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  1. At after 6 decades of his life, Mr. S M was motivated to finally give in to hair transplantation for the receding hairline and the almost empty mid scalp he was experiencing. With a marvelous set of salt and pepper hair that he has on his scalp, we gave him 3021 grafts with Dr. Pradeep Sethi designing his signature hairline. Dr. Pryadarshini Das performed the extraction for him with regards to the Comprehensive and Exclusive package. The results exhibited below are after 8 months of the hair transplantation procedure. He has a beautiful new hairline and a good density. With his new hair, life seems to be only beginning at 60 for him.
  2. Yes, we have two packages i.e. 1. Comprehensive Package and 2. Comprehensive and Exclusive Package. The above patient has availed the Comprehensive and Exclusive Package.
  3. A close friend with the Doctors, and with a strong political background, Mr. B B was torn between his desire to have the procedure done and his time constraints. Eventually when he got the procedure done, 3019 grafts were planted on his scalp. He went in for the Comprehensive and Exclusive package with Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Abhinav Kumar. For a public figure, he was fearless of the drastic change in look when his results were visible.
  4. R A had a hairline enhancement done with us. He is a young man who used to avoid keeping his hair long because of the hairline recession. The doctors suggested only around 1500 grafts approximately for his hairline augmentation. During the procedure he received 1640 grafts. He went in for the Complete package with Dr. Abhinav Kumar. After his completion of a year, he has a new hairstyle and does not shy away from keeping his hair longer. This procedure has only added to his good looks.
  5. Kindly find the details of " Comprehensive and Exclusive Package" as below: Cost of Rs. 120/graft*: Planning, designing and 100% slits are done by Dr Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr Arika Bansal. Complete involvement includes below Designing the hairline. Crucial parts of extraction. Supervision of implantation steps Crucial steps of implantation Supervision of graft placement assisted by our expertly trained and experienced senior technicians. Value-added benefits Nitrous oxide anaesthesia (optional): ensures conscious sedation, extremely safe, make anaesthesia step even more painless Airport transfer, Staying and food for two nights are complimentary.
  6. Mr S A wanted a change in look and a good density in the frontal zone. He was Grade IV A on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. His hairline had completely receded and he went in for 3330 grafts during the procedure. The donor was taken from the scalp. He went in for the Comprehensive and Exclusive Package with Dr Pradeep Sethi. The results exhibited below are after 7 months.
  7. Imagine being perceived as a 50 year old when you are just in your late 20's. That's what most of his friends and family members told him. It became a process for his own self pity and he gradually stopped taking care of himself. He started gaining weight which in turn put on more years to his appearance. A K went in for the Comprehensive package with Dr. Arika Bansal and Dr. Abhinav Kumar. He received 2506 grafts for his procedure. Mr. A K has gradually gained an extreme density on his transplanted area. He is also regular with his medications which have caused a good growth in his pre-existing hair also. There is a continental shift in his perspective towards life in general and now has not only started taking care of himself but is also doing extremely well in his professional life. His is a case where we can observe the correlation between self image and motivation.
  8. The medications are for the pre-existing hair. They do not have much significance with relation to the transplanted hair.
  9. A bald head never goes well with an outgoing and smart personality. Especially in the case of Mr. P S, who has to deal with a lot of people, it was bothersome enough for him to start searching for a remedy. With everything else in place, this was one thing he wanted to get fixed asap. 3000 grafts grafts was all he needed to combat his baldness issue. Medications definitely held an important role for the preservation of his mid scalp and crown. His is also a case where we can witness the effects of medications on the hair loss intervention. He went in for the design and hairline slits with Dr. Pradeep Sethi. A complete look change was visible within the 5th month itself. Also, the areas where the transplant had not been done, Finasteride proved to be a blessing. His crown started looking like he had never had any baldness there. He continues to take the medications even today and has not yet had the requirement for any more procedures. His transplanted hair, on the other hand, have only progressed to be more dense and voluminous. P S continues to be an outgoing personality with a gorgeous set of hair on his head.
  10. For someone who wears a patch, Mr. M H, had a lot of pre-existing hair that could have been fairly damaged if he would have continued with it. Adding to it was the unnaturally dense hair that would make it obvious that something was fishy on his scalp. Living far away from his home in India, the environmental change and the completely different food habits of south Africa contributed to this 26 year old young man's further hair loss. Hair transplantation was a complete game changer for him in many ways. But not only him, his whole family was super skeptical of going in for the procedure. They had already witnessed a dozen of other young guys who had received completely unnatural results or no results at all in the past from some other clinics. M H was excruciatingly aware of his unnatural looks regarding the patch as well. His experience worsened when he had to wear the patch the first time he met his probable wife. The experience left him feeling guilty of hiding his reality and also with a lower self confidence. His research phase was thorough. Paying attention to the finest details, his online consultation was filled with numerous video calls with the doctors, evaluation of similarly performed results and an endless exchange of information. He was recommended approximately 2500 grafts for the coverage of his frontal zone with adequate density and a completely natural density. The doctors were very considerate with the crown and strongly prescribed medications for the thinning there. Trusting the confidence of the Doctors, M H decided to go for the prescribed plan. Dr. Abhinav Kumar was his preferred doctor and he went in for the Complete package with Eugenix getting 2535 grafts in total completely from the scalp donor. Four months later, M H traveled back from South Africa to stun not only his family members but also us with his fast growing results. There is a complete look change, a substantial density and his crown also has improved a lot. He ha also been regularly taking the medications and has a good protein rich diet. Along with the complete shift in their outlook towards the hair transplant industry, M H and his family have become extremely good friends to the clinic and continue to lend us their trust. And yes, M H is getting hitched within the coming 4 months and he can now enjoy this experience without any emotional trauma or guilt.
  11. Mr. D P is a 40 year old man who has had 5003 grafts transplanted on his scalp. He has received 1388 grafts from the beard and the rest of the grafts from his scalp donor. He had opted for the Comprehensive package with Dr. Pradeep Sethi making the design and the hairline slits and the rest of the procedure was completed by Dr. Abhinav Kumar. The displayed results are after 9 months.
  12. After enduring a patch for more than a decade and in the process influencing dozens of people to opt for the same, Mr. K D was fatigued with the constant maintenance and discomfort of the hair patch. With a large head size, average scalp and beard donor and an image of a full head of hair to maintain, he had a lot at stake if he choose to go for the procedure. His evaluation was thorough and detailed and it lasted over several consult sessions. The doctor had estimated the donor availability upto 6000 grafts for his case in the first session. The crown would have a little area left for a future session. He went in for the Comprehensive package with Dr. Arika Bansal designing the hairline and making the hairline slits. Dr. Abhinav Kumar completed the rest of the procedure. However, during the procedure, as is usual with a fraction of the cases, his donor areas have us an extra 1000 grafts which got us to cover his entire scalp. He might not get the same density as his patch. Patches are usually made to be super dense and that is not possible with a natural growth. However, the visuals do appear very appealing and have a good density. The scars on his scalp due to the clips of the patch have disappeared and his skin has become healthier and his pre existing hair have grown dense. Plus, he can enjoy his everyday activities without having to worry about the patch ever coming out. As was the norm for him and his circle, his procedure and results has been an influence for most of his friends to come and get the same procedure with us.
  13. For a young guy of 34 years, who is at the prime of his life, baldness can prove to be such a deal breaker. With everything going in his favour, Mr D S had only one problem to fix - his hairline. 3020 grafts were done for this person who was very concerned about his end look. He did not want it to look unnatural or aggressive. He went in for the Comprehensive package with Dr. Pradeep Serthi designing the hairline and making the hairline slits. Dr. Priyadarshini Das completed the rest of the procedure. It did not, however, take long for his fears to be dismissed. With amazing speed, his hair growth started to look extremely good at just 6 months. To be aware of the fact that he shall have more growth until the next 6 months seemed only more reassuring to all of us. Normally the hair only starts to grow within the 4 to 6 month after the shedding phase. However, in his case the growth has been phenomenal. We can only imagine what the complete density would look like after the 12th month is completed. .
  14. Dr S D, one of the most well-respected doctors in the Delhi NCR province is also a dear friend to the doctors here. But friendship is not enough proof of somebody's quality of work. He is friends with many other hair transplant surgeons also. Dr S D did full research prior to him opting in for the procedure. He got to know about his requirement and what was the possibility with regards to the donor availability. Also, he wanted to understand the kind of coverage we could give him. He was Grade 6 on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. We performed a full scalp coverage with a total of 5604 grafts; 4202 grafts extracted from his scalp donor and 1402 grafts extracted from his beard donor. He has been regular with his PRP sessions and his medications. Seven months after his procedure, we witnessed a growth on his scalp that can only be described as spectacular. His crown , mid-scalp and hairline have developed wonderfully. His bond with the doctors and Eugenix has only become stronger with time and stays as beautiful as his results.
  15. A long time ago, Eugenix first hired a young man with a perfect head of hair for putting up a board on the newly started clinic building. This young man would come ten years later as a patient to the same clinic he once helped design an install the board for. The receding hairline was a cause of worry for him as he also had an impending wedding in the near future. When he came to the doctors, he was recommended 1500 grafts approximate for the procedure. A couple of conversations later, he went ahead with the transplant. He received 1530 grafts during the procedure to be exact. The entire frontal zone was reconstructed. Dr. Arika Bansal created the exact same hairline that had been there when he had no baldness. Dr. Abhinav Kumar carried forward his extraction and furthered the procedure to its completion. It was after a year that Mr. S K saw this tremendous growth on his scalp. The medications had brought back density and perfectly preserved his pre existing hair. The transplanted area looks like the hair was never lost. There is no trace of a procedure to be witnessed. One of the most beautifully created hairlines, his pictures ten years ago and his pictures now would show a 0% difference in the hairline. It has been natural, dense and voluminous.
  16. Mr. B T is one of those patients who are very particular about their look. Although he had a slightly receding hairline, he was keen on achieving the perfect structure. The fronto-temporal areas bothered him a lot. He was completely sure of what he wanted and how he preferred the design. In his case, the graft requirement was lesser than usual. He received 2100 grafts for the reconstruction of his hairline region. All the donor grafts were discreetly extracted from the scalp donor only. The transplanted hair would merge along with his natural hair in the pre-existing region behind his fronto-temporal regions. The area behind the forelock was also taken into account as it was thinning and had sufficient spacing to be transplanted. The hairline is a crucial and look defining entity of an individual's face. It is subtle and soft but at the same time provides the other features of the person's face look sharp and gives the face a structure. The hairline is also different in it's structure and extent, depending on whether the face is round, oval etc. His procedure was carefully designed and his slits made by Dr. Pradeep Sethi. Dr. Priyadarshini Das performed the extraction. He had opted for the Comprehensive package. For Mr. B T, the results are awaited and we wait with as much anticipation as him for the final change in his look. For the better.