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  1. I bought something that matches your description from AliExpress, hopefully it will come soon and I could give a feedback on that. I couldn't find a place to buy them, do you have any by any chance? By the way Gabreille, you said that propecia didn't work for you for a year and then it started kick in? what happened in that year? hundreds of hairs were shedding like I do?
  2. 1: Could you please give an example to such multivitamin? although in my last blood check everything was fine? about 2, 3, 4: I work out 4 times a week, and take a lot of protein, no loss in that matter. I read your topic, but could you please explain more how to use it, and where can I buy it? I'd like to give it a try. Guys thank you so much for this help, I am willing to try everything, if you guys think more methods could work, please let me know especially on the more reliable like Dutas?
  3. So after 8 months of using propecia and minoxi (foam) I can't see any difference in my hair shedding, there are about ~100-300 hairs that I can see dropping on daily basis. What are my options now? what can I try to make it stop? Should I consider Dutasteride? or stronger minoxi? I would be more than happy for your help guys
  4. Thanks a lot for the answer! :) So humm I don't use a concealer but only toppik and it looks pretty natural right now, so from what I understand you use it to give an extra fill-up in the exposed area, but if in my case toppik is enough, I shouldn't use it just for the water area, am I right? or this product will give an extra-safe in the water? And about the spray-holder, why you use then treeseme hard hold instead of head-hard hear hair spray? because it does the work too and you are fine with it? By the way, I want to order one, is it that product? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bed-Head-Hard-Head-Hair-Spray-TIGI-10-6-oz-1-pack/174002232602?epid=10028315584&hash=item2883575d1a:g:EEoAAOSwL8FdWpko and does it smell good? I mean I use right now something that has really good smell and I think it's important, or at least natural smell. Thanks once again, I feel like I just discovered a whole new world because getting into pool or to the sea is a really big issue for me, and if I managed to solve that problem it means a lot, I'll of course update once I order the necessary equipment.
  5. So basically few questions that I have from the video I use toppik already using a spray holder as well, but when I go to the shower and wash my hair, I do see on the floor ( obviously ) the product washed away, Now, what's the difference in the pool? I might test it first in the bathroom already Now, I never thought about combining the Dermmatch with it since I don't know whats the benefits of using both of them since Toppik already to the job ( at least for me since my crown isn't THAT exposed, I think it's a bit more than yours ) Btw, the spray holder you use is meant / purposed for water things? or it's just a normal one? since mine is really strong but never tested underwater. Would be glad to hear more about it! Thanks.
  6. Hello, so I'm using toppik for a bit of time, but I can't go to swim with that product, in a pool and such... Is there any waterproof concealer that is safe to use in pool or to go to the beach with? I've seen DermMatch as an option? but not sure about it Thanks in advance.
  7. It's been 5 months and I still see shedding hair, any suggestions?
  8. Another update: it's been 3 months and 1 week, the side-effects are stable I guess, but I don't see any improvement in the shedding ( not even thinking about re-cover hear that already shedded ) I also take rogain that doesn't seem to help either. what are my options now? Maybe I should try dutastreid?
  9. Another update: so the side effects are decreasing fortunately, but I don't see any results in less-hair-loss, how long does it take until i will see at least stop in hair loss? it's been like 2 months almost. maybe i should consider dutasteride? and what about 10% mixonidil will cause allergies as well? i use right now the foam minoxidil but i don't see any results
  10. Ok so it's been like month and half i guess, and the situation is stable, and i mean it's okay even though the decrease. now my question is: i dont yet see result, i still losing hair, maybe A LITTLE less but yet, losing hair i also use rogaine because the minoxidil made me itching, what else can i use? the minoxidil 10% will made me itching too? or maybe to move to Dutasteride?
  11. Hello, I started 2 and half weeks ago Propecia, and I noticed lately that I have decrease in libido and in keep erection, I've heard that these side effects can't stop after a while? my question is should I stop now using propecia, or maybe giving it few more weeks to see if things get better? Thanks in advance.