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  1. I had a 6200 FUT with Dr. Hasson in April 2019 and I don't think he's changed policy since then.
  2. @giegnosiganoe Technicians can remove and place the graphs, but Dr. Hasson makes the slits into the scalp (I believe in Canada and maybe the US only a Dr. can make the incisions required for placing graphs). I had a FUT with Dr. Hasson in 2018. He removed the donor (cut and sealed the donor area) and then made all of the incisions on the top of my head. The technicians cut and placed all of the graphs. Dr. Hasson monitored throughout the day and made more slits as required (my surgery was almost 12 hours). For FUE they can do the extraction as well.
  3. I've thought about making a thread. I supposed I could do one if there is interest. I'm a big time diffused thinner so we didn't even tackle the crown area. Also, it was one session. I was there from 7:30 until 7:30pm at night.
  4. I had a great experience with Dr. Hasson for 6200 FUT in April.
  5. Quick question. I started my own journal but my upload pictures aren't showing/loading properly. They are just from my phone, do I need to change the format? Thanks!
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