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  1. So it's been two months but I finally got in and got a scalp biopsy done. Unfortunately it came back androgenetic alopecia so I'm just now taking that in. The letter I got with my results seemed pretty unsure though as they're confused about my age. I'm going to schedule with an endocrinologist because I'd like more detailed labs on my hormones just to be safe and maybe it can bring to light something that a dermatologist could not find. I don't know. I'm not expecting a miracle, but I have other health issues that could really indicate a hormonal problem (ie. Feeling tired all the time, depression, anxiety, mood inbalances etcetc) so regardless of if it can affect my hair growth I need to find a cause to those things. As for treatment; I'm looking into doing viviscal supplements/treatments. Minoxidil was shoved in my face as being the number one option, but I am wary of it, I'd rather take a pill daily than completely change my routine, but if minoxidil is the be all end all I suppose I can suck it up.
  2. 1) It runs in the men of my dads family but I have not noticed it on either parents side in women. Not saying it couldn't pass down from my dad I guess. 2) I think the labcorp took the paperwork that had testing but there was a thyroid test and some hormone testing done as well. I assume they would have mentioned if either of those turned up positive. Though I would like a second opinion on the hormone part? There are some other issues I have that I feel may be hormone related that may have not been noticed so I might see a primary care for that soon too. But maybe I'm just being hopeful that something like that is the cause. Denial I guess. 3) The dermatologist I went to kind of rushed me so I'm going to definitely going to see a second one for another opinion/hopefully more careful observation. He just kind of briefly went through my hair and rushed through options. Granted he was more focused on my scalp psoriasis so maybe that's why? Which that's clearing up since starting perscription stuff so I'm hopeful for better results there. If the second doctor wants to do a biopsy I'm going to do it then and there even though the thought of it scares me.
  3. I think for me I fear the results. I don't know what to do if it ends up being something out of my control. I know others have it way worse than me but I still don't know how I'll handle it since ky self esteem is already pretty low, lol. I'm going to schedule an appointment with a different dermatologist tomorrow for a second opinion and if they suggest a biopsy then I'll do it then and there I guess.
  4. Hello! 26 year old and female. Recently over the past 6-8 months I noticed thinning around my hair part and bangs to where you can see more scalp through my hair. I was in a bit of denial at first due to people claiming that it wasn't balding and that I was overreacting. Well I scheduled with a dermatologist on March 28th after it seemed to get worse and the fact I've been dealing unsuccessfully with psoriasis on the left side on my scalp and the back near the base; he initially wanted to test for alopecia but the thought of getting a scalp biopsy at that moment scared me so I opted for bloodwork to be done instead. Bloodwork showed I am very low in vitamin D and a bit low in iron levels. I'm not sure if these things can affect hair loss, but I started taking Vitamin D supplements twice a day and hair, skin, and nails biotin vitamins once a day. Also using a biotin based shampoo and plan on trying to get more sun. So I guess I'm wondering if I should go back for the scalp biopsy or if I should see if supplements for vitamin D can help and if clearing up my psoriasis may help? Can a lack of vitamin D really cause hair loss in any way? And for the psoriasis I'm skeptical because it doesn't occur near my hair part or bangs, though I am currently putting medicine there just in case. Could that still affect hair loss away from the affected area? I guess I'm just scared that if it's alopecia then it's out of my hands to my understanding? Also not sure if pictures need to be provided? I can if need be but honestly seeing pictures of my scalp stresses me out. Thank you all in advance and sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Also let me know if I need to provide more info.