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  1. @LaserCap, Sadly i didnt have the knowledge that i do now prior to my procedure. I just assumed that i was in safe hands and stupidly put total trust in the clinic. I had no idea that a person who wasn't a Dr could be carrying out a surgery. It was only once i found the forums after the procedure i started to ask the questions. I have had consultations since which is how i know of some of the issues. With regards to NW scale there was no mention apart from i may need another procedure in later life to tackle further progression. The hairline, again due to my naivety i just went with the surgeon's suggestion of what she said was age appropriate. The crown was a suggestion of the surgeon also as i wasn't even aware of any thinning there. I need to take some responsibility due to not having knowledge but i was never informed that my surgery would be carried out by none medical proffessionals. I would have cancelled as soon as i was informed if this was the case. Surely they have a responsibility to inform people of this? Its no different to buying a car thats faulty then afterwards the seller saying "you didnt ask so i didn't tell you" I know now that in turkey they get around the issue of a Dr by having one check in on the procedure throughout the day. I didnt see any different people to the ones who carried out my procedure, none of which was a Dr as far as im aware since investigating afterwards. Companies like this have a responsibility to inform people of the facts first in my opinion. Lots of marketing on the website and facebook leads you to believe they are one of the best but it couldn't be further from the truth.
  2. Hi Bismarck, Thankyou for taking the time to reply. Im not willing to upload numerous pictures at the moment. I dont take any medication. The issue is the lack of care taken by the clinic. I have some crazy angled grafts and large pluggy multiple hair grafts in the very front row. The arrangement of the follicles is very unnatural looking and my donor compromised.
  3. After commenting on a different thread i decided to start my own. Longevita requested i start my own thread so it was an open discussion. I used longevita who are a uk based company who provide medical services abroad. I had an fue procedure in Istanbul in Jan 2018 with the surgeon Yasemin Turgut (a trichologist) at the esthetica clinic. She did the extractions and opened up the recipient sites. The results are terrible and I've had concerns since a couple of weeks after my surgery. I had 2600 grafts in total, 2100 into the hairline and 500 into the crown. The crown grafts were probably not needed but she said i could do with some there. The hair line is low, she suggested this was an age appropriate one and i stupidly went with her opinion (yes thats my issue but i trusted the judgement of an apparent industry proffessional with supposedly 15 years experience) I have many multi hair grafts in the very front of my hairline, poor density and abnormal looking growth angles. I even have a multi graft in the very front growing out of a hole due to being implanted at the incorrect depth. Many grafts were placed into recipient sites that were too small by the technicians (who i was assured were very experienced) and now consequently have a compressed pluggy look to them. I also appear to have scarring in the recipient from the poor work as the skin texture looks strange. I have no idea if the crown grafts have grown or not. The extractions were not performed in a way that the donor has been thinned equally throughout which makes it look even worse when cut short. Once i arrived in istanbul they changed my surgery time from 09:00 to 15:00 which i found strange but had already landed so had no choice. They must have taken a last minute booking for another patient and moved my procedure. This meant i didnt leave the clinic until gone 22:00. I believe it was a rush job which hasn't helped with my outcome. During the procedure they must have administered too much anaesthetic making me shake and my forehead kept tensing making the grafts harder to implant. I explained it must be the adrenaline in the anaesthetic so dont give me more, they thought i was cold gave me a blanket and administered more anaesthetic which made the situation worse again. They also thought my blood sugar was low and gave me sugar cubes and a drip for hydration. The techs doing the implanting were obviously of different experience. One side of my hairline is much better than the other even though still awful. There is density but still strange angles and large grafts at the very front. Literally anything that equates to a poor result is wrong with mine. The techs were all laughing and joking which made me feel uneasy, i have no problem with having fun at work but not on in the middle of surgery. At one point one of them was sitting on the floor with her head on her knees, obviously exhausted if they had been there since early morning. I believe i had 4 techs in total but cant remember as i was a bit disorientated. Throughout the healing i was constantly told wait until 3 months, wait until 6 months, then 12 for my donor area. It never greatly improved and cant be shaved below a #3 without looking thin and patchy. The hairline is awful. Some of the hair is like plastic and growing really kinked even at 16 months post surgery. The hair doesnt look or feel like my natural hair and i have some permanent numbness in the recipient area. I know these are all risks of a hair transplant but i believe most are avoidable in the right hands when carried out correctly. I beleive the majority of my issues are due to surgical error and mis-handling of grafts rather than healing characteristics. I have been quoted anywhere from 1000 to 2000 grafts to repair my hairline and give it a more natural look. Thats providing my donor isn't too damaged. This leaves me little options for future hairloss as i will have used potentially 4100 grafts in the hairline alone. Due to my poor donor management if i get 2000 more grafts that will potentially be it for available grafts. They have offered me a corrective procedure with the same surgeon, then also with another who is actually a Dr but i have never heard of. The T&C's state that longevita are not responsible for poor results as they are basically an agent and not medical professionals. They have already admitted on another thread to directly employ the surgeons but not manage the facilities, this makes them fully accountable in my opinion. I was in 2 minds whether to make this post or not. There must be a lot more people than me with terrible results from this company but are too embarrassed to share the results. Longevita then get away with saying its a made up account from one of their competitors. I have been in contact with some excellent surgeons looking to get repaired, one of them has knocked me back saying my donor is insufficient. I hope its due to him not wanting the case rather than being ruined already. I believe Longevita should pay for my repair through another Dr or refund me so i can pay that towards my repair. I dread to think how many of the grafts they implanted have been wasted. I would be foolish to accept a repair from this company after the mental anguish and stress theyve put me through. Im so angry with this company for doing this to me, its really shook my confidence and wellbeing. Im also angry with myself for using them, i used them due to being on a budget and seeing some good results. It was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Hopefully this post will educate others before jumping into a surgery with this company and regretting it every day as i do now. I can provide pictures for anyone who wishes to see the results but im not willing to post them at the minute.
  4. Best of luck and i hope you get the results that you are wanting.
  5. I would turn around now and ask for your money back. Cut your losses on the flight. If you end up with the results i have from this surgeon you will regret it for the rest of your life. The result is not the worst part either with me its the donor damage shes done, meaning a repair is now going to be hard to achieve if at all possible and very expensive. There are a lot of people happy with their results through longevita but i unfortunately couldn't be less happy. I cant be the only one either.
  6. @Melvin-Moderator Apologies for the discussion taking place on this thread. I won't continue it on here. My initial reason was purely so there is some information for anyone trying to make a decision on using this company. Maybe one day i will start my own thread on the topic once i feel confident to do so.
  7. @Longevita As stated previously, once i have had the repair i will happily post the pictures. My confidence is shot because of how unnatural and horrible it looks. The last thing i want to do is parade it on the internet for the world to see. But i will happily send you my reciept as proof that i am an ex patient. Anyone who is thinking about using longevita can ask to see my pics if it helps them make up their mind.
  8. @Longevita I am not making a threat of any kind. Im merely stating that the work carried out on myself is terrible. I have been offered a repair surgery as previously stated. I could not risk your team carrying out the work again as you have wasted a high number of my donor grafts, put 3 and 4 hair grafts in the very front of my hairline, poor yield, ridiculous graft angles at the temples to name a few. I dont really want to share my pictures on here currently as im embarrassed by my appearance. Once ive had a repair done elsewhere i will happily share with the community. I have only commented on this thread in the hope someone else doesn't make my mistake and be stuck like i am now.
  9. I hope you didn't make the mistake of going through Longevita. The previous Drs they have had on there books seem to have produced reasonable work. I didn't do my research and assumed i would get a result through this company. The only 2 Drs on the website now are not even medical Drs. I was operated on by Yasemin Turgut. There is only one other option for a hair transplant on the website so they must have changed the way they operate. To cut a long story short i got a terrible result and its haunting me on a daily basis. For another 50% on top of what i paid i could have gone with one of the best in Turkey.
  10. I too had an fue procedure in Jan 2018 with Longevita. The 'surgeon' is not even a Dr even though they advertise her as a surgeon (illegal i believe even in Turkey). As for the techs the difference in ability is evident, one side has grown much better although its still not great. Granted i should have done more research but i just went off some before and after pics which looked pretty good and assumed i would get similar results. The website leads you to believe the 'surgeons' are way more skilled than they are. I look horrendous now and they have damaged my donor. Ive seen people get an extra 1000 grafts removed by a good clinic and not have as much depletion as i have. I can only echoe the above advice, STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY They offered a free revision but anyone would be insane to let them touch their head twice. @Longevita the least you can do is refund all of the people you have butchered so they can look to get fixed by a surgeon who knows what they are doing (providing your 'top of class surgeons' haven't destroyed their donor beyond reoair. @Bill - Managing Publisher i will verify privately if you request to prove im genuine. Longevita are a dangerous company, young guys are already emotionally vulnerable from hair loss, then companies like this make it ten times worse.