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  1. Agreed, it does seem like his result (although staggering) are largely due to Spanish hair. I cant wait until 2023, so I need to find an alternative. During my last few hours of research I have identified the following hair transplant surgeons that have very high density successful results. Juan Couto Lorenzo Keser Rafael de Freitas Dr Koniors Are there any thoughts on these doctors? I am leaning more towards Freitas (excluding Couto of course)
  2. So far I have seen Juan Couto, Arocha and Rafael de Freitas as having excellent results. I probably wont have a chance to go with Juan Couto due to the waiting list, however are their any other doctors that rival their capabilities. What makes Juan Couto so good?
  3. Great thanks, I also saw this incredible result. Who is this Dr Juan Couto?
  4. Hi, Who are currently the best hair transplant doctors for dense packing requirements, 50+ uf/cm2 ? I was looking at ASMED, however there have been a lot of shaky results with his clinic recently. I dont want to get caught up in that Thanks