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  1. Hello,. My guy got an FUT 3 months ago and everything is coming along normally. He had a large scab area, that finally came off with the help of staff as he went for some laser treatments. They were on for longer than should have. They told him it would be awhile before hair popped through in that area. So far, that has been true. I haven’t touched the area in awhile though to see if I feel anything. The area is about 1.5” circle. Has anybody had this before and when did you finally see hairs pop through? He’s had laser, 3 PRP treatments. Also, he lost a lot of hair from the transplant and then shock loss of the remaining hair afterwards. We are hopeful that will grow back, but are concerned about the ones that were gone after the transplant. How do you tell what is native and what is transplanted hair as it grows back? Or can you at all? But like I said, except for the large scab area, things are moving along well. It’s been a long winter for him.