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  1. I get the same issue. Itches my scalp thus i dont use it all the time but then not using it slows the regrowth process down
  2. Hi i was using Minoxidil initially but it was creating itchy scalp and dryness for me so my doctor said not to use it for a bit. Now today he said to start using it back. Attached are few of my pictures just after or few days after. My shedding phase started almost a month after the surgery. I do see very small color less hairs which may not be very clear in current pics
  3. Are you using any minoxidil? My doctor keeps asking me to use it though i get scalp itch or dryness from it. I am at 122 days post op now and my growth rate is slow. Also i got 5000 grafts but yours look lot better than mine
  4. I am at four month mark of my HT and i had 5000 grafts FUT. I also feel that tingling sensation on my scalp which i feel is due to hair coming out. I saw lot of other people really had good results even at 4 months mark but when i look mine it feels like a very slow growth. So i guess i am also in that not so sure phase. Hoping to see some good results in around 5-6 months mark or maybe later.
  5. These are some of the pics prior to HT. I know the lights are not good in pic but just to have an understanding. I am seeking for some experts here who can comment on my progress so far
  6. Hi All I have done my FUT transplant back in February. Just hit the four month mark this week and my hair growth is still pretty slow. I am having Follihair and Finpecia recommended by my Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia. I got the transplant done in Kolkata, India. Got 5000 grafts. I wonder what is the usual growth rate around 4 months mark. My doctor himself saying my growth rate is slower and by this time we should see a shadow of growth area. I am not sure, probably he is not being able to understand from the pics i am sending him since i live in USA. Here are some of my pics. I didn't have any hair in front area and most of them were gone before transplant. The doctor did 4500 grafts in front and 500 in the back area.
  7. Hi Read this thread today and i actually also went through Hair Transplant for 5000 grafts with the same doctor. I am at 101 days today. I see a little bit growth going on but not too much yet. Wondering if you have any of your 3.5 months mark pictures to compare. I am also worried if i really got 5000 grafts or not. The clinic hygiene is in fact a concern.