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  1. No my scalp didn’t turn red. I’m conditioning my hair as well to keep it healthy.
  2. I just dyed my hair 4 half months in post op. Did I ruin my grafts? Will it ruin the growth?
  3. I saw first signs of new hairs pop up my 8 week post op. I’m 3 months in now and it seems all my newly planted hair has sprout up and is starting to thicken up.
  4. Okay let me know how you are on it down the road update us. I just did my research and was going to order it. I don’t need to go in detail but there’s plenty of YouTube videos and articles online saying there’s bad long term side effects not worth the risk for me if the topical working great with no side effects.
  5. Check this video out. this is how I do mine but add a scalp messager brush to rub the foam in my crown fully.
  6. I don’t have sides on finasteride. But I herd it easier to get sides with oral minoxidil then you would with finasteride. So whoever has bad sides with finasteride you’ll most likely get it with the oral minoxidil.
  7. I take topical minoxidil generic foam 1X a day before I go to bed. I herd great results with it. I’m getting good coverage already and I just started it. It drys up quick I use a scalp messager brush to rub the foam in to the areas that are thin. If you don’t like the foam because you have long hair like me and don’t want to use the liquid because it’s messy and irritates scalp with dandruff. You can make the foam into a liquid and get a scalp messager brush and rub it in with all the great benefits the foam has. You only need to apply the foam once with the 23 hour half which the oral minoxid
  8. So your still taking fin. How about minoxidil you still on that? Great fast results for 5 months
  9. I washed my hair and was rubbing getting scabs off starting day 7. Scabs were completely off by day 9.
  10. Did they only take grafts from your middle and left side of the donor?
  11. I did mine every hour what my doc said for the first week.
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