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  1. Hey guys! I wanted to share my story with you all. I am 46 years old cinematographer working in the Indian film industry. I was 42 when I started losing hair from the crown area. the hair loss was aggressive and I lost a lot of hair in a short time. I went to many dermatologists in Mumbai and they prescribed me different sorts of medicines. But those medicines, topical and pills, didn't do much for my hair loss problem. I decided to look for a more permanent solution and decided to get a hair transplant done at the age of 45 when almost all of my hair was lost from the front and top. I have shared images also from before and after. Before Hair transplant treatment I came across Eugenix hair science clinic through newspaper and after consultation, decided to go ahead with the treatment. At Eugenix, after analysing my case completely with suitable medical tests I was suggested to go for the hair transplant surgery with DHT technique in order to get natural looking results. At first, I was very nervous at the thought of undergoing surgery to replace my lost hair. After a relaxing and friendly consultation with the expert Dr Pradeep Sethi, all of my questions were answered, and I booked an appointment for my surgery that month. During my treatment, I listened to music and relaxed while the procedure was completed in a few hours with no pain at all. My deepest thanks to Dr Pradeep Sethi and his team at Eugenix Clinic, Mumbai. Hair transplant treatment I was so excited with the outcome of the 1st sitting that I have decided to go for 2nd sitting as well and the same has been completed a few months back. The procedure was done under local anaesthesia and 4200 grafts using scalp and beard were transplanted in two consecutive days in the first sitting and 3000 grafts were extracted from the scalp in the second sitting. Both procedures were completed with DHT technique. After Hair transplant treatment Visible progress started after the fourth month. I never experienced any pain during and after surgery. Post surgery care is very important. I was told that Complete hair growth is expected in 12 months. The surgery doesn't restrict you from doing daily business. You can continue working but its good to stay away from pollution, dirt etc. After 12 months, I am able to comb, oil, have haircut, colour and anything else that I could do with my hairs before losing them a couple of years back. Off lately, I started paying less attention to the hairs because of work pressure. But it is actually helping. Since 8 months onwards are the actual months where growth happens, it is in my favour not to pay more attention to the hairs thus reducing expectations. I let them grow naturally.