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  1. Thanks home1212 Do you think a one time insult would have a huge effect then? Again, I regret it. Back to a healthy lifestyle now for the rest of my post-op recovery.
  2. Thank you very much, Spex What is it about alcohol, smoking and cocaine/drug use that could hurt results? At what point after a hair transplant are the grafts considered "embedded" and as strong as the other native hairs?
  3. Hi all, I had a small FUE session done (about 250 grafts, as my surgeon has advised to do this in smaller steps) 8 days prior with PRP. Tonight, I went out to an event with a few friends. I had about 5 alcoholic drinks, and smoked about 3 cigarettes. Then, while under the influence, I made a very bad decision and did some cocaine. I did two lines of it. Up to this point in my healing, I've followed my doctor's instructions and have healed very well. I have ate very healthy, drank lots of water and have gotten lots of sleep/rest (9-10 hours a day). I know I made a mistake, and I am beating myself up for it. I will not be using recreational drugs or smoking any longer, and will put off my alcohol consumption for another week or two. Have I seriously damaged my grafts and risked my hair transplant failing? I asked a friend who is a doctor in another field, and he thinks that things should be OK at 8 days post-op. But could I get some advice from the community? Moving forward, I am being even more careful about post-op care, and trying to be as healthy as I can. I hope I haven't hurt my grafts beyond the point of return. Thank you.