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  1. From what I read over the years, shock loss in most cases is temporary and u will fully recover your hair in a few months. Nothing to worry about.
  2. I think your hair looks great in the styled pictures. If you could post pictures without the use of toppix that would be great too
  3. I have forwarded 12 photos of my hair from different angles to asmed and they didnt say much. In fact they were very reassuring so I guess it's not worth stressing about it but thanks for the comment mate and I will be cautious
  4. Glad to hear they all happy. Thats very good news for me. Yeah definitely. I will ensure I regularly post my progress good or bad.
  5. I see, your results is very reassuring. I didn't use very good camera on mine so the extent of my hair loss is slightly worse than it looks in the photo.
  6. Date is not confirmed yet. Hopefully I will be happy with the result. I believe in dr koray.
  7. You're welcome. What a difference! Your results looks very natural and frames your face well. excellent result. I'm going ahead with dr koray. Fingures crossed.
  8. Your results are amazing at 5.5 months! You must be so happy with it
  9. Fantastic result so far. The next couple months make a big difference. Please keep us posted of your progress
  10. FARSAN, I am considering HT and Dr Koray is in my list. Why don't you kindly talk about your own experience with doctor koray FARSAN and post some photos. I see you havent posted any update of your own results since late February or early March 2019 although you have mentioned your results lacks density in some of your previous comments but your 6 month update photos didnt show any signs of poor growth what so ever. ? What are you hiding? Show us. Post photos from different angles and lights and show us clear evidence about what dr koray's sup par results looks like. The more you negatively talk about dr koray without posting pictures for months the less we believe you. You REPEATEDLY say "NEVER EVER go by what a clinic posts on a forum, always look at what we the patients are posting" and you havnt posted anything photos for months and months. In your last 6 month update you stated you will "post again at 7 months with full 360 degree photos including crown update?" and you have NOT kept that promise. These points sums up how much we respect your opinion about Dr Koray. ACTION IS LOUDER THAN WORDS
  11. In opinion I think dr koray didnt answered any of the questions people put forward. He just sounded like a business man. Who is focusing to make money rather than to build reputation. Having said that I personally believe hes still producing consistent results but not as consistent as it use to be and these days with dr koray it feels like the greater the hair loss. the better the result which I find strange^ However I also think people should study each hair transplant individually. They should consider the question whether they are genuinely poor results. Is it too early to tell? is it in fact realistic in line with their circumstances ? Does it look natural or pluggy? They should consider the hair type, donor hair, design and angulation, number of grafts considering the area that needs coverage before labling as bad result