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  1. Hey bud! Thanks for the reply but Unfortunately I am not comfortable posting any pictures .i know I can protect my identity by blurring and all but still for some reason I am just not comfortable posting pics . Really sorry to give an answer like that . Wish you good luck on your research and I really hope you get amazing results for your hair . Tc !
  2. If it’s useless to you , please feel free to ignore the post and move on . Thank you for your reply anyway
  3. Here is my first time posting here and I am sharing my experience with an intention that this might help with someone who is currently in the same situation as I was in 6 months ago. Short review: Dr.Arika and Dr.Pradeep are truly talented, caring and phenomenally competent people and I couldn't have asked for any better. You can't go wrong with them. Longer version : A little history about myself: I am 27-year-old male, born and raised in India but living in United stated since the past 7 years. I noticed some thinning in the frontal area with my hairline receding but I haven't gone bald as such. I was in a limbo for quite some time whether to go for a transplant or not because some would advice for and some otherwise. After a few consultations from different practices parts from the world, I narrowed down to three surgeons, Dr.Padeep, another One in NY (Whos name I don't want to share for privacy reasons) and one in LA. Next week I requested a skype call with Dr.Padeep and he was more than willing and patient to answer literally every single question I ever had and by the end of the call, It was a very easy decision as I knew He is the doctor I wanna work with. So I made the decision to go to India to get this done. Even though I didn't care about cost at that time I should mention, It costed me less than 20% of what It would have costed me to get the same thing done anywhere else in the united states (That includes the flight tickets and everything) For international patients : If you are traveling from abroad I'd advice you to choose Delhi as your place of surgery even though they have many clinics in multiple places over India. They provide you accommodation (It's pretty good actually I was pleasantly surprised) and food (even though I ate out every day haha ) and bottled water and the ambiance is extremely clean , I know people from outside can fall sick very easily due to change in environment but I did just fine because it was very well maintained and they also offer you a pick up and drop off to the airport. Even though if you have never visited India, this whole experience will be smooth as butter. Nelson was always accessible, Made sure everything was just in place starting from morning coffee to the time I went to bed. My experience with the procedure : Dr.Padeep said I'd need about 1400 grafts and He made hairline design and the slits. We had a chat before to get all my questions answered once again but I barely had any because I was confident I was in good hands. One thing you'd notice in Eugenix is they are not commercial. they are not after your money, they are not trying to take every penny from you in every way possible. They treat you like family. Anyway, Dr.Pradeep made me very comfortable throughout the procedure It was never like a surgery, It was just like two friends chatting and having a good time lol! Next Dr.Arika did my extractions and I can't speak enough of her. She is the best. I believe they are like 5 people from India who are members of IAHRS and she is one of them. Her work is world class and I remember a day after the surgery I was upstairs (accommodation they give you is right at the hospital ) and accidentally hit my head to something and I texted her that I was worried if my grafts are damaged as they were just one day old. She immediately came and saw me and made sure everything is okay. I am just saying this to show how much they care and the concern they have for their patients. I remember Dr.Alok also gave me his number and insisted calling me even in the middle of the night if I had a question (which I happened to actually a couple of days later and he answered it on phone ) . you cannot get this level of care and attention anywhere else. I am so happy to have met these guys. Post care: I am just 2 weeks old with the surgery and they created a whats app group with all the docs, and I keep asking any questions and comments and they respond back right away. The only glitch that ever happened in this whole process was - long story short there was a small miscommunication between me and one of the office staff person regarding the number of days of my stay. But when I had to get on a call to clear of the confusion and tried clarifying things, it was not even a debate, they were more than welcoming to whatever my resolution was and made sure I was happy. My final verdict : I couldn't be any happier with them. and especially if you are aboard I seriously encourage you to consider them before making a decision. I can't speak for every doctor in Eugenix but I know for a fact you can't go wrong with Dr. Arika.