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  1. Not that I think that my hairloss is caused by using the razor. Just wondering if the razor blades can damage my donor follicles and make them less likely to grow when transplanted. I'm super paranoid about this whole hair transplant thing.
  2. If a person shaves his head every few days with a razor - can that in any way negatively affect the potential donor hair follicles for a future hair transplant? I've heard rumors about this and just want to know if anyone has had any actual experience with this. I want to know if I can shave my head with a razor or if I have to stick with the clippers.
  3. Barely any growth at 3 months and then at 4 months BOOM - full density. What does Dr. Keser charge per graft?
  4. Hi @Gatsu , In case you check in here some day... Is it possible to get an update in a not-too-harsh lighting with a good camera? Would be so interesting to see that. I mean, your 15th July update is taken in pretty harsh lighting and it looks like the top of the temple points are lacking some density. In the 10th December update the temples look really good, but the pictures are quite blurry. Also - do the transplanted areas still contrast when you shave your hair? Asking, because maybe the hair structure has stabilized with time.
  5. @Raphael84 I know you posted plenty of examples already, but is there any chance there are more?
  6. What made you go with Dr. Lupanzula for this specific case given that your previous surgeries were performed by Dr. Keser?
  7. Is it common for the top HT doctors to do a free touch-up in case, for example, a patch of hair doesn't grow in? Or is this something special which only a few doctors do? Things like that sometimes happen even when top notch doctors have performed the surgery, so I'm getting a little paranoid.
  8. @Raphael84 Thank you for the temple point examples, both results look excellent.
  9. @gillenator I figured. I'll probably go with either Keser or Bisanga anyway since I love the results I've seen from them, but since the communication is pretty slow, I thought I'd ask this on this forum. I'm actually OK with the prices that have been offered from both Bisanga and Keser, it's just that I want to discuss the details before traveling, but it takes a few days to get a single reply, so it might take a while until I'm all set.
  10. @LaserCap Of course I don't mind traveling, I would have to travel regardless of what doctor I choose. So I'm all ears.
  11. I'm looking to extend my temples a little bit, because my head is round and fat, which ruins the front profile, so I need a little bit of a frame to my face. For now I'm close to coming to an agreement with Dr. Bisanga or Dr. Keser, but both are a bit slow to answer (multiple days for a reply). So in the meantime I thought I'd see if there are other doctors the members of this forum could recommend for small surgeries.
  12. @Raphael84 Alright, I see. I wonder - what's in it for Dr. Bisanga? To travel regularly to Athens to perform surgeries for a lower price? Unrelated to the topic, but - I recently got an answer from Dr. Bisanga's BHR clinic in Belgium via email. I wrote them an email with some more specific questions as a reply, but haven't gotten an answer yet and it's been a few days already. While I do understand that answering such questions might take time, I wonder if there is a better way to contact them - other than via emails? I see that you are advisor for BC hair transplant clinic, so I apologize if my question is out of place.
  13. Great news! Just a question - who performs the surgeries if Dr. Bisanga is performing surgeries in Brussels BHR?