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  1. Mr. B T is one of those patients who are very particular about their look. Although he had a slightly receding hairline, he was keen on achieving the perfect structure. The fronto-temporal areas bothered him a lot. He was completely sure of what he wanted and how he preferred the design. In his case, the graft requirement was lesser than usual. He received 2100 grafts for the reconstruction of his hairline region. All the donor grafts were discreetly extracted from the scalp donor only. The transplanted hair would merge along with his natural hair in the pre-existing region behind his fronto-temporal regions. The area behind the forelock was also taken into account as it was thinning and had sufficient spacing to be transplanted. The hairline is a crucial and look defining entity of an individual's face. It is subtle and soft but at the same time provides the other features of the person's face look sharp and gives the face a structure. The hairline is also different in it's structure and extent, depending on whether the face is round, oval etc. His procedure was carefully designed and his slits made by Dr. Pradeep Sethi. Dr. Priyadarshini Das performed the extraction. He had opted for the Comprehensive package. For Mr. B T, the results are awaited and we wait with as much anticipation as him for the final change in his look. For the better.
  2. Transplantation in females has been a complex process. It always involves a lot of planning and labour. In the case of Mrs. J S, the hairline had to be augmented. This, being aesthetically most important, was a scary decision for her to make. It was only normal for her to be worried. After her decision to go for the procedure, she was given 1475 grafts. It usually takes 12 months for the full density to be seen for the transplanted area. But in her case, 10 months were enough to have a dramatic look change and a good density. Female hair transplant when done right can enhance the aesthetics of a person in the most positive manner.
  3. @LeftHook @Kevin20 Surgery was performed by Dr Pradeep and Dr Priyadarshini. Patient has opted Comprehensive and exclusive package. Be assured that going forward all details will be mentioned in the post itself.
  4. Dr. M B, a colleague of Dr. Abhinav Kumar, came for the consult and cleared his doubts. Being a doctor himself, he understood what the procedure entailed. Very thorough with his research, he has a clear understanding of what he was getting into. He got 2500 grafts done for the reconstruction of his frontal zone. His hairline was reconstructed and the density in the frontal zone augmented. The donor area used for him was purely the scalp. He has completed a couple of days after the procedure. The results are awaited.
  5. Mr. A H has a full head of beautiful salt and pepper hair. However, it was not always like that. He had a frontal zone recession. Standing at Grade III baldness on the Norwood Hamilton Scale, he had experienced a dramatic alteration his appearance. After a 3205 grafts plantation with a complete coverage, he had a pleasant look change after 10 months. The growth, even with grey hair, is dense and looks good. His case is one which also proves that age is not a factor when planning for hair transplantation at all.
  6. Mr. AD was a Grade 2 plus patient on the Norwood Scale of baldness. He had a requirement for the reconstruction of the frontal zone. The receding hairline had caused a severe impairment in his overall looks. He got 3000 grafts done with us for the complete augmentation of his frontal zone. With high hopes and backed by research, he was hoping for the best. The shedding phase was difficult for him as he saw no difference in his before after looks. It does tend to get atrociously difficult for most patients to go through the shedding phase. After 8 months of his transplantation procedure, he has a renewed look and has a good density on his frontal zone. The look is natural and suits his face structure. Most importantly, he is satisfied and feels that all the wait was worth the end product.
  7. Being a doctor himself, he was far less concerned about the procedure itself. Rather he was more concerned regarding the design and the final look that he would achieve. His friend, who had already had the procedure with us earlier, had very appealing results. He went for 5932 grafts for his procedure with us. He had 3513 grafts done from his scalp donor and 2419 grafts done from his beard donor. It was after almost a year that we had the chance to meet him again. Till then he had already achieved an amazing density and very natural growth. It was not surprising that he was very happy with what had been achieved.
  8. A wide forehead with a sparse receding hairline is a problem with many women. Repeated blow dries, styling, hair cuts, attachments, wigs, etc. are options that one often resorts to. When we think of hair transplants, a picture of a middle-aged male balding pops up in our heads. Well, here Dr. Apratim Goel, a celebrity Dermatologist from Mumbai, shares her journey of hair transplant with Dr. Pradeep Sethi from Eugenix Hair Sciences. The decision making, the procedure, the after effects and results after 6 months. Also, these are permanent results and hence it's worth the efforts. Check it out and in case you suffering from a similar problem do go through our website www.eugenix.in
  9. Mr. A S is a confident millennial, whose confidence and peace does not depend on mere aesthetics or any other physical aspect. He was one of the many cases where the procedure was opted for due to the opportunity being present and his hairline unfortunately receding. It was a very conscious decision made by him under no pressure of any social taboo or requirement for self satisfaction. Belonging to the aviation industry, it was not even a professional requirement. He had the opportunity to use the best of his judgements before opting for the procedure. He was 100% aware of what he was getting into. He decided to go for 3515 grafts with us. Gradually, the look change began to reveal itself. With more time, his already sharp features began to appear more and more appealing. For someone who had never taken transplant as a serious procedure that "har to be done", Mr. A S sure was extremely ecstatic when he saw how wonderfully the procedure had worked for him. As exhibited in the pictures, this cosmetic procedure can enhance your facial features for the good.
  10. @Torip Yes...in young cases, we ideally ask the patient to wait for 4 to 5 months, to assess the response of drugs before going for transplant. This is followed in cases where the loss is not complete especially in the mid-scalp. If the patient has lost the front completely, there is hardly any response expected, there we usually consider surgery straight on if the patient is more than 25 yrs. In the case of diffuse loss, we avoid surgery.. in case of crown baldness in young, we delay the surgery or wait for the response of medicine.
  11. @paddyirishman Medication is to prevent loss of existing hair..When patient having existing hair, we need to protect them by medication as transplant has nothing to do with the existing hair. but when having minimal or no existing hair in recipient site , medication has no role..
  12. Mr Pranjal Gupta is a 25-year-old man who was suffering from Grade VI baldness on the Norwood Hamilton Scale. He was experiencing a low confidence level and a lot of hesitance to face his colleagues, friends and so on. The desperation due to the lack of hair spread across to his family members also who felt equally frustrated due to his constantly upset mood and lack of progress. He got his transplant done with us after his preliminary research. This young man received a total of 5350 grafts for the coverage of his scalp: Scalp: 3300 Beard: 1950 The results that he received after 12 months of his procedure were stunning, to say the least. However, it also had a profound impact on his personality – making him more outgoing, confident and most importantly happy. It is amazing how the whole family has taken a sigh of relief with such a simple cosmetic procedure. He still continues to enjoy his new hair and soon plans to join an MBA course in Jamshedpur University.
  13. @paddyirishman Hi, thank you for appreciating our work! Yes, we do get Caucasian patients (though their number is fewer than the Indians, since we are in India) and upload the results in portal as much we can. Unlike for Indians, it is a bit not easy to get the results in the right angles to compare of these patients once they are in their native places. So, we are not able to post many cases here. But, since we are based in India, patients from India are more and they regularly visit our clinic for the follow ups for at least 2 years post procedure.
  14. Dear Members, I would like to inform you that the date and time of the meeting have been changed to be on Saturday, June 8th from 4 pm to 8 pm for Manchester. Please DM for more details. Regards, Abhinay
  15. He is a 65 years old dentist who is the doctor to most of the established celebrities of India and the noted politicians as well as the business tycoons. Regarded as the most respected dentist who has magical hands, was referred to us by his businessman friend. His forehead was wide with nearly washed out temple points and receded hairline. The crown was also totally bald. However, he had a good donor area in the scalp. We planned to reconstruct the hairline along with the temple and do the crown. A total of 4642 grafts were planted. We deliberately did a lower density of 30-35 grafts per square centimetre. He started growing the planted hair by 2 months and that became photographable by 3.5 months and a spectacular coverage came by 9 months. The midscalp was not touched during the first session. Now we are planning to do around 1500 grafts for that area.
  16. A 41-year-old gentleman with grade 6 baldness approached us last year for his hair and look restoration. His donor was good with a good density as well as individual hair thickness. His temple points were washed out, that was giving him a look of a wide forehead. We planned his procedure with the aim of doing his job in two phases. In the first phase, we did his front, midscalp and temple. And planned for the second phase later for the crown. Accordingly, the donor area was handled and grafts preserved for the future as well. We did 5500 grafts for him for the first phase. The hair started off by 2 months and he has got great hair and got an amazing look change by 8-9 months. He is not upon any medications. As planned he would come for the second phase procedure in a few months. His donor is well preserved.
  17. @LeftHook I Would like to inform you that your email was landed into the spam folder of our support team mailbox hence it was left unattended. I am sharing you further details through DM.
  18. A 48 years old established Bollywood star started losing his hair with time. Unlike most, it was detrimental to his work. For quite some time he tried to manage with a hairpiece but the maintenance and unnatural look was way overboard. He badly needed a good hair fix and hair transplant was the only resort to his problems. The doctors and he after a detailed discussion on the hair transplant procedure decided what is the best for him. He even allowed us to trim it through and through so that all those places where he was lacking can be taken care of and most importantly fix the hairline! Hence close to 2500 grafts were planted. After 6 months this is what he looks like. He is not only happy that he got to fix all the required areas and there is no way anyone could make out a hair transplant procedure is done. Now he is back into full swing and he is not worrying about hair anymore. This is the 6-month results post HT though next 4-5 months it will just better.
  19. Hi, I just checked with my doctors that approximately another 1500 grafts can be extracted from the scalp donor area without damaging the aesthetics of that area. They have planned for the coverage of the crown as well. Average hair per graft was around 2.