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  1. Thanks mate. Its quite a journey. Specially coming back with that head.
  2. Not being rude mate but why cannot patients post the price here. Is the quote different for people depending on their nationality? An Indian got a different price and a person from Europe was being charged different. Dr Bhatti has the price on the website so please if anyone can let know how much Dr Sethi charges per graft. Thanks
  3. Hey mate. Your Hair looks incredible , however, I met a guy in Ireland who had his HT done with Dr Cinik and he does not recommend them at any cost. He is not on the forum but I have advised him to post his experience here. Think you got lucky but he has completely opposite experience. I have read the negative reviews in other forums and he told me exact same. I hate to badmouth but it comes to show that either you can get lucky or unlucky with the same clinic.
  4. Hey mate. Dont drive yourself. Imagine a puncture tyre or for some reason car breaks down . Not worth the risk.
  5. Hi Shera. Would be great if you could give some details of the Irish patients Dr Bhatti has operated on and their results. Thanks
  6. Hey buddy. I am from Dublin and was wondering if you would like to connect. I have not 100% decided yet to go with Dr Bhatti but if I do, we both could fly together to Chandigarh. We might be eligible for discount too. Also, forgot to mention, I am also looking at Pradeep sethi who is based in Delhi or Mumbai and is quite good as well. . PM me and we can connect Cheers
  7. Hi Shera. Hope you are well. I am from Dublin and have been leaning toward Dr Bhatti. However, I am advised to take Finasteride for first 6 months after the surgery in my emails with Dr Bhatti. I have heard really horror stories about this drug and can leave permanent side effects. What are your thoughts on this? If I do decide to go to Chandigarh, Flights seems to be quite expensive and its a long journey. Do you recommend a route from Dublin to Chandigarh? Would Dr Bhatti offer a discount considering this long journey Many thanks
  8. I am grade 4 and currently deciding between Dr Bhatti and Dr Sethi. Dr Bhatti has clear pricing on website and Dr Sethi doesnt. Can anyone please post cost per graft from back of head for Dr Sethi. Its a simple question so please post an answer for what is asked. I dont require any marketing people to write a long story here. Just post the price please. Thank you
  9. Hey buddy. I am from Dublin and believe you are from Ireland too? I am also looking to get HT done and it would be great if you can get in touch on which surgeons you have looked into. Its never a bad idea to go together if we both agree on the same clinic as We could get company if flying far and discount as well Cheers
  10. This is not true. I would not recommend him. See the email from them below. The doctor does not do everything for that price. Its an extortion in my opinion regardless of results. You can pay the same amout in UK Based on the photos that we have received, Dr. Koray Erdogan has evaluated the basic condition of your hair loss and your candidacy for an FUE hair transplant. He has determined that your surgery should consist of 5000 grafts. The surgery will be performed over a period of 2 day(s) with a coverage area of the frontal, mid-scalp and vertex areas. In order to complete your surgical procedure, you will be required to remain in Istanbul for a minimum of 4 day(s) and 3 nights. Dr. Koray recommends the usage of Finasteride (Proscar or Propecia) in order to maintain and optimize your original hair. Finasteride has the effect of the telogen hairs, which are diluted and are prone to hair loss, to strengthen them as also the own hair again. If you use Minoxidil or Rogaine you should stop it 1 month before the planned operation. Enclosed you will find a Photo in which the transplantation area is marked. Kindly note, that this shows only the area which is planned to be transplanted, but is not the planned hairline design. The hairline will be designed together with you and Dr Koray during the live consultation, which will take place one day before the surgery. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or clarification. You will find complete information at the end of this document. Best Regards ASMED – Dr. Koray Erdogan TYPES OF SURGERIES OFFERED DES FUE with shaven hair The technique used in our surgeries is called the DES Method (Dilek-Erdogan Sequential Extraction), created by Dr. Koray Erdogan and the head of the medical team, Dilek Çakir. This technique was highlighted at some of the most important recent international hair restoration congresses and was deemed to be one of the most refined and efficient FUE techniques used today by some of the world's most renowned FUE surgeons. This same technique facilitates a quantity of extractions that until now was unthinkable with FUE using manual instrumentation: up to 5500 high-quality grafts in 2 consecutive days. The extractions take place in a sitting position, the most efficient position for patient comfort and for effective extraction based on our experience. The graft extraction is strictly performed by "manual punch" (we do not use the "micro-motor" or the "motorized punch"). Today, the manual punch is believed to be the most efficient in preserving the donor area of the patient and maximizing the number of extractable grafts. At the same time, it guarantees the highest quality extracted grafts with minimal scarring. For this "standard" type of surgery, the hair is shaven in both the donor and recipient areas. The cost of this procedure is 2.5 Euros per transplanted unit including accommodations for 2-3 nights, the surgical packet and all services related to the surgery.** DES FUE "non-shaven" (partially shaven hair) This type of surgery is executed in a similar manner to that of the DES technique with shaven hair. The difference is that the hair is shaven only in the graft extraction area allowing for a more rapid recovery of normal aesthetic conditions. This results in a quick return to work and a normal social life. This is a great option for those who have particular necessities or who simply desire greater discretion regarding their surgery. The hair is shaven only in the posterior (back) and lateral (side) areas of the scalp. The maximum number of grafts that can be transplanted with this method are from 3000 units. The cost is 3 Euros per transplanted unit and also, in this case, includes accommodations for 2-3, the surgical packet and all services related to the surgery.** DES FUE "long hair" (with long hair) The surgery is performed without shaving the hair at all. The grafts are extracted from the donor area and are implanted in the recipient area maintaining the length of the extracted hair independently of the hair length itself. The remaining aspects of the procedure are handled in a similar way to that of DES FUE with shaven hair. The procedure is more laborious and difficult with long hair. For this reason, the maximum number of units that can be transplanted in one surgery is 2000-2500 grafts spread over 2 days of surgery. The cost is 5 Euros per transplanted unit including the surgical packet and all services related to the surgery.** OUR MEDICAL CENTER Surgeries are performed at the ASMED Surgical Medical Center located in Atasehir, one of the most modern neighborhoods of Istanbul. We work in a hospital setting as required by current regulations in Turkey, and exclusively use the most internationally advanced surgical techniques and instruments available. We invite you to consult the clinic’s website to view the medical structure itself and the operating rooms SURGICAL PLANNING An accurate consultation will take place with Dr. Koray Erdogan. This normally occurs the day before the surgery. However, if requested, it is possible to book an appointment at the clinic any time before then. During the consultation, the doctor will perform a scientific study of the characteristics of your alopecia, carefully evaluating factors such as the diameter and the typology of the hair, the condition of scalp area that will be operated upon and the density of the donor area in the parietal (lateral) and the occipital (posterior) of the scalp. This allows for the establishment of an optimal surgical plan that takes into consideration possible future surgeries that when completed, arrive at both a natural and long-term result. A careful study will also be made of the proportions of the face so that the result will enhance your features according to your needs and desires bearing in mind the best management of the donor area resources. SURGERY All medical testing for the surgery will be performed in the clinic. Tests performed will be for: infectious diseases, blood pressure, glucose levels, and cardiac rhythm. The operation will be planned and implemented by Dr. Koray Erdogan together with his staff, which is composed of a trusted medical team that is highly experienced and qualified. The procedure is minimally invasive and is carried out under local anesthesia. The extraction of the grafts is performed exclusively by using a tool called the "manual punch" that is to date, the most effective way to preserve the donor area of the patient and maximize the number of grafts that can be removed. At the same time, the manual punch ensures the highest quality of extracted grafts with minimal scarring. At the ASMED clinic, the "motorized punch", also called the “micromotor is not used. The extracted grafts are immersed in an advanced Hypothermosol + ATP solution and maintained at +4 degrees Celsius, which keeps them functionally and biologically active until the implantation phase. Once the extraction of the grafts has been completed, Dr. Erdogan proceeds with the creation of sites in which the grafts are implanted. To complete this phase, specially customized sapphire blades are prepared to measure and a technique is known as the "Coronal Slit" or more commonly called the “Lateral Slit” is implemented. The technique consists of creating incisions in a manner perpendicular to the direction of the hair and allows for precise control of the direction of the transplanted hair ensuring the minimum possible trauma to the operated area. Finally, surgical assistants place the extracted grafts into the recipient incisions through the use of the KEEP (an acronym for Koray Erdogan Embedding Placer) tool developed and patented by Dr. Erdogan. The tool is designed to optimize graft implantation time while minimizing possible trauma to the grafts. PRICES AND SERVICES FOR YOUR SURGERY These are the prices for each of the proposed options: 5000 FUE GRAFTS: 12500 Euros all inclusive *** (2.5 Euro per graft) * Flight ticket fee of up to 300 EUR for European, Near- and Middle Eastern countries, and 500 USD for USA, Australia, Canada, Far Eastern countries will be refunded by ASMED after the flight ticket copy with cost details is provided to your coordinator. ** SURGICAL PACK: K.E.E.P., custom-made sapphire blades, ATP and Hypothermosol graft solution, antibiotics, medical ice-pack, "low level” laser therapy, hat, shampoo, and post-operative lotion. The "surgical package" is included in the cost of surgery. *** SERVICE PACK: Our service package includes all the necessary transportation (airport-clinic-hotel) via ASMED minivan, an assistant/personal translator for the entire duration of the surgery and 2 or 3 nights´ “Full-Board” accommodation at the Asmed Suites (Single Room). The "service package" is included in the cost of surgery. N.B. Patients who will not stay at ASMED Suites can stay at Radisson Blu - Istanbul Asia (transfers to/from the clinic is included) with the ASMED special price offer of 80 EUR/night for a single and 95 EUR/night for a double room for 5 nights. OPERATION PLAN First Day: Arrival at Ataturk Airport (European Side) or Sabiha Gokcen Airport (Asia Side), till 11 am (11:00 o’clock) local time. Our driver will pick you up from the airport and he will bring you directly to the clinic. Live consultation with Dr. Koray and Analyses. EKG and Blood Tests. Hair shaving and thereafter designed Dr. Koray your Frontline and the recipient area. Second Day: 2500 Graft extraction/incisions/implantation Third Day: 2500 Graft extraction/incisions/implantation Fourth Day: Control and first hair wash procedure. Departure after 2 pm (14:00 o’clock) local time or if you want later. If you should decide for surgery in our clinic we ask you for information about your general health condition (allergy to medications or general, diabetes, blood pressure, tachycardia, hemophilia, hepatitis B or C. .... etc) and information about the medication you are taking. ASMED WARRANTY ASMED offers a guarantee of 90% regrowth of the transplanted grafts (Note: The growth rate for ASMED procedures is normally higher). The exception is with special cases that include, for example, health problems that may limit growth, unrealistic expectations or poor predisposition for the surgery. These issues will, in any case, become apparent during the pre-operative consultation with Dr. Koray Erdogan. The clinic is committed to assist and monitor the development and evolution of the surgery for at least 12 months after it takes place. The assistants are always available for any information and will contact the patient periodically to evaluate transplant performance and to facilitate communication with the clinic.