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  1. Thanks for the kind words mate 👍 I will keep updating the thread every month bud. All the best 👍
  2. Thanks you for the kinds words mate. I know I look at some peoples before and after photos and I can’t believe I only got just over 3000 grafts! Dr Demirsoy achieving some brilliant results atm! All the best mate 👍
  3. Thanks for the kind words my friend 👍 I will keep updating the thread and yes when I grow out my sides they do seem to be a little bit over harvested but hardly anything to worry about if I was to ever get a second HT I would have to rely on mostly beard grafts I believe although I’ve plenty to spare so it shouldn’t be a problem 😂 all the best mate 👍
  4. Thank you so much mate! Yes I’m over the moon with how far it’s come I was pretty much bald tbf it’s no short of amazing the result I’ve had. I will send a photo in of it spiked up mate when I get time for you and anybody else interested in how it looks. I’m happy atm with how it looks but there’s definitely a second HT on the cards to thicken up the crown and mid scalp atm I’m just hoping to get some extra gains in the crown fron the minox 🤞all the best mate 👍
  5. MONTH 10 UPDATE!! Wow I still can’t believe how far I’ve come. When ever I feel like my crown isn’t the best I just look at my before and after photos and the difference is unreal. All the meds are still the same. Any questions hit me up chaps. 👍 also can anyone see a difference in my crown from applying the minoxidil once a day I do think it seems to be thickening up a little bit let me know what you think 👍
  6. Hey @Gatsby thanks for the kind words mate. I’m made up with my result considering where I started. I’ll defo be sticking with the medication as I’m heading for a nw6 by the looks of it. I’ll keep updated the thread each month mate all the best 👍
  7. Thank you for the kind words my friend👍 I will wait until 12 months and then look at booking in again with dr Demirsoy again or eugenix to use some beard grafts maybe im not 100% sure which one yet. Dr Demirsoy recommend 1000 grafts in the crown and however many else he can extract without over harvesting to go in the mid scalp.
  8. Thanks my man exactly what I was thinking mate and eugenix knocking out some brilliant work atm so it’s defo a possibility.
  9. 9 MONTH UPDATE!!! meds all the same! Overall I’m over the moon with the result considering where I started from although I most definitely will be going back for a second session. What are your opinions chaps? How many grafts do you think I’ll need? Only got 2500 grafts left in donor by dr Demirsoy’s calculations so eugenix is also a possibility to use so beard grafts. Drop me message guys let me know what you think? 👍
  10. Thank you for your reply bud and I’m not sure a skin fade would suit me I tried the 0.5 fade last time and could see all the scars you might not be able to tell in these photos but I’ve actually got quite dark skin naturally. But yes it defo does look better shaved down so maybe a number 2 next time and yes I believe I’m a slow grower hopefully I get some thickening over the next few months fingers crossed 🤞 I have been contemplating going back next year for a top up so I will leave it until 12 months like you say before I make my mind up. All the best mate 👍
  11. 8 MONTH 1 WEEK UPDATE!! im a little behind this update I’ve had surgery on my shoulder so running a week behind. Meds still the same although I have decided to start using minoxidil once a day as I was forgetting to apply later in the day so I just do it once now upon waking. I’d like to hear your opinions guys I’m happy with the growth all though I’m worried about the donor on my sides it’s looking over harvested imo once grown to a certain length and beyond. The crown seems to be looking better all though I’m not getting my hopes up too much. What do you think chaps? 👍
  12. Thanks dude! Yes it’s amazing what a transformation a little bit of hair can make! It’s boosted my confidence to no end! 👍 best decision I ever made 👌🏽
  13. Thanks mate 👍 I’m over the moon if I tell you the truth but that extra bit of density would be great also. Still thinking of going back next year for the crown doing unless this finasteride and minox help get it back to what it used to be. All the best buddy hope your well! 👍
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