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  1. The index patient was 26 years old. His details are: Grafts done: 2535 Grade - 4 Donor site: scalp donor Donor quality: Good Hair calibre: Good Below are his results after 9 months
  2. The index patient was 30 years old. His details are: Hairline augmentation required Grafts done: 4070 Grade - 5V Donor site: scalp donor Donor quality: Good Hair calibre: Good Below are his results after 7 months
  3. Thank you @Briguy The beard grafts are stout, most of the times in extremely bald scalps. It is inversely thicker to the scalp hair in advanced bald cases. We don’t put the beard hair in isolation. We try to mix it amongst the scalp hair. Also, we try to avoid them putting in the first 1/3rd of the scalp. We use them in the mid scalp primarily. Occasionally, the beard grafts don’t show up the way scalp hair does. So, we try to use beard in a very judicious way and mix them well. (I got the inputs from Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika about the technical part of this answer.)
  4. Total no. of grafts - 4513 Beard - 2000 Scalp - 2513 Grade - 7 Result after 12 months Entrepreneur and author of "24 pillars of life”, he has been an influencer amongst many. A man about life and life lessons, he was all up for a transplantation procedure to make himself happier. He was confident from the very beginning of his choice and in us. He always believed that he would have splendid results. He got 4513 grafts from us for his transplantation procedure. He had to depart with 2000 grafts from his beard donor also. However, he was sporty enough and game for the same. Twelve months later and he is every bit of the superstar that he is. In fact, as you can see in the pictures, he has experienced a drastic look change, for the better! He could maybe add a chapter to his bestselling book and a hot favorite among celebs that a good procedure can make all the difference. We couldn't be happier for his oh so amazing transformation and wish him the best in the coming years. Eugenix Hair Sciences is India's leading hair transplant and restoration centre. Eugenix is the only hair transplant clinic in India with the most promising results for grade 7 baldness patients.
  5. Thank you for your appreciation. This really means so much to us that all of you appreciate what we do and that our patients are happy and satisfied with our results.
  6. Thank you so much for such an encouraging comment. It really makes us strive to do better everytime and grow as experts in this field. Thank you for your admiration of our results and giving us incentive for what we do.
  7. Dear all, We apologize for failing to give you the complete information. In fact the patient has got two procedures in a gap of six months. The first procedure was done for the front and the mid scalp with 4857 grafts (Scalp donor: 2035; beard donor: 2822). The second procedure was done with: Total no. of Grafts - 2378Beard - 978Scalp - 1400 The result here shown is 12 months post the first procedure and 6 months post the second procedure. So in total, 7235 grafts were planted from the front to the crown. (We regret the inconvenience caused by my junior.)
  8. @harry_potter1 Dear One, As you can see, the first procedure was for the front, one year back. The second procedure was for the crown, 7 months back. The newly planted hair take few months to start growing. In this case, the crown hair have just started off. The newly growing hair would attain thickness in the coming months. Also more than 30% hair are yet to come on the crown. So, the overall coverage of the crown in 7 months is very encouraging. We will update you here, after 3 months with the results at 10 months. Like the front, the crown will be super cool after the above said period.
  9. So I'm back with my update after 20 days. Same old thing revolving around my head - still can't believe that I actually went ahead and got the procedure done. I am yet to see the results but I am confident I will have a great output. I am not losing much hair due to shedding. I've started my meds and now I am looking forward to my second PRP session after 10 days.