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  1. Results are too awesome, I also HT done with the same clinic (Medispa) & Got best result. You also look like a new man
  2. Yes, you are right, around 3600 grafts had been harvested by FUT and apprrox. 500-600 grafts by FUE. I have chosen this combination method for best utilization of my donor area. As I have a genetic history of baldness from my maternal side, and I may lose my previous hair, so I am preserving my donor supply for future hair transplant sessions. the look which you have seen in my photographs is much better than what I had in my college time. I am really thankful to Dr. Suneet Soni and this Forum which helped me a lot to choose a right surgeon.
  3. Although I work in Canada, but chosen India to receive the hair restoration surgery as I have heard a lot of positive things about Medispa and Dr Suneet Soni. So, I have decided to take an appointment with Soni and in this regard, I did schedule my consultation and meet him personally. I truly satisfied with the evaluation done by Dr Suneet Soni and got the procedure date. It has been really a life-changing experience in my life that offered me the best results and makes my dream true of a handsome groom. I will discuss all the detail one-by-one periodically, which will help you a lot in understanding the things with the most authentic manner. But, here is the proof that I received just immediate after the surgery. Hope, this briefing will help you a lot to understand the procedure and their benefits with all clues and details. Find below my Pre-procedure Photographs: You can see the differences, which I received just immediate after the surgery: The hair transplant surgery has been really a life-changing experience in my life as I didn’t only receive my natural hair back, but it also helped a lot in improving my self-confidence. I did receive the surgery six months back and got much satisfied results till now. Here is Post 6 Months Results: Nowadays, the hair loss problem has an increasing pace that affects many of us by the particular Norwood grade of baldness. I also had the same with the NW-IV-V baldness at such a younger age of 35. Baldness is a sinking feeling with each day passing by, till the time I have discovered Medispa hair transplant centre. The hair transplant surgery was really the right decision in my life and I have never been as happy as I am now! When I look back, I feel that I really took the right decision at the right time. When I was searching the option to treat my devastating hair loss problem that presented grade V baldness, I was very confused and not able to decide what is right and when is it right to receive the surgical restoration. One day, I met my old friend’s father who has also received the hair transplant surgery suggested me to go for that without thinking twice as he was too enjoying the benefits of the procedure. This time result of hair transplant surgery was in front of me and there was not even a single con that could have changed my decision. So, I have made my decision to receive the treatment and so asked about the best surgeon and the clinic with my friend’s father. He let me knew everything about the procedure and suggested the name of Dr Suneet Soni. It’s never been so late if you think right and take the right decision at the right time. So, I got the appointment to receive the primary consultation at Medispa through which I got to know about my extent of loss in terms of grade and also knew about the feasible technique to receive the procedure. As we all know that hair loss is a difficult phase to counter in life and I had my share of it too. But, there is no need to worry anymore because we have the option of hair transplant in India. I received hair transplant surgery with the combined technique of FUT+FUE technique. I have been lucky to get Dr Suneet Soni for my hair transplant surgery as he is well-versed in performing the strip method of the surgery. I did receive the small incision from the back sides of the scalp as it was for the graft extraction via the strip excision, but went so smoothly and had no pain even though it was the surgical step. I received local anaesthesia prior to surgery that made me feel painless until the procedure completed. Thereafter received the FUE punching in which surgeon uses the motorized punching machine to extract every single hair root at a single time. The numbness effect made you feel drowsiness and so it is good to have someone who takes you home after the procedure, otherwise, the procedure is okay as you can go home just after the surgery. I received first head wash at Medispa in which clinic staffs instructed me about the way of doing the same for the next 15 days after the procedure. Head wash is mandatory as it helps in removing the dust particles from the scalp and scab formation that can hinder the growth of newly implanted hair. I have received 4200-FUT+FUE grafts and I must say the procedure is not only painless but scarless too. The whole procedure went smoothly with Dr Suneet Soni and I received the total number of 4200-FUT+FUE grafts that covered my respective bald areas, i.e., top, front and temporal of the scalp. Now my received hairline is as natural as no one can identify that it is normal or transplant hair. Thank you, Dr Suneet Soni, you have transformed my life with full of aesthetic beauty. One can see my improvements by the below 12 months post-photographs: