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  1. Thank you - I appreciate you saying that. I'm sure I'll see more in the next few months. Can I ask - what do you mean by your 'added assistance from a new routine'?
  2. Progress update, Month 4: A mixture of emotions Today, Saturday 17th August is exactly 4 months from my operation and I’ve added some pics so you can see how things are progressing…. From now on, things should begin to grow – no more of this resting phase situation. In summary, I can see things developing and progress being made. I’m pretty happy with how the temples are looking, but pretty disappointed so far in the crown area. I’ve tried growing my hair a little bit longer but the crown still seems pretty clearly different to the rest of the head so I’m still keeping the hair short. In a couple more months I plan to begin to grow it a little longer for a better look at how things are developing… I recently came back from a sunny summer holiday and made sure to always keep my head out of the sun. I wore a hat the entire time I was in the sun – I don’t know if that was really necessary but I figured I wouldn’t bother risking getting any sort of sunburn on the head. I guess the problem with looking at the head everyday is that you don’t really notice improvements. I mean day-by-day, I’m not really spotting much changing but I guess when you compare this to my ‘before’ photos, then there’s been a lot of progression. This week I saw a mate who I hadn’t seen in, maybe three weeks and one of the first things he said was “wow, your hair is coming along nicely!” I was also with my family last week (on holiday) who hadn’t seen me in a month or so, and they said the same thing. Both these bits of feedback are from sources I don’t think would say something for the sake of it, but there are still a few people who say “your hair looks fantastic!” just because they know that’s what you want to hear. Sort of like when someone says “wow you’re looking really slim!” because they know I’m on a diet but actually I still look like a hippo. When talking with my mum about the hair she commented that there IS coverage all over the crown and she’s right – but there always WAS coverage there but just very fine ‘baby’ hairs and I don’t feel like much has changed. When I touch it, that’s still what I’m feeling: soft hairs rather than thick hairs – but I think that will come with time. I guess hair is like money – you’ll always want more than you have. I definitely have an awkward ring around the back of my head where my head mixes from transplanted area > native area where no grafts were taken (thick ring) > donor area, and part of the reason I'm keeping my hair short is I don't like how this looks. I think I'll be able to hide it eventually but at this point I'm thinking another transplant would help thin out that 'ring' and increase the density on the top. But it's too early to be thinking about that just yet. In terms of my hair-care routine, it’s very simple now: Still a daily wash with the Sebamed shampoo, usually after exercising (currently in transition from hippo form) When I dry the hair I don’t rub it hard still, but this is more out of habit and the fact my hair is really short so it dries quickly when I just pat it I take the finasteride pill each day and use Regaine twice (usually) or once if I forget / am lazy I still don’t scratch the head if it’s itchy with a fingernail And as mentioned, I keep it out the sun, even when I’m just out and about in London I’ve noticed a couple of white spots on the head which I believe is a good sign of the hairs coming through, and I’ve felt the odd sharp pain in the crown area – I don’t really know if that’s me imagining it or whether it’s just a little reminder that growth is happening. I really don’t think much about the donor site – I keep my hair quite short at the back still but I don’t think it looks like I’ve had surgery and I’m so tall that people can’t really see the back of my head anyway. So in summary: Temples = doing well. Crown = hoping for the same, but less impressed so far. Haircare and daily life = easy. Hair confidence: improving. Body confidence: hippo.
  3. Thanks mate! I'm pleased to see something happening at this early stage and I'm looking forward to seeing what'll happen in the next few months!!
  4. Wow, cracking eye for a hairline - I want you on my pub quiz team! Ideally I'll morph directly into Adam Levine....and lose 20 lbs! No flaking or redness really - I think the donor area is still a bit red but nothing noticable. The donor area itches as well as the recipient area - but it's not something that bothers me. Usually after a shower / hairwash it doesn't itch so maybe it's just dead skin cells begging to be washed away....
  5. At the moment I don’t - just the shampoo. But I probably will when the hair is a bit longer. Something to strengthen / thicken the hairs maybe...
  6. Thanks, I agree - it's slowly taking shape... At the end, I still plan to keep my hair short but not shaved like it is now. Something like the picture below is what I'm aiming for...!
  7. Progress Update - 3 months: Let it groooow I haven't updated much in the last month as in all honesty, the hair transplant has been at the back of my mind, which is a really good thing. The hair requires so little 'maintenance' that I'm fully back to just going about my normal life / exercise routine. There are a few things I make sure to do though: I always wear a cap in the sun - I think Dr D said 'no sun exposure for 2 months' but there's no need to really get it in the sun anyway so I'm going to keep it out for another month still. Lots of research I've seen says to wait 4 months and that's fine with me, I don't really want a sunburnt head in any month. I still wash the hair with the gentle Sebamed shampoo everyday, and I've just bought the 'anti-hairloss' version to try out. I've been in the hair restoration game long enough to know that shampoos do little more than reset the pH balance of your scalp / nourish the hair but I'll give it a shot anyway as it says it can help blood circulation on the scalp I find it's a little itchy sometimes - maybe some of those new hairs coming though? I try to just gently rub it with the pad of my finger rather than using my nails (not that I have any nails left after Stranger Things Season 3 ) As per usual, still using Regaine 2 x per day, and taking my cut-up into quarters Proscar pill each day Apart from that, life with my head is as per usual Muzzafer told me not to shave the recipient area with a hair trimmer as the trimmer can yank out some of the hairs if it's not properly oiled. I bought a new shaver recently and decided to just go ahead gently with the hair, even though I was a couple of weeks off three months. It created a far more even look and I really don't think it would have done any damage at all. I'm going to keep shaving for the next few weeks, hopefully as I see some of the new hairs begin to sprout, then I'll let it all grow in together (trying to avoid too much of an ugly ducking phase!) In terms of how it's growing...it's hard to say. As I see and touch it everyday, I see very little growth but I'm with my parents this weekend who told me they see a real difference and that the crown of my head is "covered in hair though it's soft 'baby' hair for now". If I run my hand over my head, I can feel different lengths and textures, so something is definitely happening up there, though I wasn't expecting much to begin growing just yet. However, from the 3 / 4 month mark, I'm hoping to start seeing something happening! I really don't pay any attention to my donor area, though I'm pleased with how this looks. The only thing I'm currently not keen on is the difference in hair density on the back of my head - the donor area is now slightly thinner (but I'm happy with all the hair there) - then there's a 'ring' of thicker, natural hair above that, then you get to the recipient area. I hope this all kind of evens out in the end (especially when I get a decent haircut) but if not then at least I can extract those thicker hairs for another transplant if I want. Some pictures below - FYI I know there's a red spot on the crown of my head. I think it's always been there but has been feeling a bit sensitive lately - think I caught it with the shaver (hope you weren't eating when you read that!) Donor area, feat. The Ring Looking to the left Looking for chocolate biscuits Looking down The Crown feat. the artist formally known as The Spot Close up
  8. All's coming along well! I don't think the head has really changed in the last few weeks, though I think I've seen a little growth beginning, only a couple of hairs though. Next week will be the 12-week mark so I'll get some new pics taken this weekend and I'll put a fuller update online! 👍
  9. Good question. For finasteride, I think it's a lifetime thing. The pill works by stopping some kind of enzyme which causes hair loss. At any point in life, you can stop taking it, but that enzyme won't be blocked anymore so you'll be likely to experience hair loss if you were prone to it beforehand. Minoxidil is something that I think is a little more relaxed. It helps strengthen hairs and encourage growth and is a good idea at my stage in the transplant process. I guess it can be used indefinitely? As for alcohol - I very rarely drink (just a few times a year) so I wouldn't know - but I don't recall being warned to stay off it on either finasteride or minoxidil.
  10. Thankyou mate! I think the donor area looks more or less back to normal. It still feels a little weird but it's only noticeable when you're really close so no-one will know. Best of luck, let me know if I can help out on any questions in your run-up to the surgery! 👍
  11. Progress Update: 7 weeks, coming up to 2 months: Dormant phase in full flow It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and there isn’t really much progress to update you with. I’m almost certain that all the shedding has happened now; if I wash my hair or apply Minoxidil then look at my hands, I usually see one or two hairs, but not a handful like a few weeks ago. I’m a little surprised, I thought I’d be shedding right up until the end of month three, but I guess it’s happened a little early for me. Every time I look online for information about the recovery stages, they’re all very detailed in what happens until the end of month 1, then they detail the new growth from month 3 or 4. This period now (approaching the 2 month mark) is a really weird time. It’s not early enough that you can really tell I had a transplant, but not late enough that growth has begun. So it’s really just a stage where it’s looking just like it did before the transplant. I’ve found myself having a bit less self-esteem / having less confidence. I think it’s partly to do with the awkward hairstyle I’m rocking and partly from the insane amount of recovery KitKats I managed to get through. Either way I’m hoping this improves as time goes on as I hate feeling low. I know not to expect anything different at this point, but it really looks like I never had a transplant and I know I shouldn’t expect any growth yet but I can’t escape the disappointed feeling at the moment. I’ve been on a couple of trips lately back to Barcelona and to Ibiza, and I’ve been very careful to put a hat on when I’m spending time in the sun. Sometimes I’ll be walking to / from work and I’ll realise that I’m not wearing a hat and have been in the sun for a while – so I try and walk in shade where I can or I carry a cap to and from work now. I’ve bought a new shaver, and use it to cut the back and side of my head, then I trim the top with scissors as close as I can to my head. I think the donor area shows a little when it’s shaved quite short, but you’d have to get really really close in order to see any scars / redness. I’ve begun wearing some Mane Hair Thickening spray when I want to try and look good – I find it makes everything look a lot more even - though I try not to do it for too long in case it has any negative effect on the grafts. I’ve been trying to eat well and exercise, though occasionally I’ll smoke or bang my head and I’ll kick myself for not taking more care during the recovery stage but you can’t stop life I guess! I wash the hair everyday with the sebamed mild shampoo (which I will continue using as I really like it!), taking finasteride and I use Regaine twice a day. I still dry my hair carefully by pressing it with the towel rather than rubbing it but that’s easier as I’m keeping my hair really short. Some pictures attached - I tried to take a snap of the donor area but that's really hard to do yourself!! I also found a nice chart online that showed in a simple format the timeline of new growth - and I sometimes look at that and remind myself that even in month three I'll only see 10% of the growth and I haven't even reached month two yet. I've included the chart here as I found it reassuring! Overall, it’s a rough stage. In my next update in a couple more weeks I’d love to say something about a tiny bit of new growth but we’ll see...
  12. Thanks for the words, appreciate it. I've very much gone from being full of new confidence to feeling very disappointed but I know it's all part of the process and to be expected. I just find it hard to believe that hair will sprout from the thinner areas but it's all part of the magic. I'm about 6 weeks in now so I hope in another 6 I'll begin to see a sign or two of something happening!
  13. Sorry for the slow reply. Thanks - i hope it'll become exciting soon, at the moment it just looks like a bunch of nothing! I know it's all part of the process though, I paid via credit card, which definitely isn't the most cost effective way. I think they charged a little extra for using a card, and my bank charged me about £50 for using the card abroad. It would have been cheaper in cash but I don't have access to that kind of cash so it really was the only way. Though I guess once you spend 4,5K Euros, another 150 for card fee and transaction fee doesn't make too much of a dent!