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  1. Looking good mate! More or less have complete coverage at 4.5 months with more density to come anyone who understands the limitations of a ht would consider that a success.
  2. If your predisposed to mpb steroids will typically speed up your hairloss. With that said some compounds are harsher than others on the hairline such as masteron which is a dht based steroid. You always get the lucky few who can run grams of the stuff and still have a Norwood 1
  3. Dr path is definitely worth a look and being in thailand makes things easier for us aussies.
  4. No worries ill be sure to keep an eye out! Dr Laorwongs on the shortlist so will be following your results.
  5. Thanks for clearing this up just had a look at your thread very impressive results will be adding h&w to the shortlist so far these 3 names keep popping up konior, rahal and h&w. Ill be keeping an eye out then Dr Laorwong and Dr Pathomvanich came up in my searches Bangkok is only a 6 hour direct flight which makes it an enticing proposition.
  6. Konior is a name i see pop up routinely ill have to add him to the short list. Never heard of Hattingen though will look into thanks for that!
  7. Hi all so as the title suggests looking for some recommendations ive been browsing the forum for the past month and have come across a lot of impressive transplants (the odd botched one) to the point its confusing as to who to go with. So I thought id make a post with abit of background info and see if you guys can suggest a couple names that might suit my case! Im 32 turning 33 at the end of the year and im hoping next year to pull the trigger and get a transplant done. First noticed I was thinning when I was 25 though its been quite a slow progress and seems to have stabilised these past couple years. Im guessing here but id say im a nw3 with some thinning in the crown atm im only using nizoral and minoxidil though ive got an appointment with my doctor and I plan on giving finasteride a crack. - I live in Australia I don't mind travelling at all money isn't much of an issue within reason ofcourse but id rather pay for a successful h/t that im happy with than try and save a few dollars. With that said are there any doctors of mention in the Asian region though as that is a shorter flight however ill travel to America if I have to! - Looking at fut I don't wear my hair ultra short the closest I get it cut is a 5 guard also ive had plastic surgery before so im used to the downtime. My thinking with fut is I want to maximise the harvest and keep the donor zone intact so ideally a surgeon who does nice and clean neatwork. - In terms of the transplant im wanting to keep it conservative as tempting as it is to go for a youthful hairline I want to keep it mature for any further hair loss tbh I don't know how many grafts I would need. Im hoping to get the hairline filled in where its receded and possibly throw a few grafts in the crown ive heard the crown can be a black hole not looking for a heap of density just something to thicken it up a little. Though im concerned a little with shock loss would finasteride minimise this and does the skill of a surgeon help as well regarding this? Ill include some pics if that helps and thanks in advance!