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  1. Konior is the obvious choice it's already been mentioned but your 26 you have your whole life ahead of you waiting another year or 2 so your not limited to which doctor your choose is worth thinking about the results will be with you a lifetime. I know Its disheartening when you see yourself thinning/receding but id rather suffer short term for a better end result. With that said it might be worth looking at Dr Wong he has some impressive crown work from FUT also Dr Bloxham is worth a mention he does clean work and seems to take a very sensible conservative approach he uploads on YouTube regul
  2. Looking good mate! More or less have complete coverage at 4.5 months with more density to come anyone who understands the limitations of a ht would consider that a success.
  3. If your predisposed to mpb steroids will typically speed up your hairloss. With that said some compounds are harsher than others on the hairline such as masteron which is a dht based steroid. You always get the lucky few who can run grams of the stuff and still have a Norwood 1
  4. Dr path is definitely worth a look and being in thailand makes things easier for us aussies.
  5. No worries ill be sure to keep an eye out! Dr Laorwongs on the shortlist so will be following your results.
  6. Thanks for clearing this up just had a look at your thread very impressive results will be adding h&w to the shortlist so far these 3 names keep popping up konior, rahal and h&w. Ill be keeping an eye out then Dr Laorwong and Dr Pathomvanich came up in my searches Bangkok is only a 6 hour direct flight which makes it an enticing proposition.
  7. Konior is a name i see pop up routinely ill have to add him to the short list. Never heard of Hattingen though will look into thanks for that!
  8. Hi all so as the title suggests looking for some recommendations ive been browsing the forum for the past month and have come across a lot of impressive transplants (the odd botched one) to the point its confusing as to who to go with. So I thought id make a post with abit of background info and see if you guys can suggest a couple names that might suit my case! Im 32 turning 33 at the end of the year and im hoping next year to pull the trigger and get a transplant done. First noticed I was thinning when I was 25 though its been quite a slow progress and seems to have stabilised these past
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