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  1. Has anyone tried Redensyl? It's supposed to be an alternative to Minoxidil, and is used as a topical spray. It seems to produce promising results (much better than Min), but unfortunately, I'm not 100% sure if the research on it is genuine. I found this one but that's from a company website, and this article, though initially authoritative looking, is from the Omicsonline, which is a "predatory publisher" according to Wikipedia.
  2. Cheers for the info. I managed to find some good alcohol wipes on Amazon (100 for £2). Any thoughts on using the alcohol pad before the saline spray (prior to or after rolling), or does it not matter? Also maybe missing out the saline spray altogether? I found saline spray on Amazon, but I think it's mostly meant for the nose? E.g: https://www.amazon.co.uk/NeilMed-nm-reg-enu-us-NasaMist-Saline-Spray/dp/B000ITMKQ0
  3. Thanks. Any need for scalp sterilization before with alcohol or after with cream/moisterizer? Also question number 7 if you know that.
  4. Can you find that poll please? Thanks for your insights by the way. Does anyone here think most of the votes from here and on Reddit were taking just 1mg per day? How many do you think were taking just 0.5mg or even 5mg per day? I'm worried that might have a big impact on the accuracy of the poll. Here's an update on the Reddit poll. I expect I'll get no more entrants from this point as the topic's gone off the page:
  5. Thinking of getting this derma roller from Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SEEYC-Titanium-Rollers-,Silicone-Disinfecting/dp/B07GCZVQ4B - is it suitable in helping to maintain or even thicken hair density? I'm male, and looking at applying it to my thinning temples and Norwood 3 hair. A derma pen also sounds good, but it much more expensive, and there are fewer reviews, plus I want to trial it out. A few questions: 1: Do any here have before and after pictures to see if their hair density has stabilized or even thickened? 2: I'll probably start off with the 0.5mm, then probably move on to the 1mm and MAYBE 1.5mm if I'm feeling really brave. Do the needles need to fully penetrate the scalp to their maximum length? Have any studies compared different mm lengths? 3: For 1mm, Is treatment once a fortnight sufficient? This site says it shouldn't be more frequent than once every 10 days. The following questions assume 1mm treatment: 4: Should I disinfect my scalp with 70% alcohol before treatment? The aforementioned site says you do need to, but that may not be for the scalp. I'd rather just wash my hair beforehand thoroughly. 5: Should I use any cream after treatment? Can I rinse with water after treatment? 6: Do I go over even the vaguely thinning patches of my hair, or just over the moderately to very thin patches? 7: Do I roll over the same patch just once, or 4-16 times using different directions? Diagonals too, or just horizontal/vertically? 8: Do I need to moisturize my scalp for hours or days after treatment? 9: Do I have to be wary about going out in the sun for some days after treatment? That aforementioned site said "If you’re planning on using 1.0 mm needles or anything longer, then you really need to avoid excessive sun exposure a week before rolling, and two weeks post treatment.". 10: Looking to use it in combination with Minoxidil. Is it okay to wait 24 hours after microneedling before applying Minoxidil to the 1mm treated areas?
  6. You're absolutely right. And if you have a look at the image in my previous reply, you'll see that's the fourth option (only added for the Reddit poll). I regret not adding that option for the main poll here.
  7. You did the best with the information you had at the time. I just created the same poll on another forum (Reddit), and the results (so far, been about 12 hours) look a lot more optimistic than in this forum: So to be honest, I've even had second thoughts about taking the medication after all. Like Lenney and Bonkling say, the type of people who visit this forum may be more likely to have had problems with Fin. Whilst your point is theoretically sound, I might disagree because the poll results I collected from the other forum (see image above) are much less pessimistic. They each took the time to vote too, yet the vast majority have no perceivable side effects. Very good point. Thanks also for linking that knee study! The placebo effect is a powerful thing. I think more research is needed to use only the power of the mind to help heal certain conditions, especially those involving pain. People you know in real life, or on the internet? Did you know these people before they were even considering Fin?
  8. Sorry to hear. Is the pain permanently there, or just sometimes? I know we've only had 13 poll entries, but I'm surprised at the results to be honest. The information leaflets by the chemist showed studies that indicated only around 1-5% of people would suffer side effects (However, they also gave "unknown" for a couple of things like depression). Looking at this thread however, you'd think it was just a coin toss in terms of Finasteride side effects! Really disappointed - I think I'll skip Finasteride for now, at least until I see more studies. Is there something safer than Finasteride to pause hair loss? I've heard Minoxidil can add around 20% of hair density, but the hair loss slide still happens (and if you come off it, it's as if you never took it at all).
  9. Good to hear hairnma22 that you're improving. What made you discontinue Finasteride in the first place? The brain fog/depression stuff concerns me even more than the libido stuff to be honest. Has a poll like this before conducted before on these forums?
  10. That's a good point, but I don't feel as if I'm someone that's vulnerable to the placebo effect. I know I won't get an unbiased population sample in this poll, but it's just something to take into consideration.
  11. For the person who voted "Minor negative side effects which are still persisting for months or even years despite not taking the drug any more", can you describe in more detail please?
  12. I'm soon about to begin taking Finasteride, and would like some more reassurance before I start, so I created this poll.
  13. I've learnt that when using Regaine/Rogaine (minoxidil), that if you have success (or merely no change in hair loss, which is sort of success), but then if you go off it, your hair loss shortly afterwards will have been as if you never took Rogaine in the first place. In other words, worse than when you first started (even after shedding recovery). This seems a shame - I was hoping that it would act as a "pause mode" where your hair cells stop deteriorating whilst you're on it. Can someone confirm this? Attached here is a picture which neatly illustrates what I'm trying to say. I'm hoping for Loss Pattern A, but I expect that Regaine would cause Loss Pattern B if I stopped taking it: I was wondering if other treatments were like this too, or if they acted as more of a true "Pause" function (Pattern A in picture). For example, does dutasteride (Avodart), finasteride (Propecia and Proscar) also act like this whereby halting treatment means a gradual natural steady loss FROM the point of any regrowth obtained (Pattern A)? How about using a derma pen/roller to microneedle the scalp? Or how about shampoo like this which contains DHT blocking chemicals? I want a "pause function" for the next few months/years, whilst I consider hair transplant treatment further down the line.
  14. Thanks all, saw this Dr Pen A6 product, but it only got 3.9/5: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Certification-TopDirect-Microneedle-Cartridges-Rechargeable/dp/B07JJ7YCFD Would something like this pen be suitable: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Titanium-Cartridges-0-25-2-5mm-Koi-Beauty/dp/B01J7PSSOI Allows 0.25mm up to 2.5mm I think. Looks like the product's just for women, but I'm sure that doesn't matter. It also says it's both a pen AND a roller, but then so did Dr Pen A6 product. What sort of side effects are we looking at? Just greater chances of the existing Minoxidil side effects, or new?
  15. Interesting, thanks. Can anyone else chime in on using these two almost simultaneously (2mm needles + minoxidil). I might be a bit braver with the longer needles if others can corroborate Mycroft's technique.