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  1. A 48 years old established Bollywood star started losing his hair with time. Unlike most, it was detrimental to his work. For quite some time he tried to manage with a hairpiece but the maintenance and unnatural look was way overboard. He badly needed a good hair fix and hair transplant was the only resort to his problems. The doctors and he after a detailed discussion on the hair transplant procedure decided what is the best for him. He even allowed us to trim it through and through so that all those places where he was lacking can be taken care of and most importantly fix the hairline! Hence close to 2500 grafts were planted. After 6 months this is what he looks like. He is not only happy that he got to fix all the required areas and there is no way anyone could make out a hair transplant procedure is done. Now he is back into full swing and he is not worrying about hair anymore. This is the 6-month results post HT though next 4-5 months it will just better.
  2. Hi, I just checked with my doctors that approximately another 1500 grafts can be extracted from the scalp donor area without damaging the aesthetics of that area. They have planned for the coverage of the crown as well. Average hair per graft was around 2.
  3. Hi, 900 grafts were extracted from his beard. Density of the grafts is between 35-45 grafts per square cm. The patient is not taking any medications.
  4. A 43-year-old caucasian had come with grade 6-7 Androgenetic alopecia, with a contrast of hair and skin colour. The scalp donor was average. There was no other history of illness in the person baring the h/o baldness in paternal males. The baldness in the index case was static for last 5 years. We went ahead to do the front and the mid scalp, and planned to keep the hairline not too low, as ultimately the patient would also need to cover the crown area. We kept the hairline at 9.5 cm from the mid-eyebrow centre (glabella). The lateral sides of the hairline were not flared. Close to 5000 grafts were planted. We used beard grafts mostly from the area below the chin, the shadow area. The hair line received carefully chosen single follicles. The post-transplant pics arrived after 5 months and the results were amazing. Through the thickness of the grown hair as well as the density would increase in the next few months, still, the overall look was highly appreciable. Most importantly, the hairline was looking extremely natural and the patient was excited about his looks! We will keep you posted on his further progress.
  5. Date of First sitting: 10/05/2019 and 11/05/2019 Place of Surgery: Eugenix Delhi (Gurgaon/ NCR) 58 years old, a senior officer was experiencing baldness for the last 10 years. After the initial progression of 5 years, the baldness was static. He had a family history of baldness in father and grandfather. After a thorough history taking and examination, it was decided to give him a good hairline reconstruction job and fill the crown area. Also to prevent the ongoing baldness (which is slow now), he was decided to be started upon medications. He had no history of any cardiac, gastrointestinal, neuromuscular or allergic issue. His donor area was average to good with a density of 80-85 units per square centimetre. The thickness of the hair was also average. There were salt and pepper colour of the donor's hair. His procedure was completed over two days. Some 3400 grafts were taken from his scalp donor area with the help of 0.9 mm trumpet punch. Another 1500 grafts were taken from his beard with the help of 0.75 mm serrounded punch. We will keep you posted on the progress.
  6. Hello Kevin, Thank you for showing your interest in Eugenix Hair science for the Hair transplantation. Kindly share the communication on digital@eugenix.in which was received from the Dr.Sethi's team along with your photographs in the same format which were requested during your initial consultations. We trust our doctors to resolve their patient's concerns and we assure you that 100% patient satisfaction is our utmost priority.
  7. @DXB001 Thank you for sharing the email as requested. Dr Pradeep has responded your email yesterday. Please let me know if I can assist you more.
  8. @DXB001Thank you for bringing this to our notice. Please forward your email to digital@eugenix.in. I will assure you that your concern will be attended immediately after recieving your mail.
  9. Dr AN, is a 50-year-old nephrologist from Florida and his baldness has been diagnosed of Norwood class- 5A. His hair loss progression was stable and he had excellent hair thickness. Donor density was around 79 fu/cm². He received 5000 grafts (3000 from the scalp and 2000 from beard). Hairs per graft were at average 2.3 for the scalp grafts. The procedure was done through DHT technique where the extraction was done by 0.95 mm serrounded punches. Dull Needle implanters used in premade slits so that there was “No root touch”.
  10. @Markee @AltonMeyer Good to hear that you have been following our website regularly. Here attached one more post. Hope this helps you. Keep visiting us for more amazing results.
  11. Mr.VD from Australia is a 31 years old male. He underwent DHT technique and 4660 grafts ( 3260 from scalps and 1400 from the beard) have been implanted in front and mid Scalp. Below are the pictures of before and one year after the procedure.
  12. Mr.P is a 28 years old white male. He underwent DHT technique and 4000 grafts have been implanted in front and mid Scalp. Below are the pictures of before and one year two months after the procedure.
  13. @Torip Here attached one view from the top. Hope this helps you. You can post one sample pic to let us know which angle you need.
  14. Eugenix Hair Sciences is extremely pleased to announce that Dr Arika Bansal and Dr Pradeep Sethi are going to be available in Manchester (5th June 2019) and London (15th June 2019) to meet prospective hair transplant patients in person. Dr Arika Bansal is a Gold Medallist in her graduation and she did her MD from AIIMS (New Delhi), one of the most prestigious medical institutes in the world. She is one of the only few dermatologists in India to be awarded as Diplomate of ABHRS. She has been invited as faculty to ISHRS Annual Conferences in Chicago in 2015, Los Angeles, 2018, Dubai, Dr Bansal has done extensive research in the field of hair transplantation and is an early adapter of technology. She is an active member of several organisations including ISHRS (USA) and specialises in female hair transplantation, hairline design, density improvement and corrective hair transplantation. Dr Pradeep Sethi has over 10 years of experience in the field of dermatology and hair transplantation. An alumni of AIIMS (New Delhi), Dr Sethi specialises in the hairline design, density creation, corrective hair transplantation, extreme cases of baldness and female hair transplantation. He is an active member of various National and International organisations like ISHRS (USA). He conceived & implemented the idea of Direct Hair Transplantation (DHT) along with Dr Arika Bansal. His extensive research in the field of hair transplantation and use of the latest technology has helped him achieve great milestones in the field. These two doctors have also recently published a book on hair transplant for both doctors and patients named as “Step by Step Hair Transplantation”. You can afford a cheap hair transplant surgery! But can you afford an experienced physician to fix your cheap hair transplant surgery? Do it once, do it right! These in-person appointments are excellent opportunities for any individual seeking first-hand knowledge about hair transplantation. Reserve an appointment by emailing info@eugenix.in or WhatsApp : +44-7377260556 to contact the Eugenix Hair Sciences patient care staff.
  15. ACSICON2019 - National Conference of Association of Cutaneous Surgeons ( I ) provided a unique opportunity to the academicians, practitioners and students, to learn the latest scientific breakthroughs; explore innovative technologies and approaches that can be used for better diagnosis and patient management. We at Eugenix participated to achieve the theme of this year “Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery: Minimising Risks, Maximising Outcomes” through a Live Observational Workshop on PCW-7 Hair Transplantation on 18th of April 2019 in Delhi.