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  1. I think it is very good to share one of your personel photos and videos of hair transplant surgery and discuss about your story that will really help those people who want to consider hair transplant ..
  2. It is possible now you don't need to be wonder too much , hair transplant surgery can give the best results a natural hair as you used to ...
  3. I think you need to have hair transplant surgery as pe as your grafting I thinkg FUE would be a good for you...
  4. I think it's not very bad you have got very good results as you need to be patient for the best results..
  5. Yeah I think so if you have performed hair transplant surgery then you have to be very careful about your surgey not to do any scraching at your head it might harm your surgery hair
  6. Well my dear friend you need to consult the surgeon who have performed your hair transplant surgery he who would definitely presribed you the best medinice and advice you what is better for your hair...
  7. I think it is the right choice for anybody who are suffering from bladness and hair loss should go for the permamnent advance procedure of hair transplant surgery at anyplace what ever best suited for you ..
  8. I think you have to be confidant at one of them to go for the your desire hair transplant surgery that is the main you factor of getting your desire hair restoring ..by grafting of hair..
  9. Thanks for allow me to be a part of such a useful and interesting forum of about hair caring and treatment ...