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  1. DH had his after Xmas. He took 10 days off. It was a great time to do it, as it was winter. He was very self conscious and wore a nice cap to work for a long time. He had to come clean to his coworkers, but didn’t want them to see his head until his scabs were all gone. He had a few big ones that took over a month to go away. He had a lot of shock loss of his native hair so wore his hat for a good 2 to 3 months at work. We didn’t do anything for the first couple months. After that he felt comfortable to go out, but always wore his cap. I think he took it off to go out at the end of 3 months but we didn’t do anything with friends as he didn’t want to tell anyone. It’s a journey and he’s only 8 months. He looks so much different than a year ago and I’m glad we read the “illusion of density” thread.
  2. Did you or anyone else find the front hairs coming in more slowly? DH has salt and pepper hair, and the ones in the front( mostly on one side) about 1/4 inch deep, look fairly sparse. You can see more skin than compared to the other side. He is 7.5 months FUT, so we keep thinking more will pop out over the next few months. when he’s outside and the sun is behind him, you can really see his scalp throughout looking straight on. Did anyone else have this issue? I’m thinking it must be because those hairs closest to his scalp are the thinnest and lots of white.
  3. There was a great growth chart by month on a post somewhere showing growth and maturation. Does someone have that chart and could you link it?
  4. Thank you! My DH is very private, so I won’t post pictures. He doesn’t use minoxidil, but he uses finesteride. Never heard to massage the area. It’s good to know this is to be expected and not to be concerned. Thanks!
  5. My DH is almost 6 months. The skin around the follicle isn’t flat, it’s raised around where the hair emerges. They are not infected or red, just not flat. Does anyone else experience this, and if so, when does it settle down?
  6. He thinks he’s in a new popping stage because his scalp tingles and he feels lumps and getting more pimples, sees scabs. It drives him crazy.
  7. Thanks Dazed! That’s how DH feels right now...not so sure it looks that great.
  8. Thanks, yes he is Anglo but not pale. I am taking monthly pictures and he is very private, so I can’t do that. The same doc worked on his head and he went in at 4 months and they thought he was fine. I don’t think he asked this question, I tend to be the one who wants more answers at each stage...I feel like I’ve been on this journey with him. Good to know one year, I guess it’s the same as the rest of his head.
  9. My DH had FUT, single hairs in front and multi-grafts behind that. He’s at 5 months, 1 week. Overall it’s looking good, seems to be the classic case. His scalp is still pink, and it’s only noticeable in certain lights or full daylight. one side the front hairs seem to be coming in well, the other side perhaps 50% of that. I know when those front hairs grow in, everything will look much more “normal”, even if one still has months left to wait. When did you find your front hairline completely come through? Or enough that people stopped looking at your hair?
  10. Thanks! It’s more than light pink, but not angry red. It’s not that noticeable unless outside, but now it’s getting nice and sunny. He has an appt. in a few weeks and I told him to mention this to them, if there’s a cream or steroid. It’s good to know there might be. Wish he had started it a month ago, but we thought it would have died down more by now. He is not that light completed at all
  11. My guy’s scalp is still pink after 3 months, although much less so. His hair is salt and pepper and he had a lot of shock loss. Thankfully the new hair growing back in is helping cover the light pink, but you see it most at the hairline. I read that a doctor can prescribe topical steroids for this. Is that true and does it work quickly? At this point it’s just the pink that one notices that something has gone on with his head.
  12. Behappy, you may be right. After 3 weeks, 90% of it was gone but a little circle where a graft must be, hung on for awhile longer. It was about 1/4 inch in diameter.
  13. The staff just massaged it more vigorously, didn’t pick at it or anything. Gave him a PRP treatment to help with the healing. There was no crater when it finally came off in the shower. It looked normal. I think they were several that looked like one big one. He has patchy growth right now all over. It sounds like he’s all good, just need to wait it out. Thanks for responding Dr, and everyone else,