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  1. Progress update: Month 8.5 It's taken me ages to update this blog - life's been really busy (but great) and it's hard to get some good 'head shots' but I've managed to find the time (and a parental photographer) over Christmas Pics attached so you can see for yourself how things have developed. In summary, I'm 100% happy with the front of the head and the temples - I think they've filled in really nicely (and after watching some old family videos over the festive season, I didn't realise how much it was thinning there). The crown of my head: well it's a huge improvement conside
  2. Thanks mate, appreciate that! All is turning out well now though - the next update will have far more positive news! 💪
  3. Thanks for your kind words! I did wonder if it was a blood circulation thing (as I don't think mine is great) but I think over the next couple of months things will begin thickening up a bit 👍
  4. I didn't - I wasn't sure what that was until I googled it! I did have Scalp Micropigmentation about a year and a half ago, but that was only really noticeable when I had a very short skinhead, so the 'thinner' areas of my scalp do tend to look a bit darker
  5. Month 5 (plus a week): Progress is happening… I think? Sorry for the slow update. Over the last couple of months I’ve had a tricky personal time - work became a hard place to be, I applied for a thousand other jobs, found out the person I've been dating was also dating most of London, and I was made homeless and moved around between sofas and hostels every night. Then everything came together. I was offered a fantastic role back in Spain. I quit my job, moved away from London, mailed the ex a dog turd (joke!), and now I'm gearing up to move to a wonderful apartment back over there next we
  6. Thank you - I appreciate you saying that. I'm sure I'll see more in the next few months. Can I ask - what do you mean by your 'added assistance from a new routine'?
  7. Progress update, Month 4: A mixture of emotions Today, Saturday 17th August is exactly 4 months from my operation and I’ve added some pics so you can see how things are progressing…. From now on, things should begin to grow – no more of this resting phase situation. In summary, I can see things developing and progress being made. I’m pretty happy with how the temples are looking, but pretty disappointed so far in the crown area. I’ve tried growing my hair a little bit longer but the crown still seems pretty clearly different to the rest of the head so I’m still keeping the hair short
  8. Thanks mate! I'm pleased to see something happening at this early stage and I'm looking forward to seeing what'll happen in the next few months!!
  9. Wow, cracking eye for a hairline - I want you on my pub quiz team! Ideally I'll morph directly into Adam Levine....and lose 20 lbs! No flaking or redness really - I think the donor area is still a bit red but nothing noticable. The donor area itches as well as the recipient area - but it's not something that bothers me. Usually after a shower / hairwash it doesn't itch so maybe it's just dead skin cells begging to be washed away....
  10. At the moment I don’t - just the shampoo. But I probably will when the hair is a bit longer. Something to strengthen / thicken the hairs maybe...
  11. Thanks, I agree - it's slowly taking shape... At the end, I still plan to keep my hair short but not shaved like it is now. Something like the picture below is what I'm aiming for...!
  12. Progress Update - 3 months: Let it groooow I haven't updated much in the last month as in all honesty, the hair transplant has been at the back of my mind, which is a really good thing. The hair requires so little 'maintenance' that I'm fully back to just going about my normal life / exercise routine. There are a few things I make sure to do though: I always wear a cap in the sun - I think Dr D said 'no sun exposure for 2 months' but there's no need to really get it in the sun anyway so I'm going to keep it out for another month still. Lots of research I've seen says to wait 4 month
  13. All's coming along well! I don't think the head has really changed in the last few weeks, though I think I've seen a little growth beginning, only a couple of hairs though. Next week will be the 12-week mark so I'll get some new pics taken this weekend and I'll put a fuller update online! 👍
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