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  1. I think I had shock loss in mid scalp area both left and right, which is visible in the pictures. I think I shall wait for 2-3 months to come to a conclusion. I am happy with the progress so far. When I did my previous update I was worried about temples, but now they started to show growth and are appearing with hairline. I think similarly the areas where thinning is seen can also be covered. There is no change in Donor area, it is just how it used to look before HT. I think we have to consider that I am taking these pictures in harsh light directly against it to expose weaker areas. If I just comb my hair up and cover up weaker areas, it will look much better. I am fairly confident that in next 2-3 months I can achieve full growth.
  2. Today marks the completion of 5 months since my HT at Eugenix. Here are the pics taken in Sun light.
  3. It takes about 3-4 days for the donor area to heal. About a week for the swelling in the front to go away. So one week's rest is quite enough. In my case I was at home for a week, had my head wash on Day 8 and returned to office.
  4. It takes about 3-4 days for the donor area to heal. About a week for the swelling in the front to go away. So one week's rest is quite enough. In my case I was at home for a week, had my head wash on Day 8 and returned to office.
  5. I haven't contacted recently(waiting for 5th month mark). I was told that my 4 month progress was almost 50%.
  6. I am satisfied with the work done and I am happy with the growth so far. I can definitely see some growth from 3rd month to 4th month and I hope that it will continue further. Only the small glitch at the scheduling made me a bit disappointed but after meeting the doctors everything was fine. As far as shock loss is concerned, most of the hair shed within 30 days. After that there is only improvement. So I dont know if that is shock loss or normal shedding and I didnt see any hair loss from donor area so far. I will post the pics in natural light soon.
  7. Hi all, I had my HT done at Eugenix, Gurgaon with Dr Arika Bansal and team on 28th December 2019. I have selected their second level package. I have been following this blog since 2 years and took the decision. Prior to visiting this forum, I used to follow HT reviews and experiences in Youtube. Most of those videos usually post rosy picture and probably its better not to make decision based on them. Looking at the reviews on this forum and others, I had selected four clinics to research upon 1. Darling buds, Chandigarh : I spoke with Darling buds over phone and mailed them the pics, got the price quotation. From what I have seen the results in the last couple of years were not great(I might be wrong). 2. Dr Radha from Visakhapatnam : I met Dr Radha in her clinic in Visakhapatnam and spoke with her for about half an hour. I was impressed with her honesty in telling me that HT in India has become more of a business than a profession. The only reason for not having my HT there was that while she is an expert in FUT, there are very few reviews of her FUE work. The reason I didnt want FUT was that even if my HT fails in long term I would want to go fully shaved and FUT would leave those big marks. Also my body takes some time to heal down wounds and often leaves some scars for very long time. 3. Hair free Hair sure clinic, Pune : This is cheapest option among my options and that made me a liitle more skeptical about the results the clinic posted in their Youtube channel. I followed some reviews in Youtube made by the guys themselves and they were actually good. But the low cost made me skeptical and decided not to take the chance. 4. Eugenix Gurgaon : I have read almost all the reviews in this forum and it occured to me that the results are better than Darling buds. But the first level package is the most expensive among my options where as the second level package would cost me the same as Darling buds or with Dr.Radha. And then I researched about Dr.Arika in the internet, she had the best of the credentials being an alumni of AIIMS and a Gold medalist. This gave me additional confidence and decided to take the plunge. Now coming to the story of my hairloss. I had beautiful wavy hair until I was 16 years old (A school-friend I had recently chatted after long time told me she had crush on me just because of my hair. I didnt know whether to be happy or sad at that time). From then hair loss started slowly and started showing my temples when I was 20-22 years. After that my hair line started receeding for the past 4 years. I started loosing my hair on crown I think from the past 2 years Some of my before pictures. I attribute my hair loss to my genes because even though my father has his head full of hair, his 3 brothers were balding through their youth and I could see the exact pattern in me. Also I think I did not take necessary action to slow down my Hair loss. For instance I used many different hair oils while ideally I should have stopped applying oil and wash my hair more often and I already live in humid climate. First was when I was 20. All the other were within one year of my HT. The last few were the ones I took at the hospital Coming to the experience at the Hospital, Eventhough I am satisfied, I must say its not an Ideal one(only with respect to hospitality, I am completely satisfied with the work done though). All through this I was in communication only with CRM named Payal(Name changed). She was helpful and good in communicating. I reached from Delhi airport to the clinic in Gurgaon myself. Neither did I ask and nor she mentioned about pickup but I did not mind. But after reaching hospital at around 9 am, I waited in the reception for about an hour and half for the room to be ready. I was served breakfast there itself. I would have preferred to have gone to the room first, get freshened up and then have my breakfast, especially since I took the early morning flight and have been travelling since 5am. But I understood they might be busy and ignored all this. Before I checked-in into my room, Payal told me that she will let me know about my surgery time. I told her that my flight is in the evening the next day and I would prefer if my surgery finishes today and I get some rest before my return journey. I checked in to the room at around 11am and waited till 4pm for her call. Neither did she call about surgery timings nor she asked about Lunch. All the while I was just waiting as she said she will call. I was pretty much furious at that point of time and went to the reception. She saw me and she was clueless as to why I am looking furious. I told her what has happened. She then immediately took me to the hospital floor and made me sit at the hospital lounge. And then Dr Shishir(He's a cool guy) came and asked some pre-surgery questions. I expressed my discontent and told him that I am now very doubtful about having my HT there. He was sorry for a while and told me that some mistakes happens while scheduling and that one surgery which was supposed to be closed in the morning got extended as the there was heavy bleeding and thats the reason for delay and miscommunication. He assured me that the team there is best in India (He himself had HT done there) enquired about who my handler is and whether I had lunch. He then left and Payalji came running to me and apologized hundred times and took my lunch order. I then spoke with Arika mam for about half an hour about HT, Result expectation, Meds and side effects etc., She maintained that 95% of her clients dont have side-effects of finasteride and that while the transplanted hair is permanent, one should take finasteride to preserve remaining hair. She designed my hair line. I changed it slightly to my liking. She then said it will take around 2500 grafts at the front, 150 on each temple and she will try to put about 100 on crown. My spirits were up after speaking with Arika mam and I went to the photo-shoot. I met with Nelson there, chatted a bit(He too had HT there with great result, his pics are all over the clinic). In the photo shoot room a guy came to check himself in the mirror. He said its been 8 months and that he had nothing over his crown before and now its really good. He then took one good look at me and said I will have good result. I didnt know why. In the surgery room I met with Dr Alok and there were some assistants. All the assistants were very young and must be weighing less than 50kgs (I mean to say that they are very lean). In the OT there is this big TV with Youtube, Netflix and everything. You can watch whatever you like. I was given some pills about 4-5 prior to surgery. So my surgery(only punching) started around 5.30pm and lasted till 8.30pm. Only painful moments were when they were giving anesthesia especially at the front and at the temples. They were constantly checking if there was any feeling of pain, discomfort etc., Dr Arika did the punching at the front hair line and side temples. She must have operated on me for about 30mins of the time. The rest was done my Dr Alok and Dr Shishir(I did not mind because I felt they were equally good). I think some assistants also worked on me while give anesthesia. It was over and they put a surgical cap and sent me to the room giving instructions about not banging head over anything etc., The next day was tedious one. The next day was tedious one. Extracing and planting the hair follicles. Dr Arika mam operated for very less time. Dr Shihsir did for about 50% of the time and some assistant worked about an hour. I think extraction was done mostly by assistants. Punching was done by Dr Shishir. Arika mam did planting at the temples and the hair line. You wont get to see the TV screen that much during this surgery as you mostly have to be on your stomach. All through the surgery I played some AR Rahman songs. I fell asleep for an hour or so. I could see that even the assistants were tired at the end of surgery and were telling Dr Shishir that their hands were aching and all. Finally surgery got completed at around 1pm and they had to wake me up after that. Billing was done prior to the surgery and I had hurry up after surgery as I had to catch the flight at around 5pm. It was already 2pm and Dr Shishir briefed about meds to be taken. Before I thought I would spend some good 30 mins about post-surgery instructions but it had to be rushed in 10mins as I did not have time. I did not even have time to have it there(All because of mischeduling the starting of the surgery ) and took the parcel with me to eat on the way to airport. Except for the hospitality, I was overall satisfied with the work done. I was told that it will take 7-8 months for full result. Dr Shishir asked me to give him a call after I reach home. I reached and called around 10.30 pm and he again repeated the instructions. After the surgery was over they covered my head with surgical cap and asked me to spray saline water over transplanted area every 4 hours for next 4-5 days. They gave me a bandana(very wierd one) to cover over the cap. To my surprise it was not that much noticeable in Delhi airport. Even the security personnel appeared as if they are used to seeing that. They gave me an adult pad to keep over my pillow. All the night it was damp at my back and next morning I could see that the pad was bloody. When I looked in the mirror, the extracted area was bleeding at one place. I panicked and called Dr. Shishir, he told me that it is normal and would continue for 2-3 nights. It did continue for 2-3 nights and stopped after that. Within 3 days extracted area became normal, transplanted area was a little bit heavy and numb(Numbness persisted upto 40days). There was slight swelling upto a inch before transplanted hair line on forehead. Dr Shishir told me to massage the swollen area with two thumbs and it will go away and it did. Did headwash on 7th day, nothing much changed after 1st head wash. Instructions were to mix Dove shampoo in water and apply foam on transplanted area, leave for 30 mins and rub with forefingers in circles gently. I messaged in whatsapp group that nothing changed and they told me to repeat again. Then I researched online and came to know shaving-foam also works better. The next day I applied shaving-foam and did the headwash. I felt that I was a little hard on HT area to remove the scabs( I had to go office the following day) and some follicles came out. I freaked out and called Dr.Shishir and shared him the pics of follicles that came out. He told me that it is normal and it will keep happening in the next few weeks. After 1st head wash. Nothing much changed It is at this point of time that having HT done at trust worthy place helps you. Otherwise you will keep on doubting whether or not a proper HT was done!! Money was already lost and you will loose mental peace and sleep too. That is the reason that even if you are not comfortable with the price, you should be comfortable with the work done. I will share the status of 5 months in few weeks. Apologies for shabby writing.