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  1. 9 Months out from an FUT procedure with on-site here recommended and top-rated surgeon. I will be returning to the clinic in the coming weeks but wanted to get a sense of what the community believes from previous cases to be a fair and just refund/compensation. Growth has been OK from the procedure and I'm still being patient around potential maturing and thickening to happen in areas I currently consider weak. Let's see what happens there however my confidence in the whole process has been undercut by what is clearly now mistakes made during my procedure. The clinic I went to & I choose for these reasons - speaks proudly & openly on websites/youtube about the use of microscopes to separate grafts into 1's, 2's, 3's and how they create a natural feathered look - moving from singles in the hairline to multi-hair grafts further back. My issue............in the frontline of grafts placed in my new hairline the clinic has placed what I count to be at least double-digit number of 2's and 3's. This is has created what I consider and I think anyone would consider being an unnatural pluggy look. From the previous examination of photos, there will be no hair growing in front of these grafts ironically the recipient sites where the 2's & 3's were placed were actually the very sites made to give a broken up uneven natural look to the hairline. Secondly considering now that its clear that the clinic did not or the technicians did not correctly categorize grafts I can only presume that there was a misallocation of the correct grafts into wrong areas of the recipient area? Thoughts anyone? The result - graft survival may have compromised as they were placed in slits too small or too large? Thoughts on this theory? They went into the wrong areas not just in my hairline but further back to NOT create a feathered look and may explain why further back in the transplanted area currently looks thin? In returning to the clinic what would the community believe to be the 'right' response? My view is that I didn't receive the service I expected, demonstrable mistakes were made and I would like a full refund so I can go to another clinic to repair this.