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  1. Guys Unfortunately, I have written about the doctor in the meantime bad about the doctor although it was too early and I regret it very much. Within 1,5 months ago I got a swing and am now satisfied
  2. should I until 8-9. Month to post anything? I do not want to make the doctor bad but I have to show his work! It does not matter how much money I pay! The money must be according to the work! This doctor has promised me that the density will be visually like my non-transplanted hair! Surely I would not have done this hair transplant, if he said I must to use Toppik in the end!
  3. I do not understand why you look for a reason to defend the doctor in each post from you? You do not write anything else! I have the right to post my hair transplant in any forum, why is there so bad? Do you have personal contact with the doctor and is your duty to defend your doctor here? I write nothing about the interim result, i post only pictures and my pictures say everything. You claim that I expect full hair? Look at good results in a hair transplant, I expect something like that from a renowned doctor for 3.5 Euro per Graft!
  4. I did not do the hair transplant to use toppik! such a crap! Do you use toppik yourself and do not recommend here unnecessarily😡🤬
  5. have you not read my previous posts or are you bidding blindly? he had previously proposed 2000 grafts to whatsapp and then said 1700 locally. he said 1700 would be totally enough. Otherwise I could do something else for 3500 grafts! I trusted without it!
  6. I try not to show the result in harshest condition, rather in daylight in the sun! that is reality! why is my non-transplanted hair the same on every image and the transplanted hair is not? That is reality!
  7. Why does that bother you when I rate the intermediate result? I'm in a few days in the 5th month and will rate also it. At the same time I am also aware that I will not have the final result until the 10th month
  8. What makes you think that? I'm just sharing my hair transplant and will arrive at the end of this week in the 5th month. What's wrong with regularly sharing the status?
  9. hi, the number of Grafts the doctor has chosen. He said that the transplanted area is as dense as my previous non-fancy hair
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