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  1. I've seen many FUE posts with people shaving their sides this short...I will also be doing so in a few weeks.
  2. They look like the donor scabs (dried blood) which are different than recipient scabs. Plaster your donor with moisturiser and see if they come off.
  3. Big difference from your original photos on page 1! What length do you plan to keep your hair at in the end?
  4. Demirsoy does everything except the final implantation, hard pushed to find the same setup elsewhere.
  5. aloe vera seems to be the recommendation, I would imagine anything with skin healing properties is fine for the donor - especially at 6 weeks
  6. Strange, I used this forum to view and search for results of Demirsoy patients. Bhatti does not have a good reputation on other forums and I've seen some terrible results on here. The way his results are defended by the moderators lead me to believe that this forum is in some way affiliated to Bhatti, which I find disheartening.
  7. Yes the Doctor's liaison, it was news to me also. I have used some moisturiser today and wiped my donor with a cloth, seemed to remove a large number but I think I will give the others some time.
  8. I was advised to remove the scabs from my donor area after 3 days to reduce pain. Im at day 5 and most have came off but there are still some remaining, should I try and get rid of these asap? I hadn't heard of this before and I am slightly concerned about scarring. Thanks
  9. I had it last week, 4265 grafts - I'll make a post down the line when I've some progress under my belt. One thing I found helpful was looking for people who had similar hairloss to myself and viewing their results from the Dr to see realistic expectations. Demirsoy mainly has German/Austrian clients i'm told so there are a lot of posts on non english speaking forums, for example: https://www.alopezie.de/foren/transplant/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=31&SQ=& Everyones situation is different, definitely do a lot of research on doctors and take it all in before making your decision.
  10. To summarise, I followed the advice given and had no problems with scalp condition or bleeding. My initial concern was my flaky scalp which appeared to be completely down to the minoxidil as my scalp was in good/normal condition prior to surgery. Some points of note: I stopped all vitamins and minoxidil about 15 days before. I did some scalp exercises, my scalp was moving quite freely anyway. No seafood for 14 days before (I wouldn't normal eat too much seafood). I had a few glasses of wine 4 days before which didn't have an effect (official guidance from Dr was no alcohol 3 days before). I took quite a lot of calcium on board through drinking milk. Thanks all
  11. Fair enough, I don't think it's that bad. I made contact via email but believe they are currently closed for holidays. They have a very honest and ethical approach which speaks volumes from the posts and threads I've read.
  12. Can you show me some of Demirsoy's bad results? I've seen quite a few from Bhatti recently but I think the threads have been removed now.
  13. I believe Bhatti has a number of paid representatives on here. Good luck with your research!
  14. It’s already been elaborated on but refunds and being fair when a doctor messes up isn’t much good when you only have so many hairs available in the donor! Choose the doctor who you feel gives the best and most consistent work. From what I’ve seen that’s Demirsoy.