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  1. I haven't been able to do much with overseas clinics, spoke with a UK clinic but bisangas clinic is busy and not able to do a face to face in UK until May.
  2. Hi guys thanks for the replies, I believe your right Reddy does have some good results. That is expensive if it is per hair. I'm not sure about Dr Arshad I think the recommendation is still early stages. I would need to see more density and hairlines as that is where you can really judge a good doctor. I think he uses a motor for extraction perhaps thats why the price is cheaper. Do you think that should be a concern? Going out the UK is not an option at this stage as I would have went with Dr Bisanga, not sure what he charges at the moment? if I have to wait then guess it could be worth the
  3. After much deliberation, I'm considering taking the plunge and have kept an eye on this forum on and off for a few years. I am keeping my list to the U.K due to travel restrictions. I was considering Dr Bisanga due to his wealth of experience but that appears to be difficult now. I note that Dr Arshad's clinic has recently been put on the pre approved list of clinics. Looking at the results i think he has done some good work but would like to see more results. I was also looking at Dr Raghu Reddy, does anyone know what his price is at currently? I have seen some of his work and think his qual
  4. Its funny no one ever gives feeback on these posts as i have found out through asking similar questions. My view would be a good doctor should do the majority of the work and placing the grafts. Its important that the extraction is carfeully done as the grafts can be damaged if not taken out properly, would you be confident in a technician doing that? I have come accross some of the doctors you mention, my view would be to arrange a flight to instanbul visit these clinics first to get first hand experince, have your questions ready and see which one fits best. You can always come back for the
  5. I am due to visit Turkey next month and i have a few clinics that i am going to meet with. So I can get a better understanding of the service they provide, is there any particular questions that I should be asking? Whilst there i am considering having a session of PRP and wondered what would be the average cost to have this done as a stand alone service. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the words of advice. Dr Arslan advises that they do one surgery per day and he does the work himself with the help of 2 technicians, all the technical work is done by him. Given most clinics in Turkey use technicians and rarely a doctor that led me to find out more about this guy so hopefully someone on here can give that input? both are on the ISHRS and appear to do most of the work so I would assume that should hold weight?
  7. Hi folks I am considering having a transplant in turkey and have come across this forum which has given some helpful information. I see there are 2 recommended surgeons in turkey, but very little feed back on others. I am considering hair medico Dr arslan and get fue in antalya both are listed with the ISHRS . I would be keen to know if anyone has experience in these clinics and how they found using there service. There are not to many reviews apart from some you tube some videos. I was hoping to see some before and after pictures from anyone on this forum. Y
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