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  1. A lad who went to demirsoy the week before says you don’t see the hairs before you remove the scabs so you don’t know wether they have not grown bud until you remove the scabs hope this helps 👍
  2. I will eventually get back on hair loss prevention bud but which one I’m not sure I’m still weighing my options up atm and he said I have available maybe 5000-6000 donor grafts total so said to leave the rest incase I needed them in the future.
  3. Thank you paddy 👍 I’ll be taking really good care mate and like you say time to relax now and what do you chaps think to my scalp I have what looks like little yellow dots....
  4. Hey chaps I’m writing about my experience with Dr Erkan Demirsoy on the 16th January I am 2 days post op and I’m going to be posting photos once a week. I had 3030 grafts which I was happy with my estimate was 4000 but the doctor was not happy about extracting anymore than he did. I am 25 and have been losing my hair since 16 I am currently taking no medication post op I have previously taken finasteride but had bad side effects so not keen on the idea of jumping back on that and also I have used minoxidil but am not keen on using that again as I have read about the hairs being ‘minoxidil dependant’. There is already plenty of reviews on here on dr demirsoy talking about the ins and outs of the surgery and the procedure so I won’t go over it all again I’m on here just to post my photos every week and get you guys opinions and any advice going so here goes... 👍
  5. Hey paddy hope your well? Hope everything is going well regarding your aftercare of your hair transplant it’s 9 days till I go really starting to dawn on me now lol and getting really nervous but if I tell you the truth I’m more nervous about flying haha I’m a terrible flyer and I’m also worried about the fact that I have a stop at Frankfurt on the way home and worried about more chance of bumping my head but also can not wait to get the whole hair transplant journey started how did you find the sleeping mate with the neck pillow? All the best 👍
  6. Good tip paddy I’ll be doing the same once Ive had mine done. What is your protocol for any possible shock loss? As I hear finasteride can help with this but you and me both are not taking finasteride because of it’s bad side effects. 👍🏼
  7. Ill be watching this really closely paddy. Thanks for all the advice you’ve given me you really are very knowledgeable about this I’ve sent you photos of my before and after 6 months trying to block dht the natural way without finasteride and also without minoxidil as both of these gave me bad side effects and I believe the natural way is working fine. I go to dr Erkan demirsoy on the 16th January so I’m starting to really get nervous now. All the best bud 👍🏼
  8. All the best bud 👌🏼 I’m booked in with demirsoy in January so I’ll be keeping a close eye on your results happy growing dude 👍🏼
  9. Thanks buddy for that! I’m going to follow that to the T! Thanks for all the help I’m really grateful brother 👍🏼🙏🏻
  10. Thanks for your opinion mate what’s your opinion on cinik having 6-8 patients a day? And the fact that it’s heavily tech run that’s the only thing that’s pushing me more towards dr demirsoy as he only has one patient per day and performs incisions and extractions himself