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  1. Hey everyone.... this message to all of you guys out there I know losing hair, being bald, that would affect your life big time, I myself been through this I was suffering, thinking a lot about it day and night! Oh wait a second what if I want it to go on a date with a girl is she going to reject me just because I have little hair, “partially bald” I I live in the United States , Washington, I went to so many clincs here in the state, they were so pricy I couldn’t afford it here. Since I’ve been to the Middle East and for my last visit on deployment, I decided to find me a place to get me out of the night mare I’m going through by not having the hair I used to have when I was a teenage, “I’m 29 now” so I did my research and through my google search I found this great clinc called “VERA CLINIC” located in Istanbul Turkey, I talked to their medical counsilting for over couple months, they asked me for several pics of my hair, and they provided me with three different option, so I went with the highest one, of course when it comes to your health all you want a good result at the end, money doesn’t is nothing when it comes to self care... I book a flight and flew from Baghdad to turkey , best service , five star hotel, Number one hotel in Istanbul -Taksim The driver was funny , I knew some words in Turkish so that helped me too, but don’t worry they got the best translators, Wiaam was the translator , she was very kind and nice, she made sure I was ok after the surgery and it’s been a year since my surgery and they keep texting me if I was satisfied with the surgery, How things went? Did my hair grow? My answer is yes I am satisfied with the result and everything is fine, my hair line looks perfect I’m happy, and my friends always tell me you look good and they get jealous ... so if you ask if they good, should I get my hair done there? Yes go get it done and you will start a new life trust me you won’t regret it at the end wait for the result after 7-8 months thanks God I’m so greaful to this