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  1. Hi everyone, I have been using rogaine foam for about 2 month and rogaine for 1.5 month. Up to this week I haven't experienced any increase/decrease in hair loss. In the last week I have noticed some increased shedding, I wanted to know if it is normal or maybe the drugs don't work for me. I have also seen some "baby hairs" in my hairline that I am not sure were there before the treatment (Or they were there and I havent noticed) and maybe it is just a new cycle. Did any of you who used the drug experienced increase shedding for a few weeks and if so, did you have any improvment afterward? Thanks!
  2. I started finastride around a week ago and I wanted to hear when did you started to see decrease in shedding
  3. Thanks for the response. I might reconsider fin on very low dosage I am just very scarred of the sides. I have been using saw palmetto instead with nizoral and minoxidil for a few month. I guess I might have a try at that for a few more months since I do have "babu hairs: in my temples if it will somehow fix them I might be able to delay the need for procedure but if not I think I might want to undergo a HT while taking into considaration future balding. I wanted to hear more about the HT path just to know what to expect and if an fut or an fue is recommanded. I heared fut is better for first time but I think that if i wouldnt have enough donor i would wear my hair short and be happy with the front covered nicely. Also what dosage do you think will be effective while not taking the regulae amounts of fin
  4. I forgot to mention that I have been using minoxidil that slows the hairloss but I it wouldnt fix my hairline. And I wouldn't use fin due to the side effects it has
  5. Hi everyone, I have started to lose my hair at the age of 20 yo. I am almost 23 years old and I was thinking about getting a transplant when ill be 23 years old. I was wondering if it is possible to get a transplant at a young age like that, my father went noorwood VI but my gradfathers in both sides have hair and ny father brothers are norwood IV My goal is to have a natural looking hairline and I dont mind if in the baxk the density will be a little bit lower as long as it looks like a natural mild MPB. I was thinking about getting a conservative hair line to start with so when the hairloss progresses to the back I would have enough donor area incase I do another surgery. I wanted to know if I should start with FUT or FUE and if I do so which well known doctor would you recommand to start with? I prefer to do it in europe but I might might consider the US as well. I had thoughts about Bisanga in brussels or Dr maras in HDC but I havent contact them yet so I am not sure if they will take patients that young and I would like to hear about more clinics who might fit into the treatment I want to have. I would like to hear your opinions, if my goals are realistic because it is important to me to have my hair in my 20's and not to wait until my 30's Thanks and have a good day😁
  6. Hi, I was thinking about getting a transplant next year and I was wondering will it be possible to have a transplant with bisanga or cole at the time or it will be doctors that they have trained