20's question... is our understanding correct that there was no hair transplanted to the crown at all, and that the healthier appearance of the crown is due to medication alone?
  10. Gents, I'm really sorry to hear about your experiences. Here on this forum, we're either all still experiencing or have experienced hair loss in the past... and so nearly all of us can identify with how it feels to have our confidence take a shot to the gut. Even if we go for an HT with a relatively low number of grafts (such as 1700), it's only human to expect to get the very best possible result for those 1700 grafts. After all, that's what we pay silly amounts of money for, and that's why we go through the procedure and the 12 month phase of waiting for the results to show. It's a real bummer to see anybody finish up with results that they're not happy with. That being said, @Bavz, the photo you posted of your hair in its dry state, is definitely a massive improvement from your pre-op state. I totally get that you would have liked more density (such that even when wet, it looks impressive)... but take it from a totally neutral third party, that it doesn't look terrible at all (when dry). As pkipling has correctly implied, the wet look is capable of even making the world's best HTs look like a severe case of hairloss.
  11. KB567, DHI has been around for a few years. FUE and also DHT (done by Eugenix in India, which is a modification of FUE) require slits to be made in the recipient area, for the extracted follicular units to then be implanted into. DHI does not require slits to be made in the recipient area. Once extracted (in the same way as is done in FUE) the follicular units are then then placed into a device known as an implanter pen, and then basically, kind of punched into the recipient area. As the slit making process is eliminated, DHI procedures tend to be quicker than FUE (and DHT). The disadvantages though, is that the process is very taxing on the doctor, and requires a ton of skill. In FUE and DHT, the doctor has dedicated time to get the slits perfect (things like correct angle, spacing, etc)... where as with DHI, the doctor has to get all those things right on the go. I hear that many clinics offering DHI at a relatively low price are extremely tech heavy, for the above reason.
  12. It's very difficult not to be impressed by these results. New hairline and the thickness at the front is quite spectacular. The patient probably now looks closer to 30 than 40.
  13. The crown work is amazing -- almost impossibly amazing! Abhinay, can you tell us which Eugenix doctors worked on this case? Really impressed with these results. Congrats to Eugenix (and of course, Dr S D) for the success.
  14. Wishing you all the very best for the HT @DXB001. You're in the best hands, as the Eugenix results are always amazing. I totally agree with Paddy about the photos of the accommodation. It looks better than some of the 5 star hotels I've stayed at in Europe. It's a nice bonus to add to the fact that you're getting a state of the art HT.