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  1. I am in a similar position. Would like to have update with your growth. It seems commun for second transplant to take longer to grow ?
  2. Hey johnAc71 when was the latest of your 5ht did you notice a growth spurt ? Did all five of em were successful ?
  3. Any of you guys who had a second surgery in the same area noticed a longer delay before seeing new graft on their scalp ? By that I mean after 4 months and plus noticed a lot of new growth not just thickening of previous hair ? Appreciate all your comments
  4. Month three was a bit disappointing in the sense that after my first operation, all of my graft were grown at the end of month 3. I was hoping for the same result for my second hair transplant. I've seen some good regrowth of my native hair and shock loss but haven't seen any new graft popping in. I've been told and read that sometimes, hairs take longer to grow due to scar tissues on the second operation. I am aware that month three is early, but like all of us, I prefer to see the graft growing sooner than later. Anyway I will keep you guys updated for the progress at the end of month 4
  5. The next pictures are the ugly duck phase. It represents months one and two on my progress thread. I had quite a bit of shock loss, which hasn't recovered totally today(4months and one week). Those months were hard. Going from a full head of hair to a patchy see-through buzz cut was a big step down. It was hard on the moral and quite depressing.
  6. Hey guys I've been lurking on this forum quite a bit lately, trying to find answers and comparing my progress and I thought it was only fair to post my own story I decided to post the progress of my second hair transplant on this forum to help people who are in the middle of a decision of taking a step toward a fuller head of hair A bit of my story: I started losing my hair early in my life( around 18 years old) It affected my self-esteem pretty bad. I decided to take action to fix it. I had a 3000 graft transplant with Dr. Koray in turkey in my mid-twenties. I had a good result, but the density in medium to high lightning was lacking. Especially outside, my hairline was quite a see trough. The whole goal of having a transplant was to stop thinking about my hair. I decided to see Dr. Hasson this winter to fix my hairline once for all and be able to stop thinking about my hair. In February, I had an extra 2300 grafts densely packed by Dr. Hasson If you guys have any question concerning the operation, the doctor the cost or even the flight, please feel free to ask The first set of pictures is a few days after the operation. The second set of picture is about 10 days post op when the scab finally comes off.
  7. Hey behappy Yeah the SMP was a mistake. I've started finasteride about a year and a half ago. It did wonders on the thinning of the mid scalp. Money is not an issue. I plan in the future maybe 5 to 10 years get my hair line redesign for a less aggressive and receding one. More of a windows peak. Especially at the temple region. This or like all of us when the time comes hope the technology will allow for more solutions As you mentioned due to the SMP I didn't have munch options. In the meantime I keep my finasteride regimen and going to enjoy my hairline
  8. Morning guys Thank you for all the reply Few of you asked for pictures before my first hair transplant. I must say I've started loose my hair pretty young. I've tried a few solutions before my first hair transplant. I've had SMP first. ( I thought I wanted a bald look for all my life). I lasted one summer then I got sick of it. I then purchase a wig(was about 1000$)result was good but it was too munch maintenance. I wasn't able to swim and be active. Plus it was really ankward during intimate situation with girls. I then decided transplant was the way to go. Anyway here's a few pictures. It's not pretty I am warning you. At that time I had a wig and let my hair grew underneath. There was no way I could walk around balding with SMP. The first set of pictures are my SMP , then me with a wig , then me before my first hair transplant. I also included picture of my hair under harsh sunlight witch was the reason for the second transplant If you guys have any questions feel free to ask Cheers
  9. Thank gillenator appreciate the kind words. I have made a post with a few pics from before my first hair transplant at the bottom
  10. Can you explain why it's always risky ? I am well aware of the transection factor when you dense pack. This is also the reason I went with Dr Hasson . Is there any other reason why grafts would of die ? And yes you are right. The ugly ducking phase is awfull. My self esteem is pretty low right now. I can't wait for my hairs to grow back. I hope it it's going to be one of my last hair transplant. It's a huge draw back from social life
  11. Now I am worried hahah. I've done my research like all of us before going to a second transplant. Dr Hasson is quite reputed for hairline work as well as dense packing. Why is it a major risk ?
  12. Hey Melvin Yes it was. Thank you The reason for the second hair transplant was to add density. In natural day light or medium to strong indoor lighting my hairline was quite see through and looked unnatural I wanted to have a natural results and once for all stop worrying about my hair