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  1. Absolutely, I agree that he does have the highest number of patients. He's superb at marketing what he does, as I previously said. People buy the name and not the person who carries out the surgery, advertising is everything. Hair surgery is very private, that's why 99.9% of users on here have strange usernames. It's important for regular joes like myself to inform people truthfully about clinics based on what we see online. I mean, we are all here trying to help each other in our own time, yet there's yourself who is being paid to participate on hairrestorationnetwork and push 'recommend
  2. Excellent job, has tightened up your hair line very nicely.
  3. I like and enjoy the community, it has been very useful to me in my journey. There are a number of surgeons who I would say get 99% patient satisfaction. 99% compared to 75-80% is a massive difference, I don't think it's right that surgeons with those results are pushed as 'recommended'. A hair transplant is a massive undertaking and effects peoples lives massively.
  4. Whilst LordBaldwin's data was carefully elected, yes good post, from what you say - 8/10 transplants will be good from Erdogan. In my opinion that is bad for prospective customers. Why would you spend thousands to risk being the 2/10? The other 8 are only getting 'GOOD' transplants. This man is extremely good at advertising and marketing and I applaud that. However, anyone who wants to spend thousands on a transplant and get a RESULT should carefully research customer reviews...not 'recommended clinics' and this is how I feel this website does a disservice to honest members as they a
  5. Best of luck Isam, I'm 6 weeks since my visit to Demirsoy. New hairs starting to show!
  6. No need to be anxious about Turkey, you won't be by yourself unless you venture outside of the hotel. Muzaffer drove me around and helped me out with any requests.
  7. Pre transplant I had longish hair on top (4inches aprx) and sides shaved down to a 0 or 0.5 faded up to about about a 2 by the ears then blended up. I had planned to conceal mine with fibres at 9 weeks, not sure if I will now, I think I will for once sport a shaved head/cut very short on top until month 4/5. I had a lot of success with fibres before the transplant, people would not have known I had any thinning due to how I styled the long hair. Over the summer I've been shaving it to a 0 on the sides because I've mainly been wearing hats and not been in public so much so I thought why no
  8. Likewise, only dissatisfied one I've seen photos off also. I'd wonder about the medication also, did you ever see the effects of minoxidil and finasteride before? What was the clinic's response?
  9. Agree about finasteride, I don't take it. That's a fairly low dosage of minoxidil, I was on 10mg per day. I think I will try and find some minoxidil to replicate your recommended dosage. Please keep us posted, thanks.
  10. It'll hardly make a difference on here, as long as this site keep getting Erdogan's sponsorship money the results wont matter.
  11. Have a look at other successful hairline threads so youve an idea of what she should be/must do.
  12. Good post, thanks for sharing. What dosage of minoxidil was recommended to you? Leaves me slightly more assured about taking it as I previous stopped due to long term health concerns.
  13. It's nothing that can't be fixed so don't worry. You will need further surgery, I'm really surprised a doctor carried that out. I would be looking some ownership from Dr Shelly Lovitt, that's not shock loss in my opinion.
  14. 2 - This is crazy, on the day when the surgery was complete did you not notice the gap? Who was the doctor?
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