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  1. @Melvin-Moderator Apologies for the discussion taking place on this thread. I won't continue it on here. My initial reason was purely so there is some information for anyone trying to make a decision on using this company. Maybe one day i will start my own thread on the topic once i feel confident to do so.
  2. @Longevita As stated previously, once i have had the repair i will happily post the pictures. My confidence is shot because of how unnatural and horrible it looks. The last thing i want to do is parade it on the internet for the world to see. But i will happily send you my reciept as proof that i am an ex patient. Anyone who is thinking about using longevita can ask to see my pics if it helps them make up their mind.
  3. @Longevita I am not making a threat of any kind. Im merely stating that the work carried out on myself is terrible. I have been offered a repair surgery as previously stated. I could not risk your team carrying out the work again as you have wasted a high number of my donor grafts, put 3 and 4 hair grafts in the very front of my hairline, poor yield, ridiculous graft angles at the temples to name a few. I dont really want to share my pictures on here currently as im embarrassed by my appearance. Once ive had a repair done elsewhere i will happily share with the community. I have only commented on this thread in the hope someone else doesn't make my mistake and be stuck like i am now.
  4. I hope you didn't make the mistake of going through Longevita. The previous Drs they have had on there books seem to have produced reasonable work. I didn't do my research and assumed i would get a result through this company. The only 2 Drs on the website now are not even medical Drs. I was operated on by Yasemin Turgut. There is only one other option for a hair transplant on the website so they must have changed the way they operate. To cut a long story short i got a terrible result and its haunting me on a daily basis. For another 50% on top of what i paid i could have gone with one of the best in Turkey.
  5. I too had an fue procedure in Jan 2018 with Longevita. The 'surgeon' is not even a Dr even though they advertise her as a surgeon (illegal i believe even in Turkey). As for the techs the difference in ability is evident, one side has grown much better although its still not great. Granted i should have done more research but i just went off some before and after pics which looked pretty good and assumed i would get similar results. The website leads you to believe the 'surgeons' are way more skilled than they are. I look horrendous now and they have damaged my donor. Ive seen people get an extra 1000 grafts removed by a good clinic and not have as much depletion as i have. I can only echoe the above advice, STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY They offered a free revision but anyone would be insane to let them touch their head twice. @Longevita the least you can do is refund all of the people you have butchered so they can look to get fixed by a surgeon who knows what they are doing (providing your 'top of class surgeons' haven't destroyed their donor beyond reoair. @Bill - Managing Publisher i will verify privately if you request to prove im genuine. Longevita are a dangerous company, young guys are already emotionally vulnerable from hair loss, then companies like this make it ten times worse.