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  1. The index patient was 45 years when he came to us for a transplantation procedure. He was Grade 5A on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. We gave him 3019 grafts for his transplantation procedure and covered his frontal zone. After 5 months he started seeing good growth on his scalp. After 2.5 years, we have displayed his results in the video where he has a complete change in look. He has a very good density and is extremely satisfied with his results.
  2. The index patient was 45 years old. He was Grade VI on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. We gave him 5445 grafts with adequate coverage and density. 4545 grafts were taken from the scalp and 900 grafts were taken from the beard. After a year, we witnessed amazing results on his scalp. What we have tried to portray is a very realistic representation of the results one can expect.
  3. Sir, in Premium package Hairline implantation will be done Dr Pradeep or Dr Arika and in comprehensive and exclusive package it will be done by technicians. Rest all procedure will be same.
  4. Hello Sir, We had used 0.75 mm for beard For Scalp: 0.85 mm and 0.9 mm
  5. A 58-year male having baldness going up to Grade IV and having severe crown thinning came to us for restoration. His temple points were also involved. So we did the hairline, filled the frontal area, we also did the temple and the crown with adequate density. By 8 months, he had grown a lot of hair with good density. But after 12 months when he sent his pictures after lockdown while combing his hair, it looks very great. His results look fantastic. He had some pre-existing hair that required to be prevented from going off due to baldness. We have prescribed him the medications and he is taking them.
  6. Sir, don't be disappointed as we have seen slow growth in at least 5 to 6% of our patients and Nelson is among them. His growth had started after 5 months only.
  7. The index patient was a young 32-year-old man who had Grade 2A + Crown baldness. He was worried about his receding hairline and the hair loss in the crown also. We planted a total of 2250 grafts in his case. Five hundred singles were placed while designing the hairline. We also planted some grafts on his crown. He has also prescribed medications for the preservation of his pre-existing hair. By 10 months, he has had a complete change in look and a good density of hair on his scalp. In the video, we can witness the progress of this patient. The density will continue to increase until the 12th month.
  8. Eight Months update: Hair Transplant at Eugenix Anil Saini, 32 years of age with progressive baldness (going up to NW 5), joined Eugenix Hair Sciences, Delhi/NCR as a medical counselor. Soon he realized that without hair it is only “theoretical” to try to impart the knowledge upon the prospective patients over phone/mails and not wise from a sales point of view to meet the patients in person inside the office. (Like a plump guy can not be a gym trainer, a bald guy might not appeal to patients as a representative of a hair restoration center.) Eugenix Hair Sciences – a phenomenon sweeping the hair transplant industry with its Direct Hair Transplantation technique has become an enigma in the hair transplant industry. With more than 6000 successful cases so far, they have proved their consistency without a doubt. Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal with their skill and passion have emerged as forerunners in the hair transplant industry. Eugenix is changing the face of hair transplantation for men and women with world-class FUE instrumentation, facilities, and a team of dedicated professionals.
  9. Planting hair in the hairline zone and the area immediately behind the hairline zone in the frontal area is challenging because that is the frontal part and gateway to the face. The right kind of hair - like the hairline has thinner caliber hair, lightly pigmented hair, irregular hair, and slow-growing hair; are important in the hairline zones. In the temples the hair has to be acutely placed, the curl should be upside down, etc. It is very important to ensure such factors in the temple area. While doing so, one also has to be always mindful of the potential progression of baldness in the individual. This is why the hairline should not be too low or too high but rather it should be very judicious. It is very important that all of these factors should be kept in mind when designing and constructing the hairline.
  10. A 40-year-old man had his baldness going up to Grade III on the Norwood Hamilton Scale and it was progressing. He wanted a good density and fortunately, he had good hair and his donor was thick. His temples were also receding and it is difficult to do the temple areas as the direction of the hair and the angles are different. We performed his procedure and by 5 months he was very happy with the progress. Now close to 2 years, he is still enjoying his fabulous results and has become a close friend to the clinic.
  11. Mr. Anup Jalota is a 65-year-old individual whose donor was thin and depleted. He had been wearing a wig to better suit his camera personality. It was a challenge for us to match his screen personality and match the same looks even after the transplant. We could extract 3000 grafts from the back scalp donor and 4000 odd grafts were taken from the beard. The beard hair, though mostly grey, merged well with the scalp hair. Within 2 months, his hair had started growing. Within 4 months he was in a reality TV show, Bigg Boss. By the 7th month, he achieved outstanding growth. After a year of the completion of his procedure, he is enjoying very good results. The point to be noted in this case is that since most of his hair are grey and he is not coloring his hair it tends to look thinner. But if he colors the hair, the light gets obstructed by the blackened hair and thus they appear denser. It was, however, a challenge to recreate a look similar to his wig look which was very dense and thick. However, as we can see his full results, it looks thick, natural, and dense.
  12. We had a 62 year old male patient with a Grade IV A baldness on the Norwood Hamilton Scale. The baldness had stabilized for many years and was non - progressive. For this individual we performed 3491 grafts. His hair started growing within 3 months and by 5 months the density was very good. By 12 months the complete results were visible and he enjoyed a great density. A special feature in this case was that he had 99% grey hair. It is difficult to perform a hair transplant in such cases. However, over the years, we have mastered the art of transplanting grey hair or light pigmented hair by performing transplantation on a lot of individuals with grey hair and a lot of Caucasians. Over the years we have accumulated an experience of performing transplant with light pigmented hair or infact no pigment at all.
  13. We, at Eugenix Hair Sciences, pay utmost attention to the cosmosis of the donor. Therefore, we always strive to take the grafts from the donor in a manner where there is no evidence of the extraction after the procedure. The donor looks the same after a few months as it had looked before extraction. The meticulous attention, diligence, the use of the finest punches, the strategic extraction from the permanent zone, the experience and skill set that we have garnered over the years with more than 6000 patients have helped us in preserving the aesthetics of the donor. The donor in the end looks like as if nothing has been extracted from it. Please subscribe to our channel and ring the bell icon to keep yourselves updated with our videos. We shall be continuously posting new and scientific videos which will help all the patients gain better insight into the hair transplant procedures.