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  1. It is always important to speak to the patients yourself when you are seeking a hair transplant or any cosmetic surgery. The clinic can provide you tons of references and you can be in contact with them directly. That way, you can counter check the facts. Also, a thorough discussion with the doctors, counsellors and a deep understanding of your particular case would of utter importance. It is okay to be doubtful and have questions. That is a scientific temper and will definitely be helpful in recognizing the truth.
  2. Thank you everyone for your recommendations. We are very humbled. Mr. Amir, you can inbox me your email id and we can get in touch with you for a consultation. If that is okay with you, of course.
  3. Hello Sir, How are you? Thank you for considering Eugenix. I have DM you more details.
  4. Completed 15 months today. Glad to post update here. My transplanted hair is far better than my native hair..
  5. 😀Mr. Vigyat Singh, 47 yrs old with Norwood Hamilton Grade 5A met Dr. Pradeep Sethi at Eugenix Hair Sciences after his friends's recommendation. There was a plan to implant 5,400 FUE/DHT grafts over 2 days. Watch the video to know Vigyat's hair transplantation experience at Eugenix: Designing, pre-operative procedure, anaesthesia, slit making, plantation, post-operative posedure,etc.🤞🤞
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