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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Dr Erkan Demirsoy
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  1. Thank you buddy and yes me too fingers crossed my donor continues to heal 🤞all the best with your recovery and growth 👍
  2. 4 MONTH UPDATE! Here are my photos from 4 months post op.
  3. Thank you for your kind words bud it was a relief your right. 👍 yes I will let it grow now roll on a couple months and I’ll be able to style it again! 😂
  4. WEEK 16 UPDATE!! Everything still the same and I’m happy with the growth so far what’s your thoughts guys?? I shaved my head 2 weeks ago down to a number 1 in hopes that the new transplanted hair will grow back at the same time as my hair at the back and sides.
  5. WEEK 13 UPDATE! everything still the same. I’m seing new hairs sprouting all the time now I can’t wait for another month to pass to see how they grow. One thing I am worried about is how my donor looks though. It looks really sparse and looks like shock loss I hope it will come back to normal eventually. What’s your opinions chaps? Also as from now I will be doing monthly updates instead of weekly. All the best
  6. Absolutely fantastic result! If my result end up looking as good as this I will be over the moon. Congratulations brother 👍
  7. WEEK 11 UPDATE!! everything still the same growth is getting better week by week and I don’t think im doing bad to say I’m not using minoxidil. Any questions hit me up 👍
  8. WEEK 10 UPDATE!! Finally seeing progress and feeling hopeful that I will achieve a good result. The meds are all the same and everything else is still the same just counting down week by week roll on 3 months time I can’t wait to see where I’m at. Do any of you guys know when your donor area is fully recovered as I think mine is looking abit thin on the sides? Also looking at my crown I know it’s thin but do you think I’ll have enough grafts available in donor to make the crown look better? All the best chaps 👍
  9. Yes true bud haha there isn’t really a better time to self isolate!
  10. WEEK 9 UPDATE!! All the same as before just keep plodding on. Coronavirus getting beyond a joke now 😂 so if I’m self isolating for 12 weeks atleast people will see a difference in my hair (I hope) 😂 all the meds still the same. Bring on the growth!
  11. This is so true man! I’m well happy for 8 weeks like you said good times ahead roll on a month or 2 and see where I’m at
  12. WEEK 8 UPDATE!! Easy chaps week 8 I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere I can see growth and also I think the crown is thickening up abit finally. The meds are all the same give me your opinions guys? Onwards and upwards!! 💪🏽👍