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  1. Hi @Raphael84, thanks for your reply. I'm 31 and some surgeons tell me I should only use 350 grafts to fill that area (which seems way too low). I've also had others tell me 1500 more grafts. If I measure the bald area, the yellow drawn banana shape (in picture 2) is approx. 8cm x 3cm = 24cm2 | 24cm2 x 20 grafts = 480 grafts. Then adding more density to the right side 'triangle' shaped yellow area above the banana shape is 3cm base & 5cm height = 7.5cm2 | 7.5cm2 x 10 grafts = 75 grafts. Next to that is a small rectangle area, which may or may not need an extra 10cm2 grafts added for density but let's not include that for now. 480 + 75 = 555 grafts in total for hair transplant #2 to bring my total crown and vertex area to 20 grafts cm2 with full area coverage. 20 grafts per cm2 is technically classified as 'low density', but as long as my hair is no shorter than a 3 blade the hairs should group together when I brush (since there would be full coverage) to cover the area to a fair cosmetic extent. I understand that 40 grafts per cm2 would give me the same visual density coverage as the front, but keeping in mind my age and the fact that I've already used 2000 grafts, I think the 20cm2 density (with artistic angling and placement by the surgeon) will at least get rid of the major bald patch people see when I'm sitting down and they look at the back of my head. I have come across these photos from Dr. Wong's patient results page on this forum. 846 FUE grafts he used to get an exceptionally good cosmetic result in my opinion. And considering I don't need to fill to the same length as this patient (who goes further up towards the top of his head) as well as the fact I already have grafts in that area from hair transplant #1, it seems fair to me that 555 grafts should work?
  2. Thanks for the replies. The last picture was just to show the worst it can look nowdays. I've attached a couple of pics from today: hair grown out slightly and being a fairly good hair day. I still can't help but think 500ish grafts, placed on a diagonal, filling in the yellow drawn areas will finish things off and at least take the focus off the scalp? 2500 total grafts for top of head and crown seems like a fair amount to take from donor area I would have thought? Plus, since that entire area of my head would then be covered in grafts there should be no future target look, because the only potential further loss at back could be dipping on the very back of my head (just above donor area) like LaserCap pointed out ...? Hmmm this is why filling the yellow areas might be best kept at 20 grafts per cm2 to blend at the same density of the first transplant? I guess this would provide coverage but still look a little thin if light is blasted on it.... At least it wouldn't look so bald. As for PRP, I definitely think it works for me. Not so much for growing new hair follicles, but thickening existing hair. I started off getting injections, but there is a practice nearby that uses a roller needle and is much cheaper. Getting 1-2 a year to keep hair as thick as naturally possible seems to be a plausible alternative instead of using medication.
  3. Hi everyone, Have been around the forum for some time now, and have seen the pre-screened physician area, but am hoping for some advice and referrals of surgeons who have been getting good results for FUE crown procedures. I’ve already had a 2000 grafts FUE crown hair transplant in Australia but am unhappy with the results due to low density. The doctor didn’t even focus on my crown and blended way too far into my existing hairline! 2 years later and my crown is still thin. After speaking to all the main hair transplant surgeons in Australia, I have concluded they are all low quality and shady. Therefore, I’m prepared to go overseas for my next procedure. North America is convenient, and I’m impressed with gallery pictures from Dr. Parsa Mohebi as well as Hasson and Wong. I’m thinking 500-600 FUE grafts (up to 1200 hairs) at 30 grafts per cm2 with an effective crown design should give me a significantly better cosmetic outcome than what I have now? Currently my crown looks ok when viewed from front and sides but looking from top and back it still looks quite thin/bald and that’s what I’d like to fix. Being in my early 30s and not on any medication (except PRP) I’m hesitant to use too much donor area since I haven’t touched my front hairline yet. Even though my hair loss seems stable and I have good density/coverage at the front, who knows what further procedures might be needed in the future. I’ve attached photos of: The day before my first transplant The day after the first transplant (showing in yellow where in my opinion grafts are still needed at a minimum) 3 x pics of my crown now 2 years post-surgery Appreciate any comments and feedback. Thank you.