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  1. Got a bald patch in my donor 3 weeks post op and my doctor said it’s shock loss and should recover in 3 months. I had fue. For those that had shock loss in your donor, did it fully grow back for you and how long did it take?
  2. Hard to determine if you’re balding from that angle, the “bald spot” in the picture isn’t a bald spot, everyone has it. Take another picture with your hair pulled back and the hairline fully exposed and we can give you a better assessment.
  3. The Rock is 6’4”, built like a Greek God, already had a handsome face, and has a perfect complexion. Other than his hair, he hit the jackpot in terms of the gene lottery lol. The reality is the dating game is much harder for bald men. And yes, you look much better with hair, you went from a 35 year old average looking guy to a 27 year old handsome guy.
  4. Hey man, your hair looks so amazing and natural! Just wanted to chime in on this subject, I understand we want to be supportive and all that, but the reality is most women are not attracted to bald guys especially if you’re under 35. Can a bald guy pull good looking women? Of course he can, but the unfortunate truth is, a full set of hair just makes any guy more attractive and thus making his dating life much easier. I will say this though to all the guys desperately holding on to their few strands left, shaved head and beard is much better looking than NW 5 and comb over.
  5. Hey everyone, just spoke with my doctor and he said it’s a shock loss reaction due to the local anaesthetic. Hopefully he’s right.
  6. Does it look like shock loss? If so, does shock loss grow back normally?
  7. I will try to get the immediate post op pics. I just realized about it today so I’m going to contact my doctor tomorrow.
  8. Had about 1400 grafts via FUE 2 and 1/2 weeks ago and my roommate made a comment about a bald looking patch in the donor. The is the first time he’s mentioned it and I haven’t looked at my donor until today since the surgery. What’s going on here? It’s not a complete bald patch as you can still see some hair in it. Edit* pic deleted to conceal identity.
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