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  1. Hey HTN. Im not much of an online poster but I felt Asmed deserved the praise. Firstly before going into the hair transplant and results, I can talk about the clinic and staff. So professional and world class. I visited the new building and it's world class facility. I had a staff coordinator guiding me through everything with regular email correspondence. When it came time to he hair transplant, the staff and doctor payed close attention to the number of donor hairs and the design of the new hairline. Great, hygienic conditions with a large number of staff looking after me the whole time. The pain is almost nothing as i was treated with painkillers and local anaesthetic. I actually slept through the procedure, it was so comfortable. Great guidance as to what to do after the procedure as well. But the important thing is the result. The result already looks amazing after 9 days. I got 4000 grafts done and it looks very dark and dense all over. I really reccomend going to Asmed. Its your hair and appearance so you should place a lot of importance in it. You don't want to get a really bad result. I really believe Asmed is the best in the world at this. I hope this helps. Thanks.