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  1. We are glad to bring to you the updated pictures of Mr. Abhinay Singh. You can see his 7th month update in the video. With 4596 grafts, he no longer resembles the Grade V situation that was there just some time ago. He looks completely different and his density has become even thicker. He is also taking medications for the preservation of his pre-existing hair.
  2. This 38-year-old young man was Grade 5V on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness when he came to us for his transplantation procedure. We gave him 3570 for his procedure with adequate density and coverage. We covered the hairline zone, crown area, and the temples. All the donor grafts were taken from the scalp donor only. By the 7th month, he had a complete look change and appreciable density. After 11 months, his scalp looks completely different with thick beautiful hair on his scalp.
  3. This 28-year-old young man was Grade II on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness when he came to us for his transplantation procedure. We gave him 1802 grafts in the frontal zone for his procedure with adequate density and coverage. By the 6th month, he has an unbelievable density and a complete change in look. He will continue to experience an increase in density until the 12th month.
  4. Eugenix Hair Sciences – a phenomenon sweeping the hair transplant industry with its Direct Hair Transplantation technique has become an enigma in the hair transplant industry. With more than 6000 successful cases so far, they have proved their consistency without a doubt. Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal with their skill and passion have emerged as forerunners in the hair transplant industry. Eugenix is changing the face of hair transplantation for men and women with world-class FUE instrumentation, facilities, and a team of dedicated professionals.
  5. The index patient was 36 years old and was Grade VI on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. We gave him 3505 grafts for the coverage of his FRONTAL ZONE with adequate density out of which 500 grafts were taken from the beard. His crown will be transplanted later when he is ready for it. For the crown and the mid-scalp, we prescribed him medications such as Finasteride and multivitamins His long hair hides most of the balding in the crown completely. At 4 months, he saw a complete look change. Within 8 months, there was even more density on his scalp. By the 10th month, as shown in the video, he got absolute density and his hair looks absolutely amazing.
  6. Hello everyone, Guess who is feeling fabulous with all this new hair!!! I am over the moon while sharing these with you. It has been nothing short of just sheer joy for me. I am so happy and I wish my happiness spills over to others as well. I am regularly on my medications and I am eating healthier. Lots of physical activity helps me stay fresh.
  7. This young boy of only 24 years was Grade II on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. We gave him 1750 grafts for the hairline zone restoration. He is also regularly on Finasteride. In the video, we have exhibited his 1 month and 6 months results. As you can see he has absolutely changed in his appearance.
  8. Always take advice from your hair stylist. They are professionals and can help you style your hair at any length and make it look presentable. If you try to buzz your hair yourself, you might end up with uneven proportions. Also, you can keep a fade cut for until the complete hair growth is there. But do make sure to keep the length in your donor at least 3 to 4 cms or else the donor patch is slightly visible. Hair styles are all about visuals. If your sides are slimmed down and the top has volume then it will look very good. This will also allow your transplanted hair to attain length and not disturb their length acquisition.
  9. I thought you are active only on Tik tok now a days after getting hair.. congratulations for your result and completing one year with Eugenix.
  10. You should consult a Dermatologist and start with Finasteride. You are beginning to lose hair. If you can prevent any further hair loss then there is nothing like it.
  11. All ok Sir. Please let me know if you need any assistance at any point of time.
  12. In our practice, after one week of FUE, the skin is nearly normal, both in donor and recipient areas. So, most of the people, however sensitive might be about discreetness, are back to work by one week. In very few cases the erythema (slight pinkishness) stays till 10 days, of the job was a bigger one, let’s say more than 4000-5000 grafts.
  13. Hello Sir, Sorry for the delay response Following are the pre op instructions Avoid alcohol intake, at least one week prior to surgery. - Avoid smoking, at least one week prior to surgery. - Avoid hair oil. - Shampoo your hair regularly. - Avoid aspirin and pain killers for one week prior to surgery. - Do not shave or trim your head and beard prior to a week of the surgery.
  14. Dr Pradeep does few cases only since he is focusing more on training and development which is the important part of every organisation. Also he has been working on his stem cell research so he has limited himself to Premium package where he is performing major tasks including hairline implantation. On the other hand Dr Arika does the maximum cases.
  15. The index patient was 45 years when he came to us for a transplantation procedure. He was Grade 5A on the Norwood Hamilton Scale of baldness. We gave him 3019 grafts for his transplantation procedure and covered his frontal zone. After 5 months he started seeing good growth on his scalp. After 2.5 years, we have displayed his results in the video where he has a complete change in look. He has a very good density and is extremely satisfied with his results.