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  1. Hi Paddy, No i didnt get any in the middle native hair, though in the front a new hair line was created. For the future of the native hair in the front can go through the same thinning process though this portion of hair is slightly resilient . I have started finex and minoxidil to halt that . I hope that answered your question. A.K.
  2. Ok guys I wanted to update about my 1 month progress I have started using Minoxidil and finex for the last 2 weeks. Can’t tell if it has halted anything as it’s too early . So far the hair line is holding up , the transplanted hair have started falling though not as much as I was initially expecting. I spoke to the Eugenix team and they all especially Dr Pradeep was really reassuring . So far I am happy with the progress and keeping my fingers crossed Clicking 4 week progress as well. A.K
  3. Paddy , Thanks for your query . Yes I am physician , currently heading the Medicine Department as a Clerkship Director of the Medical School and Assistant Professor Medicine Department at CMU . Dr Pradeep suggested finestride and Minoxidil. I agree with his recommendations. It prolongs the life cycle of the hair and some times prevents / halts the shock phenomenon and can let the implanted graft to just grow without shedding though there are multiple other factors . Personally I am already using fenistride . Taking Co-enzyme Q, Multivitamins with Zinc and biotin in it. One thing which is stated doing is to avoid any artificial sweeteners and any drinks with it along with eating a well balanced diet . Though no well validated studies are there but detailed literature review and personal experience in this field for 9 years now , has made me take this decision . I haven't decided about Minoxidil as it used to make my scalp very itchy . I will be avoiding wearing tight fitted caps either in ICU or sports ones alike with use paraben and sulphate free vegan shampoos . I will keep you all posted how my results turn out . Regards A.K.
  4. Hi Lenney, Yes I got 4500 grafts . I would say probably 1200 each side to create the natural hair line and rest on the crown . I must say so far the comments I have got from family and friends is that my hair line looks natural . Let me send a current picture too. Hope it helps . Thank you A.K.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I think continuous tele monitoring with continuous pulse ox , is one thing which will improve the patient safety and add value to the patient care . Eugenix has the basic vital monitoring system but this new state of art monitoring system will improve the patient safety and outcomes. Thank you . Regards A.K